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(shredding noises) It's back
Hello Internet! Welcome to Game Theory.
The show that clearly doesn't understand the meaning of the word 'final'
*Compilation of Matty boi saying final*
But can you really blame me?
These games have confirmed endings in FNAF 3, 4, 6 and Ultimate Custom Night
It's like Doctor Strange saw 14 million different endings and Scott Cawthon was like
"I'll take 'em all!"
Beginning to think FNAF world's inclusion of FNAF
57 Freddy and space was less of a joke and more of a preview of coming attractions. So anyway, it's back.
Call it whatever you like FNAF 7, FNAF VR, Help Wanted
Matpat Insanity Simulator
but after a year of
Detoxing, Five Nights at Freddy's is back with a new official game in the series and it's more so than any other
Installment feels like an inflection point.
A game that is simultaneously
Looking back to pay tribute to where these games began
as well as a game that's looking forward to lay the groundwork for where this
Franchise is headed.
This isn't just some quick VR cash grab for the series
This is a pivotal game in the canon that closes the book on the old lore
and also launches us into FNAF: The Next Generation
It seems to answer some old mysteries from the previous games
all while opening up the themes and tone for what's to come
and there is a lot to unpack here
This is without question the meatiest game in the FNAF library
which is impressive because it's still a VR title
So let's not waste any time and get started with the basics.
Now in case you don't have a VR headset
I've actually played through the entire game on GT live so you can check out all the highlights
(Mat: NO NO)
And lowlights of my playthrough over there
(Mat trying to make puppets voice: Hello bois and girls. I'm here to give you your happiest day ever)
(Come with me, wayward souls. We've got vengeance to strike! ^w^)
but let me quickly take you through what you need to know for today's theory
In Five Nights at Freddy's Help Wanted, we're playing as a beta tester for a new Freddy game
as we're told in the opening cinematic
And yes, that picture is really Scott Cawthon canonically inserting himself into this game
That is a discussion for another episode my friends because
it throws all sorts weird monkey wrenches into the lore but we'll get to that later
So according to the intro, Scott's games gave Fazbear Entertainment a bad name and the point of this Freddy
Fazbear's virtual experience then is to poke fun of their past,
clear their name and ultimately rebuild the brand.
Seems simple enough, right? Play through some loving
recreations of past games, as well as some new minigames and that's it. Job completed.
A new generation of Faz fans fall in love with all these new characters and add to Scott Cowthon growing pile of money
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understand the lore of these games or pretend like you understand the lore of these games by nabbing yourself some new theory where link is
Right up here or it's on the top line of the description now with that out of the way back to VR
Playing through the game it is
Legitimately impressive which everyone here has recreated in a stunning 3d
environment on ebay be
fun time Freddie the puppet heck even Easter egg appearances by mini Riina's and Lal bit characters that most of you watching this probably haven't
Even heard of before because you have much better things to do with your brain space than I do
Practically everyone is here in this game except for one
Important omission golden Freddy. I mean Elora isn't around either but you know I said
But that seems weird, right?
I mean, this is a game that drops you into perfect recreations of the first three installments of the series
You don't just forget about one of the most important characters to the lore of these games
Well, that's because it isn't some careless oversight golden Freddy isn't here for a reason
It's our first clue that this game isn't just a joke and is a canonical entry
Specifically it tells us where it falls in line with
Everything else that we've played through
Golden Freddy isn't here because she's busy hanging out in aichi
Double chica arms with William Afton think back to the end of ultimate custom night in our previous theories by tracking the voice lines used
Throughout the game over screens. We were able to piece together that we're playing as William Afton in that game
Extraordinary that the whole game was him trapped in hack to atone for his sins and the thing that was keeping him
There was the one he should not have killed a girl named Cassidy the spirit who had an axe to grind
Possessing the golden Freddy suit the reason golden freddy is an infinite VR is because the spirit is down there
Tormenting Willy a forever from here until the end of the series
That's why the ultimate ending of custom Knight was gold and Freddy twitching off into the dark cassadee never gives up her soul
No matter what old man consequences said further cementing that help-wanted is now at the end of the Phenom line
Is this miserable little creature right here the scrap baby plush
Because why wouldn't you want to cuddle with something that rips in half and eats children alive?
Let me remind everyone who doesn't have an encyclopedic index of all
60-plus animatronics that have graced the screen in this franchise. That scrapped baby is the homeless hobo
version of the old baby after escaping sister location and who was voted out of the a nerd tribe sometime between
five and six her only on-screen appearance is in Phenom 6
So the fact that a reference to her exists in this game
It all means that it must come after her expulsion from entered sometime. Definitely after fanat 5
But again with golden freddy missing it seems to secure it after everything's burned down and closed. So we have ourselves a company
That's trying to rebuild its reputation after a series of tragic events seems pretty simple, right?
Of course not. This is a staff game
You know that the story is never gonna be that obvious
Hidden throughout the game our cassette tapes that when collected unleash a new monster into the hallways of this pizzeria
But the game's files refer to as glitch trap a yellow bunny with purple eyes
hmm yellow bunny with purple eyes
You say I think I might know where this is headed as you collect more and more tapes
This glitch rabbit comes closer and closer becoming more and more fully
Formed beat all the minigames and you unlock the final challenge pizza party a nightmarish fever dream that mashes together
Every location that you just played through waiting for you at the end of this horrific maze is the single
Scariest moment from the entire franchise and I can't emphasize that enough. It is literally chilling what you learn?
Is that you?
Seven year old have been lured to the back room of Freddy's and what awaits you is your pizza party complete with your favorite flavor
of cake all your best animatronic friends and then glitch trap calls you to follow him the music fades and
Suddenly you're on stage. You're holding Freddy's microphone. You are Freddy
You've been stuffed you are now missing child
Watching as your killer dances gleefully to the song that you're being forced to stand up on stage and sing
This isn't just a spoopy jump-scare of some goofy character
This is real war so it definitely seems like this new character pedo hair over here is William Afton
I mean sure the suit isn't as bulky as a spring lock suit
But he's got all the other qualifications down yellow bunny fursona check
association with the color purple check enjoys
Children's pizza parties just a wee bit too much big ol check again set again to call this character
William would be missing a huge chunk of this game story. This isn't William
Like I said, he's trapped in eternal torment with Cassidy listening to Barney the hippo over here. Tell his life story. Dr
Brad was always fresh on. Tuesday. They made sourdough bread on monday and threw it out. Wednesday. What was I saying?
No to understand who or better put what this thing actually is
We need to examine the tapes that some in glitch trap here in the first place scattered throughout the various minigames
R16 glitching cassettes left behind by a former game dev tape girl
Which when put together tell the story of a failing game company a bit of malicious code
and some very stabby stabby office supplies were also introduced to the story of
Another beta tester who was in our position before us named
Jeremy making this the third time that the name Jeremy has appeared in these games with the first being Finn after his night guard and
Then again on the gravestones and a six coincidence. I think not the first tape immediately makes it clear
We're not picking these up in chronological order
Which leaves us the task of shuffling them into some modicum of sense in order to put the story together of what really
Happened while this game the game were supposedly playing now in its final form was in development going through the tapes
I've done the shuffling for you
and I think I've come up with the most cohesive narrative based on the evidence and what tape girl actually says she begins by telling
Us that the games then play tester Jeremy has been complaining to his manager Dale about nightmares
Except he's not explaining him like they're nightmares
He's talking about them like real he wasn't talking about it like someone telling a friend about his dreams though. He was pale
He doesn't even jump anymore. He just stands there. Like he's talking to someone pale doesn't react to scares talking to themselves
Sounds me like he's going crazy. Either that or he's just a fan a fee you tuber. Hashtag relatable
Am I right?
Jamie's working on is this one Freddy fazbear's virtual experience which includes some code that was inherited from fazbear entertainment
Scanned off. Some old hard drives to save him time and money
It was just junk circuit boards and things like that. It seemed to take hold by itself
But then he started appearing at least that's what Jeremy said manager Dale doesn't seem to take Jeremy's warning seriously
However, and instead he starts documenting all of Jeremy's behavior in preparation to fire him
You can always tell when a company is getting ready to fire someone
The thing about it is that I don't think they were going to fire him because of anything he was doing wrong
They just knew he'd seen something this confirms for us one major detail that the scariest thing in the few days
Crunch time working long hours until you're driven crazy and then fired at the end man. It's just like the real life games industry
It's uncanny these games just get more and more realistic. So Jeremy is going crazy and no one is listening flash-forward to tape six
We're tape girl talks about coming in early one morning to see the supply room lit and Jeremy in the darkened testing room
It's a short tape
But it's an important one because it sets us up for tape number nine when we learned that what she saw
Looked like a Halloween mask laying on the ground and a bunch of ink both on Jeremy and scattered around the floor
But that's not ink. That's no mask
The ink is Jeremy's blood and the mask is actually Jeremy's face
Which he presumably sliced off his own body using the aptly named guillotine paper cutter. We know this to be true
Thanks to tape number four where we hear tape girls say that the cutter comes from the supply room and that Jeremy
Expressly knew where it was. I didn't even know we had one in the supply room
I was always afraid of losing a finger that seems so silly now
Jeremy used to do design work
I guess that's how he knew it was there and for as Extreme as the sounds, we know that he sliced off his face
Dude, all these seaming by new details about how his face was obscured that morning. I went back and peered in the window
I couldn't see his face. He had the visor covering his head anyone else getting some bizarre bite of 87 vibes from this story
No, is it just me?
So Jeremy eventually dies from his injuries after
Jeremy's death things
start getting even weirder which is a relative statement considering that this is the finale and I as we're talking about tape girl overhears a
conversation about a lawsuit in the aftermath of Jeremy's death
Which makes perfect sense given that he died a horrific death on the job in response the company
starts taking some serious steps to cover their tracks
Namely to sell off the game and destroy evidence that could incriminate them in the meantime
tape girl takes over Jeremy's role as play tester and all we can hope is that she
Really cleaned that VR headset before she put that thing back on
She has three days to plead test the game across her audio logs. We learned that in that time
She sees glitch trap for the first time and comes to learn that he's attached itself to her audio logs
She tries to delete them the Kent so instead of deleting them. She fragments and disperses them into the 16 small pieces
We've been collecting throughout her playthrough warning us that they shouldn't be
Reunited at any cost highs all traces of these logs that I've created. I fear that finding them and
Reassembling them will also reassemble the very thing I've tried so desperately to destroy. Whoops
Probably shouldn't have hidden that info on tape 15 of 16 after that though
Seems to backtrack on her story saying that in fact the entity in the game can be killed and that to do so we should
Reassemble the tapes odd, but oK, we've got them all anyway
so might as well see what we can do glitch trap attacks us once we have 16 tapes and if we don't
Respond in time. We trade places with him for a brief second
we see through his eyes back down at the console that we were just operating our
Consciousness has truly melded with his just like the voice-over warned about at the top of the game as bear entertainment is not responsible
For the digital consciousness transference, so that's bad ending
But if we do manage to properly follow tape girls instructions as he's trying to mind-meld with us
Well, he still seems like he escapes or at the very least. He definitely doesn't die. This should have been like some mr
Smith in the matrix moment where all his code
Disintegrates or something but instead we're trapped on one side of a door in the game a bloody hand printed door with scratch marks clearly
Showing people stuck in here desperately trying to escape and we see glitch trap practically skipping off into the darkness
This doesn't seem like the ending we should be getting for putting all the pieces of the tape together and following all the tape makers
Instructions that would basically mean that snap VR has three losing scenarios here getting stuffed at the end of the pizza party
transferring consciousness on the home screen and getting locked behind the door if you choose to follow tape girls
Instructions that can't be right can it well, maybe it is maybe that's the point of the game
Maybe we are destined to lose no matter what we do here
I mean think about it the cannon ending of sister location
Was a bad ending with Michael getting scooped the cannon ending of an f4 was a bad ending with the crying child getting bitten infant
Have six you and literally everyone else burned to death. I mean it's considered a victory, but you're still dead now
Let's look closer at the text of the audio logs. There is something clearly wrong in them the tapes start out just fine
they follow her story in a pretty logical way and we know she's a real person in the real world because she's observing things from
Outside the game's testing room things like Jeremy complaining to management and the stuff that's present in the supply room
But then upon closer inspection. You start noticing some strange anomalies for instance
We have two tapes that both start with her introducing who she is a hi or hello followed by you
Don't know me or can you hear me? Which is our first hint that something's a bit off
The same person is making these tapes the whole time for the same audience
So why introduce yourself to us twice in both tape 1 and tape 15, why would one end with her saying now?
I feared that those logs are being used
Close your horse if you're unable to abandon development highs all traces of these logs that I've created basically
Telling us to hide the logs
But then also say this there are more they may not be in order basically inviting us to put them all together
Weirder still is the fact that the last file suddenly does this major?
About-face relative to all the previous logs where suddenly she says out of nowhere. Oh, yeah
There is a way to kill glitch trap
This is odd on a lot of different levels the first and most obvious being if these
Instructions really do work and she's so sure about it
Why didn't she follow them if this method was?
Actually effective and she knew it was
Effective glitch trap wouldn't be in the game anymore because she would have followed her own advice and wiped him out
How would she even know that this system works?
The answer is it clearly doesn't or at least it doesn't do what she says
It's gonna do that's because she's not trying to get you to kill off the entity in the code
She's trying to get you to release it. Well, we don't have every piece of the puzzle in the story
Here's what I think actually happened with all these audio tapes the tape maker starts out
Genuinely, making these logs to document the weird stuff that's happening in the game studio the stuff with Jeremy really happens
She really sees glitch trap in the game
But on her last day of play testing she tries to delete the files and fails instead of killing glitch trap
She undergoes at digital consciousness transfer just like we do in one of the three bad endings
Trapping her in the game and releasing glitch Tramp
Presumably into her own body or just releasing him into the real world
Both of which are possibilities that the game explicitly warns us about in the opening sequence
Fazbear entertainment is not responsible for acts digital consciousness transference real-world manifestations of digital characters. Dad
My friends is why you always have to read the disclaimer from inside the game. She's now stuck with her only
Hope for escape being to go through the same process. She just went through from the other side
She creates a new log starting over by saying hello
Can you hear me which in reality is saying hello?
Can you hear me in?
Here since she's now making the log from inside the game
She tries to create a new story that encourages a future developer to piece the logs back together and then seeds one final log out
there to tease the idea that a future developer can solve the problem by killing off glitch trap using her log assembly method
It's smartly constructive because she's counting on future developers having the same curiosity and determination
She did she even mentions this in one of her earlier laws
Tape three that when Jeremy had told the developers that something was wrong
But as a dev team, we all just saw it as a challenge to find what the problem was it fixes
We do exactly the same thing finding what's wrong and following the instructions on how to fix it only to find ourselves
On the wrong side of the door covered in handprints where presumably lots of other people have been there before us
Glitch trap or whoever is in the body of glitch trap at this point
Perhaps cape girl herself disappears into the darkness and takes over our body on the outside now
It's our turn to wait for the next beta tester to come in follow the tapes and hand over their consciousness to us
Now that last bit there is speculation based on the oddities and audio logs and the fact that following her
Instructions results in seemingly yet another bad ending
But even if all of that about consciousness switching and her being trapped in the game and us taking her place trapped in the game
isn't the case the point is
Williams back just not in a way that any of us expected. What seems
undeniable and help-wanted
Story is the fact that his
Consciousness was preserved in the circuit boards that got scanned to make this game and now he's here as glitched trap
Tricking players into letting him escape. It's no longer the same guy
He's now an AI replicating the behaviors of william and snatching the body of whatever
Completionist is determined enough to play through all the elements of the game in a funny way. It's exactly like the story
We've been piecing together for pets cop
Odd actually, maybe they really are one in the same both made by Scott coffin the biggest lingering question now in my mind though
How many?
Williams are out there
Is this just one instance of an AI looking to escape and now we're the new host body or is it somehow able to replicate?
Itself copying and pasting its code into any mind out there that's playing its little game
Could we be entering a new part of the franchise with multiple William Afton's all in completely different?
Bodies for as cool as that would be and honestly, I think this game could open up that world
I think that's gonna be the case. I think that's why there's such an emphasis in this game on you being a beta tester
It's one instance of corrupted code and you happen to be playing it and now you're infected by in the next
generation of naff you
or at least your body with William Afton's code in your head is the new killer and so on and so forth until we finally
Get to math in space. But hey, that's just a theory Oh game
theory and
We should probably talk about Jeremy. It's weird that his name is used three times
There is no possible way that that's meant to be a coincidence
There's also this random appearance of shadow Freddy
Which I found in my playthrough which again seems like an odd little detail. That's
important to account for in the pizza party minigame and the fact that glitch trap has three toes just
Like the footprints that are outside of snap 6s House window
There is a lot more here in this game
But I honestly just need more time to think it all through rest assured though. I'll be back. I always
Come back
That my friends is why you should subscribe
And ring the bell to make sure that you're notified of all our new uploads because you can bet I am not done with this
New game quite just yet. There is just so much to unpack and again just as a reminder
We upload new theories every Saturday or Sunday
We've been doing it for years now
So please support the channel now if you'll excuse me, I do really gotta figure out this Jeremy stuff. It's really bothering me
There's something here something here. It's the linchpin in everything that came before this weird, man
Also Scott Cawthon is the villain in his own game. But again more on that one next time


遊戲理論:FANF, 你故意要我們放棄(FNAF VR徵人啟示) (Game Theory: FNAF, You Were Meant To Lose (FNAF VR Help Wanted))

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