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It's 11 am right Now .
Many of you ask me often : How to lose weight and be active ?
You often ask what is your secret to weight loss?
So the answer is there is no secret:)
00:04:58,940 --> 00:05:00,000 If we see on youtube these days
So many video with million of views
With Titles Like: " how to lose 15 kg in 10 days? or " how to lose 10 kg in 10 days? how to lose 4 inches from your waist in 7 days?
Without execrcise
00:05:12,360 --> 00:05:17,780 People will be asking you to drink Miracle drink, miracle tea even miracle Roti:)
Before telling my thoughts .. I would like to put a disclaimer that I am not a nutritionist or a doctor. I have learnt it from my own mistakes.
The first thing is not to go after short term solutions or fad diets
This is a lifestyle Change . Not a matter of just few days or months
You have to think Exercise as part of your life just like eating, bathing and breathing
Diet plays an important role too and so is sleep.
If you think you will just go walking for two days expecting the results... that will not work:(
You yourself know everything.... but the only problem is you are not following ...
Eat clean and healthy.. whenever you are passing by the kitchen take a glass of water
Have atleast 7-8 hours of sleep
You will wake up fresh ... and will not feel lazy
Always remember that fad diets and crash diets will give you repercussions later on in your life.
Specially Young women... please please stay away from fad diets. You will see the affects later on your skin, hair and body
Human body is designed in a way that it has to MOVE
Don't make unsustainable goals.... like if you leave everything together: bread, sugar , sweets etc.... your chances to fail will increase more....
00:08:01,940 --> 00:08:05,460 Its better to lookout for more healthy food options.
Eat everything but in moderation
Eat less of fried food but don't leave it altogether unless you have a health condition
When it comes to me ... I too had fluctuations in my weight .... I try to walk ( sometimes I forget:(... but I keep trying
I try to drink enough water and take good sleep
I am a normal person like you so I also have stress sometimes when I eat junk..... but try to avoid it.... and dont let one mistake ruin the hard work you have put so far
Keep doing it... and let me know if you see some change in yourself by following these simple rules.
Now I will go and give my son an apple. Will edit and then sleep for sometime.
He is asking me to drink my TEA:)


印度媽媽的日常/我們吃什麼/減肥飲食建議-真實生活真實的家在印度 (印度腔) (A Day In My Life +What we eat +Weight loss advice ll ReallIfe Realhome)

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