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  • Here's what we do know.


  • Facebook is leading the creation of a new global currency called Libra.

    Facebook 正著手打造一個新的全球貨幣 Libra。

  • The social network is bringing together a new consortium of 28 companies.

    此社群網絡將促成 28 間公司全新的企業合作。

  • Including tech giants like Uber and eBay, payment firms like PayPal and Visa, and cryptocurrency pioneers like CoinBase.

    包含科技巨頭 Uber、eBay,支付商如 PayPal、Visa,還有加密貨幣的先鋒,如 CoinBase。

  • Who are all pledging millions of dollars to create this new cryptocurrency and the blockchain network that underpins it.


  • Before too long Facebook hopes that billions of us will be using WhatsApp and Messenger to send each other payments using Libra, making it the first mainstream cryptocurrency.

    Facebook 希望不久之後,數十億人將透過 WhatsApp 和 Messenger,用 Libra 貨幣傳送款項,使 Libra 成為第一個主流的加密貨幣。

  • But there are a lot of things we don't know.


  • How will Libra be regulated, and how will fraud or money laundering be policed?

    Libra 將會受到什麼樣的管制、詐騙或洗錢行為又會受到什麼樣的懲處?

  • How will users load cash into their Libra wallets?

    使用者要如何為 Libra 電子錢包加值?

  • Via a cash machine or a mobile operator, such as Vodafone?

    是藉由提款機,還是 Vodafone 之類的電信商?

  • Which merchants will choose to accept Libra?

    有哪些商家會選擇接受 Libra 支付?

  • And will the traditional banking industry see Facebook as a friend or a foe?

    而對傳統銀行產業而言,Facebook 是敵是友?

  • The big question for us as consumersis it safe?


  • Facebook is insisting that this is not another data grab and that financial information will remain private.

    Facebook 強調自己並不是又想掌握用戶數據,而且不會洩漏金融交易資訊。

  • It will not share account data between its Libra wallets and the rest of Facebook, and it won't use the data for targeting ads.

    Facebook 不會讓 Libra 帳戶資料外流到公司其他地方,也不會用這些資料來投放廣告。

  • So what's in it for you?


  • One, lower fees for sending money overseas.


  • Two, faster and more secure peer-to-peer payments.


  • Whether that's splitting the pizza bill or paying for coffee.


  • There is also potential for new microtransactions, opening up different kinds of business models online that have previously been held back by fees.


  • Facebook promises that Libra will simplify commerce within its family of apps so you can buy those sneakers that you spotted on Instagram.

    Facebook 承諾 Libra 將能簡化內部應用程式的交易;你可以馬上購入在 Instagram 上看到的那雙球鞋。

  • But what's in it for Facebook itself?

    但這對 Facebook 能帶來什麼好處呢?

  • Facebook says its mission is one of financial inclusion, to reach 1.7bn people who are currently unbanked.

    Facebook 表示此項任務目的是普惠金融,觸及目前沒有銀行帳戶的 17 億人口。

  • And reduce transaction fees that are particularly onerous for small businesses.


  • Libra will also provide an on-ramp to the Facebook ecosystem for people in remote corners of the world.

    Libra 也會協助世界偏遠角落的人們連結至 Facebook 生態系統。

  • Whose internet connections and mobile phones are not yet up to scrolling through the newsfeed or shopping on Instagram.

    那些人的網路連接和手機都還沒有能力滑看動態,或在 Instagram 上購物。

  • Facebook executives see this as a way to get back on the front foot after a two-year apology tour.

    Facebook 高層認為這是在兩年跑來跑去道歉之後,重新站穩腳步的辦法。

  • And prove that the company can still innovate.


  • But creating Libra and recruiting these initial partners are just the first steps.

    但是創造 Libra 和招募這些初期夥伴還只是第一步。

  • Now is where the hard work really begins of convincing the rest of the world that it needs a new global currency.


  • Maybe this time, Facebook can learn to move slowly and not break anything.

    或許這回 Facebook 能學到教訓,謹慎向前而不出紕漏。

Here's what we do know.


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