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  • - Hey everyone, I'm Blake Mitchell with Microsoft,

  • and today I get the joy of joining you

  • from Computex out here in Taipei,

  • where AMD just recently announced their second generation,

  • Ryzen Pro Mobile Processors,

  • and I also get to talk about Lenovo's new announcement

  • of the T495S, that actually has this latest silicon inside.

  • With the T495S, and that latest silicon from AMD,

  • you have the ability to have that raw computing power

  • wherever it is that your work day may bring you.

  • But in addition to that,

  • this device also has the Radeon Vega M graphics card inside,

  • meaning that you'll also have a discrete GPU available,

  • regardless of the work tax that may come your way.

  • And if you need to work from home, that's all right,

  • because with the dual array microphones built inside,

  • you won't have to be held in front of your PC

  • to take that meeting and be heard clearly.

  • But in addition, you'll get the benefits of Cortana,

  • your digital personal assistant,

  • meaning that she can still hear you,

  • even when you're ten meters away.

  • If work happens to take you, maybe into a coffee shop,

  • where you may need to work on more critical,

  • business sensitive data,

  • you don't have to worry

  • about anyone looking over your shoulder,

  • because the screen actually

  • has the ability to block out potential shoulder surfers,

  • and in addition to that, coming within a few months,

  • Lenovo will have the ability

  • to automatically detect whether or not

  • someone may be prying over your shoulder.

  • And it'll automatically trigger that capability.

  • But in addition to that digital security effect,

  • Lenovo's also layered in physical security aspects.

  • For example, up here on the top of the lid,

  • if you don't want to be seen on camera anymore,

  • they actually have a shutter that you can slide over

  • so that it blocks out that camera.

  • This device also supports mobile connectivity,

  • so you'll still be able to stay

  • connected to your content,

  • regardless of where you're working at,

  • even if your on a bus, driving in.

  • And all of this is capable, in this device,

  • at a starting price that's under $1,100.

  • And we can expect to see it hit the markets

  • here this June.

- Hey everyone, I'm Blake Mitchell with Microsoft,


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聯想ThinkPad T495s搭載AMD Ryzen 7 PRO。 (Lenovo ThinkPad T495s with AMD Ryzen 7 PRO)

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