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  • If you have a sweet tooth, you have to visit New York.


  • The city that never sleeps has a crazy amount of choices to fix your dessert cravings.


  • We went exploring and tasted some of our favorite cookies, cakes, and desserts in the Big Apple.


  • Let's eat!


  • Levain Bakery might make the best cookie on the planet.

    Levain 烘焙坊做的餅乾可能是世上最好吃的。

  • The popular bakery has multiple spots in New York, and sells different types of cookies and breads.


  • But they are most famous for their chocolate chip walnut cookie.


  • The cookies are made fresh every day from a super secret recipe.


  • And have that perfect, gooey center that cookie lovers come back for time after time.


  • If you have a sweet spot for pickles, this one is for you.


  • Lucky Pickle Dumpling Co. makes an actual pickle soft serve.

    Lucky Pickle Dumpling Co. 做了真正的酸黃瓜霜淇淋。

  • The ice cream itself mostly consists of pressed cucumber juice, with a hint of pickle brine.


  • However, the toasted pickle chips give the soft serve a real intense pickle kick.


  • Okay, you definitely need to bring some friends to eat this one.


  • But Milk Bar's Birthday Cake is a must try.

    一定要試試 Milk Bar 的生日蛋糕。

  • The cake is full of vanilla, rainbow sprinkles, cake crumbs, and vanilla frosting, and took the Milk Bar team three years to perfect.

    蛋糕充滿了香草、彩糖、蛋糕塊和香草糖霜,花了 Milk Bar 三年才做到完美。

  • Now it can be your birthday every day!


  • Korean restaurant, Oiji, makes one of the most interesting desserts in New York.

    韓國餐廳 Oiji 擁有全紐約最有趣的甜點之一。

  • Honey butter flavors are very popular in Korea, and Oiji's honey butter chips are super crispy and drenched in their homemade, sticky honey sauce.

    蜂蜜奶油是韓國很熱門的口味,而 Oiji 超級酥脆的蜂蜜奶油薯片沾滿了自製的黏稠蜂蜜醬汁。

  • They're a perfect balance of savory, sweet, and spicy, and pair wonderfully with the vanilla ice cream.


  • The banana pudding at Magnolia Bakery is known as one of the best desserts in the city.

    Magnolia 烘焙坊的香蕉布丁是紐約公認最棒的甜點之一。

  • It's so good that even people who don't like bananas can't stop eating it.


  • The pudding consists of vanilla wafers, fresh bananas, vanilla pudding, sweet condensed milk, and heavy cream.


  • It makes the dish silky smooth, delicate, and super tasty.


  • To end it all, you can't come to New York without eating a really good doughnut.


  • And the Crème Brûlée Doughnut at Doughnut Plant will hit the spot perfectly.

    而 Doughnut Plant 的烤布蕾甜甜圈正是你所需要的。

  • The pastry is a unique take on the classic doughnut and is filled with their signature vanilla bean custard.


  • To top it off, they torch the sugary coating on top, which makes it highly sticky and super delicious.


If you have a sweet tooth, you have to visit New York.


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