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  • Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Noun Phrase 77. The noun phrase today is a

  • short fuse. Okay. Let's take a look at the note. If someone has a short fuse, it is

  • equal to the noun phrase , a quick temper. So if somebody has a short fuse. It's a

  • quick temper. It means you know they get angry easily. So let's continue. So if

  • someone has a short fuse or a quick temper, he or she gets angry or upset

  • very easily. So maybe sometimes we might say you know, at the snap of a finger

  • or something like that. If they could get angry. Let's continue. The noun phrase

  • alludes to the idea of lighting a fuse that will blow up, dynamite or bomb. Of

  • course, if the fuse is too short it happens quickly. You've probably seen

  • this at a lot of movies, where you know, they got this long fuse and they light

  • it and you see the fuse going ( fuse burning sounds ) all the way until of course it hits the dynamite

  • it blows up. But a short fuse would be you know, not long at all probably only

  • about that size. So it's going to blow up quickly. So that's the idea . If a person

  • blows up they get angry maybe they start yelling very quickly. Okay. Let's , let's

  • give several examples here example. Number one. Be careful how you talk to

  • Jerry. if it is something he doesn't like he explodes easily. He has a real short

  • fuse. Okay. that's one way we use it. Number two,

  • I don't know how she stays married to that man

  • he has such a short temper. You could say that or he has such a short fuse you

  • could use both here in this sense. Okay. Again meaning that he gets angry very

  • easily or number three here. We need someone who can keep his or her cool. You

  • know. again meaning not get angry upset easily, when the going gets tough. MR.

  • Jones has a short fuse he won't be suitable for

  • leading this project. So yeah again. So a short fuse meaning that you get angry

  • very easily. Okay. Anyway, I hope you got it, I hope it's clear. Thank you for your

  • time. Bye-bye.

Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Noun Phrase 77. The noun phrase today is a


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英語家教Nick P名詞短語(77)A Short Fuse (English Tutor Nick P Noun Phrase (77) A Short Fuse)

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