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Hey guys welcome back to digit.in and today we are going to talk about how
the Union Budget of 2018 has impacted the pricing of gadgets and what can you
expect from your 2018 gadget purchases. So let's begin. 1. Smartphones. The custom
duty on important handsets has once again been raised from 15% to 20% in
order to boost the government's Make in India initiative. This will push the
foreign smartphone manufacturers to invest more in producing their
smartphones in the country, but increase in the prices of all the imported mobile
phones. Analysts have predicted that companies like Apple, Xiaomi, Google,
Motorola and others, who import their devices and components into the country,
will be among the most affected by customs hike. 2. Televisions. The government
has also doubled the import duty on LCD, LED and OLED panels from 7.5% to 15%. The
administration feels that this will help boost local manufacturing of these
panels. However consumers will have to shell out more for TVs from
manufacturers like Sony, LG, Samsung and many others. 3. Printed Circuit Boards.
Printed circuit boards or PCBs are used in nearly every gadget one can think of.
As the import duty on the PCBs increase so will the pricing of smartphones, PCs,
Motherboards, CCTVs, Mobile phone chargers, inverters, LED lights and many more
products. 4. Camera modules and connectors. Camera modules comprise of an image
sensor integrated with the lens, control electronics and an interface. It is
obviously used in smartphones, tablets, CCTV cameras and virtually every gadget
that features a camera set up. All of the above mentioned gadgets will now get a
slight price bump as the cost of these camera modules increase. 5. Cars and
Motorcycles. As per the new union budget, most of the imported luxury cars and
bikes along with those which are built using important parts may soon receive a
price hike. Customs duty on all vehicles important as completely built up units
has been increased from 20% to 25%. Whereas the same has been increased for
completely knockdown kits units to 15%, up from 10%. Smartwatches and Wearable
devices. As the import duty fees on display panels, PCBs and
overall imported products increases, smart watches and other wearable devices
like fitness trackers will also increase. Samsung, Motorola, Huawei, LG and other
smartwatches will now cost more as the components price increase. Video game
consoles. Microsoft recently launched its Xbox One X in India. But with the hike in
important products, one can expect its price to go up. Not only the Xbox one X,
Sony's PS4 can also be priced higher than it's currently priced at. PC
components. Various PC components ranging from motherboards to graphic cards will
now be more expensive to purchase. RAM, HDDs, SSDs and cabinets will also cost
higher than before. So what are your thoughts on this year's union budget?
Comment down below and don't forget to like and share this video.
Thanks for watching.


印度 2018財政預算 (Union Budget 2018: Impact on gadget prices | Digit.in)

73 分類 收藏
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