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Hey I'm Tom and welcome to Eat Sleep Dream English. Now today I'm going to take you on
a walk through London and teach you the pronunciation of some of the most famous places in this
beautiful city so that when you come to visit you'll know how to say them just like a local.
So if you are ready, let's do this.
Running through the heart of London is the river Thames. Now this is often mispronounced
as Thaymes or as Thamez. Now that th at the beginning, the sound is actually t not th
t and then at the end we have a z sound. So the river Thames.
Eat Sleep Dreamers I've got a question for you, what's the name of this bridge? It's
not London bridge, yeah it's Tower bridge. Now these two are often confused but they
are different bridges. London bridge is down the river and this is Tower bridge. Now how
do we know it's Tower bridge? Because it's got two towers! That's how we know. So the
pronunciation, Tower bridge. So when you next song 'London bridge is falling down' you know
that it's not this one, it's the other one.
If you visit London and you love food then you'll probably visit this place Borough market.
Now the pronunciation there is Borough, it's the schwa sound and the stress is on the first
syllable Borough market.
Welcome to Trafalgar Square, now this is where London comes to celebrate. So it could be
a sporting celebration or new year's eve, this is where we come. So the pronunciation
Trafalgar square. The stress there is on the middle syllable, Trafalgar square.
The quickest and easiest way to get around London is to use the underground. This is
also known locally as the Tube.
A super popular place to visit in London for tourists is Greenwich. Now this is commonly
mispronounced as green which but there are two sounds, Greenwich.
Guys, I've come to East London to hit up three very trendy touristy spots. Now the first
one is Shoreditch. It's a pretty cool area, lots of good cafes, bars, cool shops as well.
The pronunciation Shoreditch. It's not too difficult, two sounds Shoreditch.
I'm on one of London's most popular tourist streets Brick Lane. Now it's not that difficult
to say but if you are visiting London anytime you'll need to say it Brick Lane, it's a really
cool street. It's got great food, it's very famous for its curry which you have to try
when you are here. So yeah, the name is Brick Lane.
London is famous for its markets and we have so many markets usually during the weekend.
This is one of my favourites, this is Spitalfields market. It's quite tricky to say Spitalfields.
It's really near Brick Lane, near Shoreditch, super popular on
a Sunday.
Back in central London we've got Leicester square. Not Leisester, Leicester square. Really
popular with tourists. Next to Leicester square we've got Piccadilly circus. There are sadly
no clowns, it's not a circus just a lot of tourists, Piccadilly circus.
I'm walking towards the most famous residence in London, maybe even in Britain. Do you know
who lives there? I'll give you a clue. She wears a crown and she waves like this. You
got it? That's right, I'm going to where the Queen lives, Buckingham Palace.
Here we are at Buckingham Palace, now commonly people mispronounce this as Bucking ham but
actually it's Buckingham. So the ham, it's very common in British English to have that
at the end of a place name so Tottenham, Clapham and Buckingham. So instead of saying Bucking
ham we'd say Buckingham Palace, the stress is on the first syllable. Buckingham Palace.
Now here's a little tip for you. If you look at the top of Buckingham Palace there is a
flag pole and if the flag is at the top that means that the Queen is inside. If there is
no flag that means she is somewhere else, maybe at one of her other houses, she has
a few, or maybe she's on a state visit somewhere. But today the flag is at the top of the flag
pole so she's in, probably playing on her iPad, you know, Pokemon go, whatever it is
I don't know, but yeah she's inside.


How to Say Famous London Place Names

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