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  • Another high level US-China meeting.


  • Another twist in the long-running saga of what is going to happen to Huawei.


  • This time, it was Donald Trump meeting Xi Jinping on the sidelines of the G20 in Osaka, where the two presidents discussed bringing an end to their long-running trade war.

    這次是川普和習近平在大阪的 G20 峰會會議期間,中美的雙邊晤談,商討欲結束雙方長期以來的貿易戰爭。

  • Investors were pleased to see the warm words the two men spoke following the meeting, thinking that it might mean that there will soon be an end to the escalation in tariffs.


  • But what really delighted Silicon Valley, in particular, was what Donald Trump said about Huawei.


  • He said that American companies would be allowed to sell to the Chinese telecom's equipment maker, after all, just weeks after his administration announced there would be a ban on them doing exactly that.


  • Since then, however, confusion has reigned over what the president meant.


  • His economic adviser, Larry Kudlow, was on the television the very next day saying there will be no blanket amnesty for American companies, but there might be a few additional exemptions to the ban granted.

    他的經濟顧問,Larry Kudlow,在會談的隔天於電視上表示所有的美國公司都不會獲得集體的赦免,但有可能會有一些額外的特例不用被禁止。

  • What's clear, talking to people here in Washington, is that the president didn't necessarily know exactly what he meant, either.


  • Mr. Trump will meet senior officials over the coming days, here in DC, to discuss how they might go about easing restrictions on American companies selling to Huawei, while not undermining their central argument that the Chinese company poses a threat to US national security.


  • Most people in the technology industry expect that they will eventually be able to sell consumer goods to Huawei, but perhaps not items for super-fast 5G broadband networks.

    科技界的多數人期待他們最終可以賣消費品給華為,但也許超快的 5G 寬頻網路商品除外。

  • Good news, perhaps then, for Google with its Android operating software on Huawei phones, but less so for Intel and other makers of sophisticated 5G microchips.

    好消息是,也許到時候,在華為的手機上會看到 Google 和其安卓操作軟體,但比較不會看到其他生產精密的 5G 微晶片廠商,像是 Intel。

Another high level US-China meeting.


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大阪 G20 的結果是?川普對華為態度急轉彎?! (Donald Trump's U-turn on Huawei - what did he actually mean?)

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