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Aw yeah! Let's learn English with the new Lion King movie!
So, if you're anything like me, the original Lion King was probably
quite a highlight of your youth.
And that's why I thought that with this new version, it would make a perfect lesson
for you guys.
We have some interviews with the entire cast,
including Beyonce, and some clips from the new movie.
And every week we help learners to understand fast-speaking natives
without getting lost,
without missing the jokes, and without subtitles.
Just like Parmida, who says that with our lessons,
she has taken her English to the next level.
So if you want to be able to improve your English too,
we would love to help you to do it.
You just have to that Subscribe button, and the bell down
so you don't miss any of our new lessons.
Hey! So, I know you're watching this because you're passionate about English fluency.
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Learn English with TV Series (almost 750k now),
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we wanted to give you a really huge opportunity over the next year
to take your English fluency to the next level with a 33% Discount on our premium course,
Fluent with Friends!
Just like Clover, who says that she's had a much more real-life learning experience
than in school.
Wouldn't you just love if this time next year,
you could confidently understand
all of your favorite movies and series, without subtitles in English?
Well, to learn more about the course and sign up,
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just use the coupon code 700k at checkout.
And, hurry, because this offer is only available for a few more days!
I look forward to seeing you inside the Fluency Circle,
and let's continue with the lesson.
Alright! I hope you enjoyed that lesson a lot,
and that it will be really beneficial for you in going to see the new Lion King movie.
And, remember - don't miss out on this big opportunity for your English fluency
at a small price: Check out Fluent with Friends!
And remember to use your coupon code
700k at checkout to get 33% OFF.
Be sure to subscribe so you don't miss
a single one of our new lessons!
Check out this playlist of videos
teaching you English with movies,
and this other lesson I know that you're going to love.
Now, it's time to go beyond the classroom,
and LIVE your English!
Aww yeah!


用獅子王學英文 (Learn English With The Lion King)

1076 分類 收藏
eles88594 發佈於 2019 年 7 月 19 日
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