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  • What is up?

  • Do you want to learn some English that you can use when you're hanging out with your friends?

  • Let's do this!

  • So, I'm Ethan your RealLife English Fluency Coach,

  • and today's scene is from How I Met Your Mother,

  • and we learn how Ted and Barney - two of the main characters, first met. It's pretty dang funny.

  • You're going to learn a ton and most importantly you're gonna have a lot of fun.

  • So, we will first watch the scene with subtitles and then you'll learn all of the most important vocabulary,

  • pronunciation, and any other information,

  • and what would it be with giving yourself a test at the end by watching without subtitles

  • to see how much you learned.

  • Let's watch the scene!

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  • So, you're about to be tested on this scene and all the new English that you learned,

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  • Also, do you get frustrated when you can't understand fast-speaking natives?

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  • I think you're really going to enjoy that. You can check it out up here.

  • Awesome job today showing up! Putting your English to use!

  • I hope that you learned a bunch of new vocabulary that you can actually use.

  • I hope that you tested out your pronunciation with some of the mimicry exercises,

  • and that you learned a little bit about American culture and humor.

  • Be sure to hit the Subscribe so that you can get our newest lessons.

  • Also, check out that free mini-course that I told you about,

  • and then you can find a playlist of all of our lessons from How I Met Your Mother,

  • and another video I think that you will really dig.

  • Now go out there and kick ass with your English!

  • Aww yeah!

What is up?


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交朋友的英語|《我是如何認識你媽媽的》(英文)。 (English For Making Friends | How I Met Your Mother)

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