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  • You might know this about me from earlier videos, but I love a good Kindle. Especially a new one.

    你大概從之前的影片就知道了,我很喜歡用 Kindle。尤其是新的。

  • What she means to say is that she likes spending money on gadgets that clever marketing campaigns have convinced her she needs.


  • No, I just like buying high-quality items that I know I'm going to get a lot of value out of, like this new Kindle Oasis.

    才不是,我只是喜歡買高品質物品,我知道它會對我帶來很多價值,像是這台 Kindle Oasis。

  • Wait, wasn't the Kindle Oasis new in 2016?

    嘿等等,Kindle Oasis 不是 2016 年就推出的嗎?

  • No, this is the new-new Kindle Oasis, and it's even better for reading books.

    不,這是新的 Kindle Oasis,更適合用來閱讀。

  • You know what's really good for reading books?


  • Books.


  • Amazon launched this Kindle Oasis last fall, and it replaced the previous Kindle Oasis.

    Amazon 於去年秋季發佈這一款 Kindle Oasis,取代了前一代 Kindle Oasis。

  • Ah, yeah, I remember now.


  • That was the first Kindle Oasis, and it wasn't waterproof.

    那是第一款 Kindle Oasis,而且根本不防水。

  • Well, surprise! This one is finally waterproof.


  • It also cost 249 dollars, which is 50 dollars less than the original Oasis.

    它售價 249 美金,還比前一款 Oasis 便宜 50 塊。

  • That's still a lot of money for a Kindle.

    就一台 Kindle 來說還是蠻貴的。

  • Let me guess. This is the part where you say, the Kindle Paperwhite is the best Kindle ever.

    讓我猜猜。這時候你想說,Kindle Paperwhite 才是最棒的一款 Kindle。

  • No, actually. I've turned a new leaf.


  • I'm off Twitter, I'm only checking Facebook once a day, and I'm reading real books, real, paper books.


  • Uh-huh.


  • So, basically, you're trying to go back to living in 2008.

    所以基本上 …… 你是回到了 2008 年的生活。

  • Sometimes I think that wouldn't be such a terrible thing.


  • Now this new Kindle Oasis has the brightest, highest-resolution display of any Kindle.

    說回這款新的 Kindle Oasis,它比目前市面上任何 Kindle 都要有更亮、更高的解析度。

  • And I bet you can barely see the difference.


  • No, I mean, this actually matters when you're in a dark environment and you're just trying to see what's on the page.


  • Right, which is why I have this book lamp.


  • Just clip it on and fire it up.


  • Okay, that is the nerdiest thing I've ever seen you do.


  • Did you carry that here in your knitting bag?


  • Yeah, okay. Also, this is square-shaped, and it's weighted in such a way that it's really easy to hold in one hand.


  • What does it matter that it's square-shaped?


  • Okay, try holding that in one hand.


  • Comfortably.


  • For an extended period of time.


  • Okay, that's probably one of the only things the Kindle is good for.

    好吧,那大概是 Kindle 的長處之一。

  • It has these page turn buttons here.


  • Who needs buttons to turn a page?


  • And like other Kindles, it has a touchscreen, so you can just navigate through chapters by tapping on it, or you can even press on a word to get its definition.

    和其他 Kindle 一樣,它有觸控屏幕,所以你輕按就能瀏覽章節,甚至按住一個字就能得到字義解釋。

  • So if you're lazy, or you like skipping entire chapters of books, then that's the product for you, is what you're saying.

    所以你的意思是:要是你是個懶人,或是你喜歡直接跳過一整個章節,Kindle 正是適合你的產品。

  • Also, it's battery life is excellent.


  • If you read for about a half hour a day, with the screen set to 40% of its maximum brightness, you should get about six weeks of battery life out of this.

    如果你使用半天,屏幕亮度設定於 40%,就能持續使用六週。

  • You know how long this thing lasts?


  • Unless there's a fire, or a flood, or a nuclear event? Forever.


  • It lasts forever, doesn't need to be charged, you just pick it up, and you read it.


  • Speaking of floods, this is the first Kindle that's waterproof.

    說到水災,這是第一款防水的 Kindle。

  • Finally. I mean, Amazon made a virtual assistant that infiltrated everybody's homes before it managed to make a waterproof Kindle.

    終於啊。我是說,大家家裡早都有 Amazon 的虛擬助理了,他們現在才做出防水的 Kindle。

  • Mm-hm. Yeah. So you can bring this in the tub, or the pool, or even the ocean, and not worry that if you drop it in, you're going to break it.

    額 …… 對啊。所以你可以把它帶到浴缸、游泳池或甚至是海裡,不用擔心如果掉水裡了會壞掉。

  • If you drop that book in the tub, it's ruined.


  • That's not true.


  • I mean, you'd have to shake it out a bit, and let it air dry, and it'd probably be pretty wrinkled, but it's readable.


  • It's totally fine. It's fine.


  • And this Kindle supports Audible, so you can pair it with Bluetooth headphones, and have your books read aloud to you.

    而且這款 Kindle 支援 Audible,所以你可以用藍牙耳機連接聽有聲書。

  • Oh for (bleep) sake, just get a tablet, then.


  • Look, I know people really like their Kindles, and they're great for some things, but I just prefer actual books.

    好啦,我知道人們喜歡用 Kindle,某些方面來說真的很棒,但我就是比較喜歡紙本書。

  • I dog-ear pages, you know, and I love when you can see what someone else is reading, and not just a leather-bound gadget.

    我在書角折角,我喜歡能夠知道別人在讀些什麼,而不只是 包著皮革的器具。

  • That moment when you're on the train, and you look across the aisle, and your eyes meet across the top of the page.


  • You sound like an unhinged Craigslist ad.


  • Okay, well, look. People don't collect Kindles.

    好嘛你聽。大家不會收集 Kindle。

  • They collect books.


  • They don't buy Kindle cases, they invest in bookcases.

    人們不會買 Kindle 殼,而是投資在書櫃裡。

  • And when I'm done, I can share these books with all of my friends, which is more than you can do, because of DRM.


  • Yeah, but the same modern technology means that I have access to all the same books that you do, but in seconds, not days.


  • Also, when I go on vacation, my carry-on bag is a lot lighter than yours.


  • I don't mind slow shipping.


  • I mean, with Amazon Prime, it's usually more like a couple days and these arrive.

    有了 Amazon Prime 只需要一兩天書就到了。

  • Wait, so you're ordering all of your books off of Amazon?

    等等,你也是都從 Amazon 買書?

  • No. I mean, some of them.


  • A lot, most of them.

    很多 …… 大多數。

  • So we're both just giving all of our money to Amazon.

    所以我們都是在向 Amazon 砸錢嘛。

  • Did I mention that I only buy used books?


  • This one is waterproof. It's own, it's, fuck. Oops.

    這一個防水。它寄幾 ……,乾糟糕。

  • That was good.


  • I forgot what I was gonna say because I improvised.


  • Should we do that over again?


  • Let's do it one more time.


You might know this about me from earlier videos, but I love a good Kindle. Especially a new one.

你大概從之前的影片就知道了,我很喜歡用 Kindle。尤其是新的。


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