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Officer Eduardo! 'Up, tight!
How did these get here? I thought I'd
turned these in to the proper authorities.

Well the way I hear it, Jeebs, you into something
a little hotter than some stolen Rolexes.

I'm also a huge crack dealer now but I
still work here 'cause I love the hours.

I'm talking about guns, smartass.
Weird ones.
Come on, Edward. What you see is what I got.
[Door opens]
Come on, Edward. What you see is what I got.

Why don't you show him the imports, Jeebs?
Hiya, K. How are you?
Show him the imports right now.
Yeah-- I got out of that business a long time ago.
Why do you lie to me, Jeebs? I hate it when you lie.
Now just hold on a second...
I'm gonna count to three.
He'll do it, Jeebs.
[K] One...
I'm telling you, that man does not look stable.
[K] Two...
You know what? Talk to me; he--
he is just crazy when he's like this.

He's always crazy.
Why don't you get a massage? Take a cruiser--?
Drop the weapon and put your hands on your head!
I warned him.
- Drop the weapon!
- *You* warned him.

Don't make me kill you.
[Jeebs] *You insensitive prick*!
D'ya have any idea how much that stings?
Show us the merchandise or you're
going to lose another head, Jeebs.

Mr. Edwards.
Right there... The one in the middle.
You sold a reverberating carbonizer with
mutate capacity to an unlicensed cephalapoid(!)

Jeebs, you piece of sh...
He looked all right to me.
[K] It must have been for an assassination. Who's the target?
You know I don't know.
*Goddammit, Jeebs*!
All right, let's confiscate it; all of it.
And I want on the next transport off this rock or
I'm gonna shoot you where it don't grow back.

Yeah, an-- and...
...and I'ma be back t-to talk about them Rolexes.


MIB星際戰警片段 (Men in Black (1997) - Jeebs Loses His Head Scene (1/8) | Movieclips)

154 分類 收藏
Pedroli Li 發佈於 2019 年 6 月 24 日
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