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  • You've stopped off at a service station to get yourself a cool, refreshing drink,


  • but you can't help but notice that, while a 12-ounce bottle of soda costs a mere $1.49, the same-sized bottle of water costs about 50 cents more.

    但卻發現,一瓶 12 盎司的汽水只要 1.49 美元,而相同容量的瓶裝水卻貴上 50 美分。

  • You would think that soda should cost more because, in addition to water, it contains sugar, flavorings, and a number of mysterious chemicals, whereas water just contains... water!

    你可能覺得汽水應該要比較貴,畢竟除了水,它還添加了糖、風味劑和各種神秘化學物質,而水的成分就只有... 水。

  • So, what's really going on here?


  • If we look at production cost, the actual liquid really only accounts for a few cents of the price of each.


  • Bottling and transportation cost a bit more, but the primary expense for both products is marketing.


  • Beverage companies spend millions putting their drinks on signs, TVs, and in the hands of celebrities, all in an attempt to convince us to pay for either a product with serious health consequences or for one that comes out of your tap virtually for free.


  • But the average person doesn't know or care about any of this.


  • They're just looking for something to drink.


  • And companies simply charge whatever we're willing to pay for it.


  • 10 dollars for a bottle of water? Yeah, right!

    一瓶水 10 美元?想得美!

  • But 1.99?

    那 1.99 美元呢?

  • Eh, what the heck. It's good for you, right?


  • Soda, on the other hand, suffers a far less favorable public opinion.


  • We've caught on to the fact that it's an unhealthy, cheap beverage selection, and as a result, companies can't get away with charging us as much as they do for water.


  • But lower that price to 1.49, and we'll take it.

    但若把價錢降到 1.49 美元,我們就買定了。

  • Essentially, it boils down to two very inexpensive products being sold at the highest price we are willing to pay for it.


  • The real question is, when are we going to start buying bottled air?


  • With the right logo, brand name, and marketing campaign, the sky's the limit!


You've stopped off at a service station to get yourself a cool, refreshing drink,


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被當凱子了?為什麼汽水可以比水還要便宜?!(Why is Soda Cheaper Than Water? | Grumology)

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