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What is up?
Do you want to learn some English that you can use when you're hanging out with your friends?
Let's do this!
So, I'm Ethan your RealLife English Fluency Coach,
and today's scene is from How I Met Your Mother,
and we learn how Ted and Barney - two of the main characters, first met. It's pretty dang funny.
You're going to learn a ton and most importantly you're gonna have a lot of fun.
So, we will first watch the scene with subtitles and then you'll learn all of the most important vocabulary,
pronunciation, and any other information,
and what would it be with giving yourself a test at the end by watching without subtitles
to see how much you learned.
Let's watch the scene!
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So, you're about to be tested on this scene and all the new English that you learned,
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I think you're really going to enjoy that. You can check it out up here.
Awesome job today showing up! Putting your English to use!
I hope that you learned a bunch of new vocabulary that you can actually use.
I hope that you tested out your pronunciation with some of the mimicry exercises,
and that you learned a little bit about American culture and humor.
Be sure to hit the Subscribe so that you can get our newest lessons.
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and then you can find a playlist of all of our lessons from How I Met Your Mother,
and another video I think that you will really dig.
Now go out there and kick ass with your English!
Aww yeah!


交朋友實用英文 (English For Making Friends | How I Met Your Mother)

648 分類 收藏
Stella Chan 發佈於 2019 年 6 月 9 日
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