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(customers chatting)
- Yay!
So what do you do after a long day of work?
- In Phuket, you go to a night market.
- Welcome, to the Phuket Indy Market!
(upbeat music)
The Indy Market is located
in Dibuk Road, Phuket town.
It's an independent night market,
with delicious food and quirky shops.
What's special about this market,
is that many start up folks and teenagers
set up stalls to learn how to run a business.
The parents and the local community encourage them.
It's full of cool young people
shopping and eating and chilling.
You will not find a lot of tourists here,
and the vibe, it's very local.
The best part about this market is that the people
support the youngsters to take part in business,
plan their own shops, and interact with new people.
This is the reason why we wanted to show you this market.
Let's go.
Dumplings, in coconut milk.
Let's eat.
(singing in background)
Mm, it's so nice.
I expected these to be very sweet
but they're kind of salty,
and with the sweetness of the coconut milk,
they go really well.
It's like a very nice explosion of sweet and savory.
Mm, coconut!
(upbeat music)
- I found veggie spring rolls!
Oh my god, they're a rarity.
(upbeat music)
- We see these a lot in Thailand.
We don't know what these are called,
but these are basically mini crepes,
and they are really thin with fillings inside so.
Very fun.
This one is some type of custard.
- [Avi] Hey, leave some for me.
- Oh yeah, I like the custard the best.
(upbeat music)
- They love their instant noodles here.
This is instant soba.
It's so simple, it's, it's soba, veggies and some sauce.
And lucky for me, it's vegetarian!
(upbeat music)
- Another instant noodles concoction.
Oh my god.
This is one of the best ways to eat noodles,
like, in the world.
And lots of chili.
(upbeat music)
- Guys look what I've found.
These are colored balls.
But, we thought it was potato,
but it is sweet potatoes.
Fried, of course fried it's nice,
but there is something sticky inside.
And it's sugary so, it's fantastic.
(upbeat music)
- We like Phuket.
- Ahhh that's why, okay.
- So these are Thai coconut pancakes.
They're made with grated coconut, sugar, condensed milk.
They have different fillings, like the sweet potato,
this is sesame, and there's corn, but I hate corn.
Mm that is just like coconut burfi.
So delicious!
- A roasted sweet potato, we just had fried sweet potato so.
It's amazing how they use sweet potato.
I'm going to, I think,
I just think you can just bite it, no?
(Avi laughs)
- It's purple,
and I don't think you're supposed to eat the peel.
(upbeat music)
I'm eating something purple.
(foreign language)
- This is omurice
it's omelet and sticky rice.
This is my staple because
you can basically choose the toppings
which they put in the omelet, so I can say no meat.
(upbeat music)
- Coconut, peanut.
- And this one?
- Coconut.
- [Ruchi] And this one you pour like
- Ah, okay, yeah, like all.
And that--
- [Ruchi] And this?
- A little coconut
- [Ruchi] Sticky rice?
- [Merchant] No, no.
That is sticky rice.
- [Ruchi] Ah.
- [Merchant] And this potato, potato, peanut.
- I'm so excited to open this you guys.
I've been waiting to try these for a long time.
These are a specialty of South Thailand.
They are Thai cakes,
and its steamed in banana leafs.
And I'm finally going to get to eat them.
- [Avi] Looks like a leaf
- Oh my god!
It's like if Thai people made pongal.
(upbeat music)
- [Avi] Hey, absolutely not.
- [Ruchi] Do you want a haircut?
- These are Phuket style shrimp and pork dump--
dim sum.
So there's a lot of Chinese influence in Phuket.
So, I'm sure these are going to be awesome.
(upbeat music)
So that was our evening guys,
I really hope you enjoyed the video.
And if you did let us know in the comments below,
and we will see you in the next video.
Bye! - Bye!
("Let It Be" by Paul McCartney)
(child singing)
♪ Let it be, let it be ♪
♪ Yeah there will be an answer ♪
♪ Let it be ♪
♪ Let it be, let it be ♪
♪ Let it be, let it be ♪
♪ Whisper words of wisdom, let it be ♪


普吉島夜市食物 (Phuket Night Market Food | Offbeat Thailand | Indian Travel Blogger)

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