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  • Robots in space! Combining two of our childhood fantasies and possibly nightmares into one

  • amazing mission.

  • Developed by Robo Garage, Toyota and JAXA and launched to the International Space Station

  • on August 4, 2013, Kirobo will assist Japanese astronaut Koichi Wakata in various experiments

  • and test the ability of man and machine to get along and work together... in space!

  • Kirobo is equipped with a whole slew of high-tech features including: voice and speech recognition,

  • natural language processing, speech synthesis and telecommunications, as well as facial

  • recognition and video recording.

  • Kirobo is also designed to navigate zero gravity environments and with this cute little guy

  • orbiting 330km above our heads, we are one step closer to the inevitable robot apocalypse.

  • Japan has a long standing obsession with robots and they come in all shapes and sizes. From

  • Astro Boy to Doraemon to Gundam, robots represent a very deep and complex set of ideas and are

  • often used to explore, paradoxically, what it means to be human.

  • In the Astro Boy comic the nuclear powered robot created by Dr. Tenma of the Ministry

  • of Science was created as a replacement for his dead son but is later rejected by his

  • creator when Astro Boy is unable to fill the void left by his human child. Deep, huh?

  • But why does Japan employ more robotic workers than any other nation and see robots as one

  • of the ways in which they can tackle the economic problems brought on by low birth rates and

  • a greying society?

  • Many point to the animist elements of the Shinto religion and their contrast to many

  • Western religions' views on the creation of life by humans. Animism is the idea that every

  • object that exists has a spirit attached to it and isn't necessarily going to wreak havoc

  • on you or the world at large if given the opportunity.

  • In contrast, Western religion imparts the notion that the creation of life ultimately

  • leads to the destruction of the creator. Robots equal created life, created life equals bad.

  • It's a good thing that robots in Japan are given quite a warm welcome as they're probably

  • going to continue popping up quite often in the years to come.

  • The Japanese government is funding projects that aim to develop low cost robots that can

  • be used in nursing homes to assist the elderly and take some of the burden off their human

  • counterparts.

  • The coolest among the subsidized designs is "a motorized robot suit that can assist in

  • lifting or moving elderly and otherwise impaired patients so that caretakers do not need to

  • exert as much physical strength." Think power loader exo-suit from the movie Aliens.

  • The most well known among Japanese robots is probably the Advanced Step in Innovative

  • MObility robot being developed by Honda. ASIMO's resume is impressive and shows about where

  • we stand in terms of the progress of modern robotics.

  • ASIMO has the ability to recognize moving objects, postures, gestures, its surrounding

  • environment, sounds and faces. Furthermore, ASIMO can detect the movement of multiple

  • objects and determine distance and direction using its stereoscopic vision.

  • ASIMO can also interpret voice commands and human gestures which allow it to distinguish

  • between an arm offered for a handshake or when a person waves or points at something.

  • Additionally, ASIMO is also able to recognize its name and respond to and recognize the

  • faces of multiple people in conversation; up to ten actually.

  • In short, ASIMO has social graces more human than many of the humans I know and he just

  • keeps getting better. From the first experimental model in 1986 to the 130cm tall version of

  • ASIMO making public appearances at movie premiers, Disney attractions and symphony halls, our

  • little friend doesn't seem to be slowing down.

  • Whether they freak you out or inspire warm feelings of companionship, robots are among

  • us and our relationship with them is going to be constantly evolving.

  • What are prohibitively expensive novelties in the year 2013 are going to be, with quite

  • a bit of development, highly integral components of our future lives. Look forward to it!

  • Thanks for watching this episode of The Japan Show, if you have any questions or want to

  • tell us about some other cool robots, be sure to leave a comment below, and if you want

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Robots in space! Combining two of our childhood fantasies and possibly nightmares into one


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太空中的機器人! (Robots in Space!)

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