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The gaokao is an extremely difficult bridge to cross.
A difference of one point can determine your child's fate.
You must get into a prestigious university.
That's the only way you'll have a good future.
The only thing you want is for me to get in a good college.
That's just how it is in China.
Officials and rich people run everything.
She only wants what's best for you.
If you want to be respected,
you have to test into a good college!
It's the only way to change your future!
I'm not just a puppet you can play with!
What's wrong with wanting you in a good college?
You want Jiarui to become a successful woman,
and I understand that.
But we have to remember that our fates aren't in our own hands.
I was afraid I wouldn't get in the gifted class, so—
Now you aren't qualified to enter the gifted class.
How will you get into a good school?
Do you care about anything other than my grades and my college test?
I don't even know my own daughter.
How could I have done something so stupid?
I never thought something like this would happen!
We don't realize that our fates are commanded by God,
instead we wrongly believe "We can create our own happiness,"
and "Knowledge can change your fate."
We pay such a high price for this belief, and suffer so much.
But are they able to change their own fate?
When we read God's word and understand the truth,
we understand God's omnipotence and sovereignty,
we turn to God and walk the right path,
after which we no longer struggle to change our fates.
Without the truth, we are deeply ignorant.
Only by pursuing the truth and being able to obey and worship God
can we live in the light and have a good future.
Right. Yes.


妈妈的爱太伟大 (2019 Christian Family Movie Trailer | "A Mother's Love" | Based on a True Story (English Dubbed))

284 分類 收藏
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