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  • (slow upbeat music)

  • - [Brian] I cannot see, but I can hear the world around me.

  • - [Narrator] Meet Brian,

  • he's known as the world's best totally blind mountain biker.

  • (bell dinging)

  • - [Brian] When I was younger I had functional vision,

  • and I played sports.

  • I had dreams of becoming a professional athlete.

  • - [Narrator] And then suddenly when he was 14,

  • he completely lost his sight over

  • the course of three months.

  • His optic nerves

  • inexplicably failed, and all he could see was darkness.

  • He wasn't able to bike ride or participate in the sports

  • he once enjoyed.

  • - [Brian] I couldn't play hockey;

  • I had to stop roller blading,

  • couldn't read the classroom board anymore.

  • My world had shrunk.

  • - [Narrator] He had to find a new way

  • to navigate the world.

  • He found his cane limiting, but when he learned

  • to make a tongue click,

  • his world changed again for the better.

  • And it wasn't long until he ventured back outdoors.

  • - [Brian] I really missed bike riding,

  • and I really wanted to be active,

  • I just didn't know how to do it.

  • As a blind rider it was a goal for me

  • to get off the tandem

  • and have the experience of being able to pilot

  • my own bike.

  • It all starts with a zip tie.

  • A sighted person would attach it to

  • their frame and angle into the bike wheel.

  • The bike wheel would make noise

  • and the sound would follow while we still actively click.

  • - [Narrator] Eventually,

  • Brian was able to mountian bike alone

  • and without the zip tie.

  • - [Brian] When I'm riding my bike

  • down a mountain,

  • it's the same thing bats are using, eco-location.

  • I can make my active sonar signal by making

  • a tongue click.

  • I start off with trying to find

  • the object furthest in the distance and then piece

  • the world together with things closer and closer.

  • - [Narrator] Brian has to enter

  • an almost meditative state

  • and remain extremely focused.

  • - [Brian] Everything has to leave my brain

  • and those sounds are painting a picture

  • in my head-a vivid world of acoustic images.

  • - [Narrator] He didn't keep his passion

  • to himself though.

  • He's helped teach over thousands of people

  • to hear their world a little bigger.

  • - [Brian] This is a teachable thing.

  • Anybody can do this.

  • And I'm happy to show them.

  • Riding my bike was something I never thought I'd be able

  • to do again, and now that I'm doing it,

  • it serves as a great example

  • to challenge preconceived ideas.

(slow upbeat music)


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B1 中級 美國腔

世界上最優秀的盲人山地車手。 (The World's Best Blind Mountain Biker)

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