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I would describe Disney as magical and fun and fantasy.
My name is Glynndana Shevlin.
And I'm 58 years old.
I've been there almost 30 years,
which will be a big anniversary for me.
Is it fun?
Is it a great job?
But biggest misconception is that we're paid well.
I'm not alone.
Some of us are food insecure.
I usually wait and eat my lunch around 3:30.
And that's my first meal of the day.
One out of 10 of us are homeless of some sort
in the last two years.
Some of us are sleeping in our cars.
I've done that a couple of times.
I would describe Disneyland as the happiest place
on earth.
And it's definitely one of the best jobs I've ever had.
It's just a shame that no one can survive on it.
I never thought, especially being
a licensed cosmetologist, that I would ever
be having to sleep in my car, especially not
for a company like Disney.
And I'm not excited for when my clients see this and see
that I've been homeless, you know?
Because it doesn't say anything about my skill
level at all.
Chairman and chief executive officer of the Walt Disney
Company, Bob Iger.
Thank you.
I never quite envisioned it would
be this grand or this great.
If a corporation like Disney has enough money
to pay its CEO over $400 million
in a four-year period, it damn well
has enough money to pay its workers.
[applause and cheering]
I just don't understand how people survive off the money
that Disneyland pays them.
Disney can do better by taking care of us.
[speaking spanish]
We have so much support in the community.
These are just issues that need to be resolved.
We work tirelessly.
On November 6th, vote for a living wage.
Enough is enough.
[waves crashing gently]
Me in 1988 was able to afford a one-bedroom apartment.
It is now 2018.
And I'm sleeping in a condo with five other people.
When they find out that I work at Disney
as a hairstylist doing these wigs,
they assume I'm getting paid at least 30 an hour.
But we absolutely do not.
To Bob Iger, just —
we love our jobs.
Just pay us right, you know?
We just want to survive.
[waves crashing gently]


在世界上最快樂的地方工作,卻付不起房租?迪士尼員工這麼說 (Why These Disneyland Employees Can't Afford Rent | NYT - Opinion)

395 分類 收藏
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