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Hey munchies.
I hope you're having a wonderful week.
Welcome if you're new.
I'm Alyssia and summer is heeeere, almost.
I wanted you to be ready, so today I'm sharing
four easy desserts for breakfast
that take five minutes or less to prep.
First, I'm keeping it tropical,
but dessert for breakfast style.
A pineapple upside down mug cake.
Spray a mug and sprinkle it with some coconut
or brown sugar.
Add a pineapple ring to the bottom.
In another container, mix an egg, coconut oil,
vanilla extract, almond milk and pineapple juice.
Then, stir in your sweetener to integrate,
followed by oat flour.
If you use coconut or almond flour,
make sure to use a little bit less
since they are more absorbent.
Baking powder and salt.
Mix that in and then stir in
some chopped or fresh pineapple.
Add the batter to your mug.
Microwave for two to three minutes.
Now, I found that two minutes and 45 seconds
was about perfect for my microwave,which is 1,000 watts.
But, of course, microwaves all vary.
When it's done, it should be soft and springy to touch.
Flip onto a plate.
And enjoy with a cherry and a drizzle of honey.
Of course, a real cherry would have been nice,
but I actually couldn't find any when I filmed this,
so I was left with a maraschino, but let's be real,
those are delicious.
Moist, tropical, and it's a really fun way
to have a portion controlled piece of cake for breakfast.
Next, we're cooling off with a mango peach smoothie bowl.
I add frozen mango, frozen peach, frozen banana
and coconut milk to a blender and let it rip.
Remember, you want this to be thick,
so you can eat it with a spoon instead of drink it.
I top it off with coconut flakes, chia seeds,
chopped pistachios and fresh fruit,
but you could use whatever you like.
Add texture and flavor to your bowl.
Man, this is bright and fresh.
Frozen fruit keeps this simple,
but it is summer, so feel free to use fresh fruit
and then freeze for a full flavor punch
because remember that fruit is more ripe when it's sweet.
This is like a sorbet consistency,
so it fits right in with dessert for breakfast.
Dig in.
Thumbs up if you're enjoying dessert for breakfast.
Let's keep it going with a breakfast banana split.
This couldn't be easier.
I split a banana in half and lay it in a shallow bowl.
Yes, I am using a legit banana split bowl.
I added some berries in between to create a cavity
and then scoop on some yogurt into the middle
like ice cream.
I used Greek, but you could use whatever you prefer.
Then, I layer on some more fruit, granola,
a drizzle of peanut butter and honey or maple syrup
and it wouldn't be complete without a cherry.
This is such a fun way to take your regular yogurt
and granola parfait and kick it up a notch.
Why not?
Am I right?
Yes, yes I am.
If you're enjoying these breakfasts,
the time has come for you to subscribe and hit the bell.
We don't know if hitting the bell does anything,
but I'm gonna ask you to do it just in case.
Okay, last but not least, we are taking
dessert for breakfast to a new level.
Berry oatmeal popsicles.
First, I stir oats and milk of choice
and cook them in the microwave for one to two minutes.
Meanwhile, I muddle some fresh summer berries,
which I can mix into the cooked oatmeal
with a bit of maple syrup to taste.
I then add those to my popsicle mold,
alternating with yogurt until filled.
Freeze four to six hours or overnight.
So, yes, before y'all hate on me,
these take five minutes to prep
and then you gotta freeze 'em.
Get over yourself and ya angry troll mat.
Why not have a popsicle for breakfast?
It's a hot summer day.
We know oatmeal is great on its own.
With yogurt, with fruit and hot or cold,if you've ever had overnight oats.
So, why not turn it into a popsicle?
It's worth a try and these actually amazed me.
It tastes like hot oatmeal, but in frozen popsicle form.
It was super tasty.
I hope you enjoyed these summer breakfasts.
Now remember, all of these can easily be made vegan
if you use a dairy free yogurt and maple syrupinstead of honey.
If you're really getting into the fresh summer vibe,
check out my smoothies recipes episode from a few weeks ago.
There is a free ebook with it.
Say what?
FYI, if you want a chance to win a pair of onion goggles,
I am giving away three to my newsletter subscribers this month.
You can subscribe at mindovermunch.com for free
and you'll be entered to win.
We give new stuff away every month
and every subscriber is entered every single month.
I'll see ya next week and remember,
especially when it comes to dessert for breakfast,
it's all a matter of mind over munch.


炎炎夏日沒胃口?清涼又健康的早餐只要五分鐘! (5 Minute Summer DESSERTS FOR BREAKFAST! Vegan/Vegetarian, Easy, Healthy Recipes! - Mind Over Munch)

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