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  • Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Noun Phrase 96. The noun phrase today is

  • last-gasp. Okay. Let's take a look at the note first. So first we are actually

  • going to look at gasp by itself so if we say a gasp ... a gasp by itself could be an

  • act of making a noise while breathing due to shock, or surprise. So first it

  • could be shock. Like maybe you see something bad is about to happen or

  • somebody's going to be hurt. Like (gasping sound ) somebody's going to fall down or get hurt

  • or something like that. You could gasp in shock. Okay. Or surprise, surprise you

  • know in a good way. You know maybe you see like a beautiful view or something

  • like (gasping sound ) it's so beautiful . Like the Grand Canyon or something or maybe you know

  • like we often have a you know, women might be showing off her engagement

  • ring. You often hear women do that. Like it's so beautiful oh my god. You're

  • so lucky (gasping sound ) you know, they'll do that when they see that like the diamond or

  • something like that. So, so gasp was often used in this way. Let's continue.

  • It can also be allowed to use it as a breath when having difficulty breathing. So if you

  • went hiking , or your overstrained yourself, or you're going up a mountain or up some

  • long ... many flights of stairs, you might be gasping for, for air . Like (deep gasping sounds )

  • So this is gasp by itself first. All right now, let's let's take a look at

  • last gasp. Now last gasp has a couple of meanings

  • here. The first one is the last gasp often refers to the last part before the

  • end of something. Before something is going to end or be finished or die or

  • just collapse something like that. Or number two. It could also be the last

  • moment before someone dies, gives up or fail. s I think it actually really comes

  • from before like die. Usually when you're dying you might have difficulty

  • breathing , so we could say somebody is on their last gasp. But the gasp is it you

  • know again, breathing but an active breathing

  • especially with difficulty. Okay. So let's look at we have several

  • examples here to cover these meanings. The first one. Some people say that

  • the EU may be on its last gasp if the British finally do exit or really if any

  • other country any other large country were to ever exit from the EU. You know,

  • with all its debt, it may actually collapse or fall apart. So it could be on

  • its last gasp if that happens. Or number two here even though he felt pain he was

  • able to stay in a good mood up to his last gasp. Yeah. So maybe there's somebody

  • that's you know , not feeling well but he tried to keep a you know a good spirit

  • about himself and maybe he tried to stay in a good mood. Maybe for other people.

  • Right up to his last breath, up to his last gasp. So we might mean it that way.

  • Actually or number three here. We had better buy a replacement for this

  • machine. I think it is on its last gasp. Yeah. You really try to emphasize that

  • you think the machine is about to die. Or you know, basically stop functioning. Well.

  • or you know just, just come to a complete stop. Anyway I hope you got it. I hope it's clear.

  • Thank you for your time. Bye-bye.

Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Noun Phrase 96. The noun phrase today is


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