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  • Welcome everyone from AC News,

  • let's see today's trailer

  • cinema news is coming up!

  • James Cameron is busy together with his partner John Landau

  • in the sci-fi 1960' remake of Fantastic Voyage.

  • The original story talked about a science group reduced to a microscopic size

  • inside a submarine and then injected into the sick body of one of their companions.

  • Cameron doesn't want to direct this new 20th Century Fox project,

  • in fact he is leaving the assignment to Shawn Levy.

  • Clint Eastwood will direct Leonardo Di Caprio in J.Edgar,

  • which is about the life and times of the infamous head chief of the FBI J.Edgar Hoover.

  • The movie will be out the 9th of November 2011

  • with a great cast as Judi Dench, Ed Westwick, Naomi Watts and Josh Lucas.

  • Eastwood said at the time that his last apparition as an actor was in Gran Torino,

  • but evidently he changed his mind as we are going

  • to see him again on screen in Trouble With the Curve,

  • a baseball drama by Randy Brown.

  • That's all for today,

  • see you soon from AC News!

Welcome everyone from AC News,


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