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  • Bangkok has a very special cafe for dog lovers.


  • True Love is a cafe dedicated to fluffy Huskies.

    True Love 是一間專養毛茸茸哈士奇的咖啡廳。

  • The popular cafe can be reached in about 30 minutes from the center of Bangkok and is super popular with locals and tourists.

    這家熱門咖啡聽距曼谷市中心約 30 分鐘,極受當地人和遊客歡迎。

  • Make sure to get in early and line up for your tickets, because there are only a few one-hour play sessions a day and spots are limited.


  • Once you've obtained your precious ticket, you can relax in the cafe with a snack and an ice-cold drink as the huskies roam around on the hunt for some snacks.


  • When it's finally time to meet your new best friends, you'll have to wear special protective shoe covers and you'll have to sanitize your hands.


  • This is to make sure that the dogs are not exposed to any harmful bacteria.


  • You're also briefed by the staff on what not to do, like letting the dogs lick your face or bringing in snacks for them, because this might make them sick.


  • Once you're all kitted up, it's time for the fun to begin.


  • You can enter the spacious playground and meet the many different huskies which come in different colors and with their own quirky personalities.


  • Also, be sure to keep your eyes out for a small Maltese running around.


  • She acts just as if she's part of the husky pack.


  • Huskies are generally very friendly dogs and you'll be able to get close to pet them, feed them some cooling ice, and of course take many selfies with them.


  • While you might find that some huskies just want to chill, you'll also encounter some new friends who are ready to play and make you sweat.


  • One thing you instantly notice is that the dogs are really well taken care of at the cafe.


  • The play area is spacious, fully covered, cool, and super clean.


  • The dogs themselves are also on rotation and get lots of time off, so they actually want to be around people.


  • This makes a visit to True Love a great experience for any animal lover.

    這讓探訪 True Love 成為所有動物愛好者的美好體驗。

  • And while you might make a new best friend, unfortunately, you're not able to take them home.


  • However, there is always a next time.


Bangkok has a very special cafe for dog lovers.


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【動物】想被毛茸茸的哈士奇包圍嗎?快來曼谷喝咖啡 (Awesome Husky Cafe in Bangkok!)

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