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  • Hey Guys!

  • This is Eric from CheapAssReviews

  • and this week we're going to be reviewing

  • the 99 cent alarm clock from Ikea.

  • So yeah, let's do that!

  • [Annoying music]

  • TheCKIS is really at the height

  • of Swedish ingenuity.

  • It's a square on the

  • front and a rectangle on the side.

  • The watch face comes in a variety of

  • colors as long as they're all white.

  • The twelve is blue for no reason at all

  • and so is the alarm hand.

  • Which you will

  • initially mistake for a broken second hand.

  • The body of the build is a weird cream color

  • because, why not!?

  • No need to charge this bad boy up.

  • It'll last months on a single AA battery.

  • Just throw it out and ruin our planet

  • when you're done.

  • That brings us to the

  • backside of the clock.

  • Look at that backside.

  • Two knobs and a switch.

  • One of them changes the time,

  • one the alarm, and then one turns

  • it on and off.

  • No idea which is which

  • though, the white on white lettering

  • makes it almost impossible to read

  • without your glasses.

  • Now that we've talked about the build,

  • we should really dive into the durability.

  • This thing is a beast.

  • It can take a constant beating.

  • Say if you throw it across the room

  • put it under your body, or even

  • bang it on your head.

  • It's definitely going to make you wake

  • up in the morning.

  • Thinking about buying this bad boy?

  • It's a clock, it's $1, it wakes you up.

  • Buy it you cheap pathetic excuse for

  • a human being.

  • [Beeping sound]

  • Well thanks for watching!

  • That's been my review of the

  • 99 cent alarm clock from Ikea.

  • If you liked my video, feel free to

  • click like or subscribe to my channel.

  • And uh, I put out videos every Thursday.

  • Uh more info can be found out about

  • this guy in the link to the Ikea website

  • in the video description.

  • See you next time!

Hey Guys!


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1元宜家鬧鐘評測 ($1 IKEA Alarm Clock Review)

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