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  • -You wrote a great essay for The Players' Tribune.

  • -Yeah. -Which is, Derek Jeter

  • started this website where an athlete can go up

  • and actually just be honest and straight-up

  • and write whatever article they want to, or story.

  • And yours was titled "The Noise."

  • -Mm-hmm. -How did this come about?

  • -Well, it was Veterans Day, and I've kind of been

  • plugged into the social climate and really being a part of,

  • you know, how athletes use their voice and their platforms.

  • And I'm not an activist, by any stretch of the imagination,

  • but I do feel that I have a responsibility

  • to kind of speak my mind when I have the opportunity

  • and to kind of shed light on the trials and tribulations

  • that veterans go through.

  • Use Veterans Day to hopefully, you know,

  • spread some awareness on that, and --

  • -You met a veteran at -- -I met a veteran,

  • actually, at my wife's restaurant.

  • And he was kind of talking about the transition

  • back into civility, and it was just a lot of stories

  • that he educated me a lot on what needs to be done

  • to help our veterans, and I wanted to kind of use that

  • as a platform to help them.

  • -It was a beautiful thing, and I thought it would be cool tonight

  • if you read the final few paragraphs of "The Noise."

  • -Okay. -Are you up for that?

  • -I can do that for you. I appreciate that.

  • -You can go to that --

  • Read to that camera right there, yeah.

  • -I care about our veterans deeply,

  • so that's why I'm writing this.

  • That's my plea to y'all for this Veterans Day.

  • Let's please not get lost in another one of these

  • endless debates about who means what,

  • when they're doing what, or who is disrespecting whom.

  • Instead, let's respect, let's celebrate our veterans,

  • by having a conversation about the actual ways

  • that we, as civilians,

  • as their fellow Americans they fought to protect,

  • can hold up our end of the bargain.

  • Let's talk about the broken V.A. medical system

  • and traumatic brain injuries and PTSD.

  • Let's also talk about homelessness and unemployment

  • and mental health, and, yes, of course, racial inequality.

  • Let's talk about how we can do better

  • to make their lives easier.

  • Let's use our platforms and take this day

  • to talk about how we can be louder

  • than all the silence and quieter than all of this noise.

  • [ Cheers and applause ]

  • -Thank you so much, brother. -Thank you very much.

-You wrote a great essay for The Players' Tribune.


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斯蒂芬-庫裡閱讀他的退伍軍人節文章節選"噪音&quot。 (Stephen Curry Reads an Excerpt from His Veterans Day Essay "The Noise")

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