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I'm telling you, I'm taller.
Take off your shoes.
That's not going to make a difference.
Whoa, dude.
It's so weird being back here again, dude.
You're back from vacation, Raph.
Aw, man, you two dudes have already picked out your desk already, man?
Like, where's mine, bro?
Where's mine?
Where am I at, bro?
You're right here.
Ah, hell yeah, dude.
I was hoping I'd get to sit next to Grant, dude.
You always sit next to Grant.
Whoa, these desks are so much smaller than I remember, dude.
So sick.
You were only gone a week.
Yeah, but it was Summer vacation, bro.
So, it's a new start to a new year, dude.
You went on vacation in the Summer time.
That's not Summer vacation.
It's not like when we were in school.
Hey, dude.
Does anybody remember my laptop combination?
It's called a password, and what did you do to your hair?
Ah, you noticed, dude?
It's the new me, dude.
Why do you need a new you?
You were only gone a week.
Yeah, but this was one week in Hollywood, dude.
We're talking La La Land, bro.
Like, that's the place where like, everything happens, dude.
It's so sick.
Dude, like I was...
You spent the whole time in Hollywood?
You didn't even go anywhere?
Not physically, no.
But, in my mind, dude, I traveled all over Los Angeles, bro.
It was so sick.
Like, in my head, I was everywhere, dude.
I was everywhere, dude.
Everywhere in this city.
Sure, but what did you do?
Dude, I did nothing, dude.
I barely answered all my emails.
I hardly wrote several schedules, and then, all my meetings bro, all of them, I just Skype'd into that shit, bro.
I'm Skype crazy, dude.
I'm like a Skype monster, man.
I was so savage with it, dude.
You just worked from home.
Ah, yeah, but like, only for like, 20 minutes every two hours.
That's like, 20 into.
Hey, dude, do you have a calculator on you?
Ah, you're such a slacker, dude.
You're such a slacker.
What about you, new kid?
I'm not a kid, and no.
Dudes, we cannot be getting senioritis already, dude.
We got two more years.
Two years until what?
Two years left, dude.
Wait no, jobs are forever.
Two years is like an eternity, bro.
Raph, what do you think happens in two years?
Oh, dude, you do not have to decide that right now, dude.
'Cause like, I know that you're under like, a ton of pressure right now, dude.
From like, our parents and stuff, dude.
But, like, my friggen brother, dude, my friggen brother's in friggen Europe, dude.
-No, Raph, you can't think. -Oh, Grant!
You hit your growth spurt over the Summer, dude.
Hey, Lily, tell me something...
Who's taller?
Take off your shoes.
I'm not gonna do that, Lily.
I don't know what you're hiding in there.
I'm tall.
Watch the sketch "How Tall is Grant", you'll see.



醒醒吧!你已經過了可以放暑假的年紀了! (Summer Vacation Is for Kids!)

5124 分類 收藏
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