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  • The benefit of purchasing team coolers is you can pack the meals ahead of time and rotate

  • them through the parents. So by rotating these team coolers through the parents will also

  • allow you to have adequate timing to plan your outdoor meals.

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  • Items that are perishable like yogurt or bananas or apples that you might not necessarily want

  • to travel with.

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  • If you know if you're going to be in an area, call ahead of time to see if they offer big

  • pasta dishes that you could take and offer for the team.

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  • Some good food options to look for at restaurants would be anything that says whole grains or

  • lean meat. So things like chicken, turkey, or with a fat trimmed off would a good option.

  • Any vegetables; sandwiches are great ways to make sure that you're getting adequate

  • calories, as well as your carbohydrates, your vitamins, your minerals, your protein and

  • a little bit of fat.

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  • Some key words to look for as far as high fat items would be crispy, battered, fried,

  • creamy and things I mentioned before that might hinder your athlete's performance rather

  • than help you refuel properly.

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旅途中和餐館裡如何吃好? (How to eat well while traveling on the road and at restaurants)

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