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  • You've probably been wondering where Fuzzy and Nutz have been the last few months.

    你可能在想 Fuzzy 跟 Nutz 這幾個月都去哪了。

  • And sadly we have some bad news, because Fuzzy's been doing some hard time.

    我們有些壞消息,Fuzzy 這幾個月都在吃牢飯。

  • Maximum security prisons are tough places to be.


  • With many reports over the years showing that they are some of the most violent places to serve time in the world.


  • With gangs, violence, and poor food and little privacy, it's no surprise that some inmates will do anything to escape serving out their full sentence!


  • In 1962 what may be the most famous prison escape in history was carried out by Frank Morris, and John and Clarence Anglin.

    歷史上最有名的逃獄事件是 1962 年 Frank Morris、John 與 Clarence Anglin 所做的。

  • Over its 29 year history as a federal penitentiary, 13 escape attempts had all ended in failure.

    惡魔島做為聯邦監獄的 29 年來,總共 13 件嘗試逃獄的事件皆以失敗告終。

  • Yet on June 11th, 1962, Morris and the Anglin brothers were determined to be the first to successfully break out of Alcatraz and flee to safety.

    然而在 1962 年六月十一日,Morris 與 Anglin 兄弟決心要當第一個從惡魔島逃出生天的人。

  • The team had spent six months sawing at the ventilation ducts in their cells with hidden saw blades.


  • And then tried to cross the San Francisco bay on a homemade raft made out of rain coats.


  • The three were never found or heard from again and it's believed that all three inmates drowned in the notoriously dangerous waters surrounding Alcatraz island.


  • In recent years though an even more high-profile prison escape took place on July 11th, 2015.

    近年一起更備受矚目的逃獄發生在 2015 年七月十一日。

  • When infamous Mexican Drug Cartel chief El Chapo escaped from a Mexican penitentiary.

    聲名狼藉的墨西哥毒梟 El Chapo 從墨西哥監獄逃獄。

  • Via a secret tunnel that his henchmen had been digging for months from a mile outside the prison.


  • Infamous for escaping from prison, El Chapo has now been sentenced to the maximum security 'ADX' facility in Colorado.

    因逃獄而臭名昭彰的 El Chapo 現在被關在科羅拉多州的最高安全級別監獄 ADX。

  • A prison described as so secure that it would take bribing a warden and the entire prison staff to successfully break out.


  • It's clear that though prisons are extremely secure places, they're certainly not escape proof.


  • But suppose you were dragged off to maximum security prison like poor Fuzzy, perhaps for a crime you did not commit.

    但假設你像可憐的 Fuzzy 一樣被拖去最高安全級別監獄,或許是因為一條你沒犯的罪。

  • How could you break out and make a run for freedom?


  • First, you're going to need help.


  • In the past prison facilities were typically converted military facilities.


  • Like in the case of Alcatraz, or well constructed, but with many structural flaws.


  • Often they were allowed to fall into disrepair to the point that eventually, a clever and very patient prisoner could grind or saw their way through the crumbling concrete of his cell.


  • In the last few decades though there has been a radical shift in the way that prison are designed.


  • With everything from engineers to psychological experts and even escape magicians being consulted on the design of each individual cell and the materials used.


  • A modern cell is typically made of steel, which resists corrosion very well and is much harder to try to tunnel through then concrete, which can weaken with age.


  • The cells are also constructed as individual units that fit into place within the structure of the actual building.


  • Meaning that there are no weak points to exploit such as aging ventilation ducts or toilet pipes.


  • Breaking out of a modern maximum security prison is definitely going to be difficult, but not impossible.


  • As seen in the case of convicted killers David Sweat and Richard Matt, who broke out of their cell on June 6th, 2015.

    殺人犯 David Sweat 與 Richard Matt 就在 2015 年六月六日成功逃獄。

  • But how did they do it, and how can you replicate the escape yourself?


  • First, as we mentioned, you're going to need outside help.


  • Modern prisons strictly regulate the movement and personal belongings of each prisoner.


  • So trying to sneak power tools to your cell on your own isn't going to get you anywhere but thrown into isolation.


  • You should try to bribe a guard or maintenance worker into leaving some tools behind or letting you sneak them back into your cell.


  • In the case of Sweat and Matt, this is exactly what is suspected to have happened.

    Sweat 與 Matt 的案子就是被這麼懷疑的。

  • With tools at your disposal you can start cutting your way through the steel wall at the back of your cell, where it connects to the building's maintenance areas and pipework.


  • Before you hop through though you're going to need to fool the other guards who conduct 2 hour headcounts all throughout the night.


  • So simply take a bunch of your clothes and arrange them under the covers of your bed so it looks like you're still snuggled up tight.


  • Next you're going to want to head through your escape hole and down into the very basement level of the building.


  • Your best bet will be to locate a heating pipe which are typically easy to identify as they carry hot water that makes the pipe warm to the touch.


  • Follow this pipe into the very bowels of the building until you see it start to head outwards.


  • At that point you're going to need your tools again to start chiseling through the concrete around the pipe so you can squeeze through.


  • At last you'll get to the foundation of the prison itself, and here is where you're going to have to get a little bit lucky.


  • Major buildings like prisons that house hundreds of people typically have two major outlet pipes that connect to the outside world.


  • One is a large steam pipe to vent excess heating, and the other the main sewer line, full of . . . well, the sewage of hundreds of people.


  • If you manage to find yourself at the steam vent, you could cut into it and crawl your way to freedom, perhaps with some minor scalding but otherwise relatively unscathed.


  • If however you happen to find yourself at the sewage pipe . . .


  • We hate to break it to you, but there's only one way to freedom, and it's not going to smell or feel very nice.


  • Once you've waded through tons of muck though, congratulations!


  • You've officially broken out of prison.


  • You better enjoy your new found freedom as quickly as you can, because while prison escapes are rare, getting away with it is even rarer, and most prison escapees are back in police custody within just a matter of weeks!


  • How would you escape from prison?


  • Why not leave poor Fuzzy some tips on the comments section below!

    何不在留言區留言告訴可憐的 Fuzzy 一些訣竅。

  • And if you miss Fuzzy and Nutz and are excited for more adventures, then stay tuned as we bring you the first official season of Fuzzy and Nutz soon, filled with brand new adventures as Fuzzy and Nutz lead us on an adventure through time!

    且如果你想念 Fuzzy 與 Nutz,也很期待跟他們一起冒險,請繼續收看我們即將帶來,官方最新一季的 Fuzzy and Nutz,讓 Fuzzy 與 Nutz 帶著我們四處冒險!

You've probably been wondering where Fuzzy and Nutz have been the last few months.

你可能在想 Fuzzy 跟 Nutz 這幾個月都去哪了。

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