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Second Reason was that I wanted to do a special video for celebrating 100k but unfortunately the idea did not materialized.But I will keep working towards it
But till the time the special video comes I wanted to come in front of you and express my gratitude and thanks . Thankyou for being part of this journey.... as they say success is not about one person... its a team work... Thankyou for making me part of your life
My name is Anu. I have been born and brought up in India . I come from a North Indian Brahmin Family of UP.
I live in Austin , Texas
Prior to moving to Austin I lived in Toronto for about 10 years.
A very normal childood, studied in a convent school and later went to University
One very interesting message came from one of my subscriber . She said Anu you dont have any hate on your channel. So yes I admit that i have minimal hate on my channel.... I am thankful and grateful to all of you.
Thanks to my subscribers . They have made me part of their family.
difference in hate and criticism
Hate is when you get a dislike within seconds of uploading the video. They dont even watch the video but press the dislike button. Thats hate
Criticism is Anu.. plz change ur background, music is too loud, change you pan, .. this is healthy criticism which I appreciate and it guides me to improve
many of my subscribers know the fact that when they dont comment often I ask them where they are? is everything okay?
So thats the relationship I share with them
Those who are good can see the good in me. Those who are bad see the bad in me


問與答系列-真實生活真實的家在印度 (印度腔) (RealTalk - Q&A /My Struggles in Life/ Reply To Haters/ 100 K Thanks)

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