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  • From 2010 to 2015, 2.4 million people became millionaires.

    從 2010 年到 2015 年,有 240 萬人成為百萬富翁。

  • That's like an average of 1700 millionaires each day in the United States alone.

    這相當於每天平均就有 1700 人成為百萬富翁,而這還只是在美國。

  • If we take into the account the rest of the world, that number gets much higher.


  • The question that I have in my mind is, if so many people are becoming millionaires, what is stopping you?


  • Just in 2017, 700 thousand millionaires were added to the list.

    光是 2017 年就有 70 萬人被列入百萬富翁的名單。

  • And it's not surprising because the technology literally makes it much easier to acquire wealth.


  • Even 50 years ago it was quite difficult.

    就連在 50 年前都沒這麼容易。

  • But today if you even skip college, you still have all the chances to join the club.


  • Don't get me wrong, I am not saying it's easy, it's freaking difficult.


  • And the amount of time and hustle that it takes is unbelievable.


  • That's why I don't wanna make this video theoretical where I would tell you some hypothetical scenarios.


  • But rather practical so that you can implement them right after watching the video.


  • Teach Something.


  • Teaching doesn't seem like the best strategy to become a millionaire.


  • But in the age of the internet, it's the other way around.


  • All that you need is a single skill to have a chance to make that million dollars.


  • I am sure that you are at least good in something like photography or music, for example.


  • You might know a foreign language, you might have taught yourself coding when you were in college,


  • There must be something.


  • All that you need is to turn it into an online course and sell it to the people who are willing to learn that skill.


  • And the number of copies you have to sell will depend on your pricing.


  • If you would price at a hundred bucks, for example, you just need to sell 10 thousand copies.

    假設你的定價是 100 美元,你就只需要賣出一萬堂課程。

  • That might seem like a lot but keep in mind that there are like 4 billion internet users.

    這可能看起來很多,但記得總共有大概 40 億網路使用者。

  • I am sure that more than 10 thousand of them would be interested in learning that skill.


  • It might take you a year, maybe two, maybe more, but that's what it takes to join the millionaire club.


  • In fact, if your course is good enough, the snowball effect will earn you much more!


  • I am sure that some of you will say, I am 16 years old, I don't have any skills, I am really bad at teaching, so this isn't gonna work for me.

    我知道有些人可能會說,我才 16 歲、沒有任何專長、又很不會教書,所以這在我身上行不通啦!

  • Why don't you stop giving excuses and listen to me?


  • You don't necessarily have to sell your own course.


  • I have taken a lot of online courses, and I would highly recommend some of them.


  • What I can do is that, instead of just recommending it to you, I can sell them to you and get a commission.


  • The commission with online courses could be really high, as high as 60 percent.

    線上課程的佣金可以達到很高的價錢,高達 60%。

  • But first, you have to step up your selling skills of course.


  • For example, a while ago, I was offered to promote a course on this channel that costs around a thousand dollars.


  • And the commission was 50 percent.

    而佣金費用為 50%。

  • If only a hundred of you would purchase that course, I would have made at least 50 thousand dollars.


  • But I didn't, with all due respect to the author, but I just didn't think that it worth the money!


  • Because before I promote anything on this channel, I ask myself If I am ready to buy it.


  • And the answer was: not really.


  • I respect my audience, I love you guys and I will only promote what I believe worth your money.


  • And you should do the same if you start selling courses.


  • I have an entire video on how to sell anything to anyone, which link I will leave in the description.


  • But not everyone is good at selling, you might be an introvert and you are just good at your job as an accountant.


  • And you don't have the time or even the will to sell.


  • Don't worry, you still stand a chance.


  • We have already talked about index funds on this channel but let's try to do the math.


  • How much and for how long you have to save to cross that million dollar threshold.


  • If you work hard enough and stick to a tied budget, you will definitely make it.


  • You can start with as little as 10 thousand dollars and invest just 2000 dollars every month.

    你至少可以從一萬元著手,每個月花 2000 元投資就好。

  • In just 18 years, you can quit your job and retire as a millionaire.

    只要 18 年,你就可以辭職退休,當百萬富翁了。

  • Of course, if you get more aggressive, you can do that much faster.


  • However, even 2000 dollars is too much for most people because you have bills to pay and you can't save more than maybe 10 percent of your income.

    然而對大多數人而言,每個月 2000 元投資都嫌多,因為有帳單要付,而且你可能每個月存不到收入的 10%。

  • What is the solution?


  • Earn More!


  • Get a side job just for the sake of investing, drive an Uber, start a blog, whatever.


  • And let that money go directly into your index fund investments.


  • Don't touch it even if its an emergency, be confident that you are building your way to become a millionaire.


  • And most importantly, give this video a thumbs up and subscribe because more videos are coming!


  • Thanks for watching and I will see you in the next one.


From 2010 to 2015, 2.4 million people became millionaires.

從 2010 年到 2015 年,有 240 萬人成為百萬富翁。

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