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  • - [Narrator] Bioluminescence is the scintillating effect

  • of a living thing emitting light.

  • And, in a small coastal town in central Japan,

  • one glowing creature is also a delicacy.

  • Toyama Bay is around 4,000 feet deep,

  • one of the deepest bays in all of Japan

  • and home to one of the only commonly edible

  • bioluminescence species in the world.

  • - [Narrator] Firefly squid fishing

  • isn't a normal fishing job.

  • They have to fish in the dead of night.

  • Bioluminescence sea creatures

  • prefer the dark depths of the ocean.

  • But the firefly squid lights up the shores when they spawn,

  • making them easier to catch.

  • - [Narrator] Where is all that squid going?

  • Well, to places like Kappo Araki,

  • a small Japanese restaurant.

  • - [Narrator] Chef Araki's menu includes multiple variants

  • of firefly squid: from salted to grilled, boiled to sashimi.

  • All of them delicious, and, most importantly, fresh.

- [Narrator] Bioluminescence is the scintillating effect


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在黑暗中發光的晚餐 (The Dinner That Glows In the Dark)

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