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  • Not all that long ago, if you wanted to get around in the city, your two main options were public transportation or hailing a taxi.


  • But then came Uber.

    但接著 Uber 就出現了。

  • The young company dominates the U.S. ride-sharing industry, with nearly 60% market share.

    這個年輕的公司以接近 60% 的市場佔有率主宰了美國的共乘市場。

  • And has expanded its business to 65 countries around the globe.

    並且已經將其營運範圍擴展至全球 65 個國家。

  • Ride-sharing is poised to grow into a $133 billion-dollar industry by 2023, and Uber is well positioned to benefit.

    共乘產業將在 2023 前帶來 1330 億美元的收益,而 Uber 已經準備要獲利了。

  • In this video, we're going to break down exactly how Uber makes its money by getting millions of riders to their destinations every day.

    影片中,我們將會分析 Uber 是如何透過每天將數百萬名乘客載往目的地中獲利。

  • Uber makes money every time a rider opens the company's app, hails a driver, and pays for a ride.

    Uber 在每次乘客打開應用程式、搜尋司機和付款後都能賺錢。

  • And the company has a lot of riders to make money off of.


  • Uber's ride-sharing business operates in more than 700 cities across six continents.

    Uber 的共乘服務在六大洲,超過 700 個城市運作。

  • And has 91 million monthly active users on its platform.

    且平台每個月都有 9100 萬位活躍用戶。

  • In 2018, Uber's bookings, which is the amount the company collects from riders before it has to pay its drivers and other fees, totaled $50 billion, up 45% from the year before.

    2018 年,Uber 的預收款,也就是公司在支付司機及其他費用前向乘客收取的費用,總計 500 億美元,比起去年成長了百分之 45。

  • From those bookings, the company generated $11.3 billion dollars in revenue, a 43% increase from 2017. 

    透過這些預收款,公司獲益 113 億美元,比 2017 年成長了百分之 43。

  • But if the company had $50 billion in bookings, but only brought in $11.3 billion in sales, where did all that money go?

    但有 500 億美元的預收款,卻只有 113 億美元的銷售額,那麼錢跑去哪了?

  • Uber's business couldn't exist without its drivers, who work as independent contractors for the company, and complete 14 million trips every day.

    Uber 的營運和司機密不可分,他們是公司獨立的合約員工,每天可以完成一千四百萬趟旅程。

  • Uber pays them, along with other expenses, to keep its business running across the globe.

    Uber 會支付這些司機薪水和其他開銷,以維持其在全球的營運。

  • When all of its expenses are totaled up, and additional income added in, Uber lost $1.8 billion in 2018. 

    所有開銷加起來,再加上額外的收入,Uber 在 2018 年總共損失了 10 億 8 千萬美元。

  • While Uber isn't profitable right now, the company's loss of $1.8 billion dollars in 2018 is an improvement from its adjusted loss of $2.2 billion in 2017.

    雖然現在 Uber 還沒有開始營利,但跟 2017 年的修正虧損數字 22 億美元相比,2018 年已經有相當大的進步。

  • Additionally, Uber is looking to other businesses outside of ride-sharing to drive growth.

    另外,Uber 為了推動增長,計畫開發共乘服務以外的項目。

  • One such business is the company's food delivery service, Uber Eats, which accounted for 12% of the company's total sales in 2018.

    其中一個就是食物外送服務 Uber Eats,占了公司 2018 年總營業額的百分之 12。

  • The service is available in 500 cities globally, and Uber says it's the largest meal delivery platform in the world outside of China, based on its gross bookings.

    這項服務在全球 500 個城市推動,根據預訂量,Uber 聲稱這是中國以外全球最大的食物外送平台。

  • This small business could be an important one for Uber because it helps the company diversify its revenue and tap into the fast-growing food delivery market.

    這項小型服務對 Uber 很重要,因為它可以使其收入多元化並順利進入快速成長的食物外送市場。

  • Uber also runs a business that pairs shippers and truckers together called Uber Freight.

    Uber 也結合託運者和卡車司機,經營卡車載貨媒合服務 Uber Freight。

  • The company is still working to expand the business, but it's an early indication that Uber aims to be a transportation platform and not just a ride-sharing company.

    該公司正在努力地擴展規模,但早期跡象顯示,Uber 的目標是成為交通運輸平台而非共乘公司。

  • Additionally, the company is developing autonomous vehicle technologies and has a small fleet of self-driving vehicles on the road in Pittsburgh.


  • Autonomous vehicles could eventually help Uber lower expenses and increase rides, though the mass rollout of this technology is still years away

    自駕交通工具最終可以幫 Uber 降低成本並增加載客量,但這項技術的大規模推廣還需要數年時間。

  • While Uber has built itself into a ride-sharing powerhouse, the company still faces stiff competition.

    儘管 Uber將自己打成共乘市場發電廠,公司仍然面臨很多棘手的競爭。

  • Lyft, Uber's rival in the U.S., has about 39% of the market right now.

    Uber 在美國的對手,Lyft,現在市佔率約39%。

  • And while Uber's entered many international markets, its success abroad is anything but guaranteed.

    儘管 Uber 已經進入許多國際市場,它在海外的成功並非絕對。

  • So, rider fees are how Uber makes most of its money, but keep an eye on how the company expands Uber Eats and its other businesses as well.

    因此,Uber 大部分的收入來源為乘車費,但可以特別留意此公司是如何擴展 Uber Eats 和其他服務。

  • Thanks for watching this video!


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Not all that long ago, if you wanted to get around in the city, your two main options were public transportation or hailing a taxi.


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