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  • (After lunch)

  • Kevin: You look serious, Patty. What's up?

  • Patty:I noticed that Ethan brought a lighter to school this morning.

  • I'm wondering what it's for.

  • I know what you're thinking.

  • Yesterday after school, I saw him outside the restroom with two other ninth graders.

  • I could smell cigarette smoke on their uniforms when I passed by.

  • Here he comes. Let's ask him.

  • Sure.

  • Hey, Ethan. I saw you with two guys outside the restroom yesterday.

  • Who were they?

  • Sam and Jason. They're my neighbors.

  • What were you three doing near the restroom?

  • Hmm... Nothing.

  • Come on, Ethan. Don't lie to us.

  • Okay. Sam and Jason gave me a cigarette.

  • I had no idea how to turn them down, so...

  • That's easy! Just say "No, thanks."

  • Yes. Don't do something just because your friends are doing it.

  • Smoking is bad for your health.

  • Thanks. I know what to do now.

  • So I suppose you won't need that lighter any more, right?

  • Yes. I suppose so, and I'll tell my neighbors they should quit smoking.

  • I'm glad to hear that. We're really proud of you.

(After lunch)


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