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  • Today we're going to learn about the famous inventor, Alexander Graham Bell.

  • Alexander Graham Bell, best known for his invention of the telephone, was born on March

  • 3, 1847, in Edinburgh, Scotland. Young Alexander, called 'Aleck' by his family, was a curious

  • child who was very interested in the science of sound. He loved music, and taught himself

  • to play the piano. His father taught elocution, or how to speak clearly and correctly. When

  • he was a teenager, his mother began to lose her hearing, and that encouraged him to learn

  • even more about sound.

  • At the age of twelve, Aleck created his first invention. His best friend's family operated

  • a flour mill. At the time, it took a lot of work to remove the husks from the wheat, but

  • with some paddles and brushes, Alexander Graham Bell invented a dehusking machine that made

  • the job much simpler. In return, his friend's father gave him a small workshop to experiment

  • with his inventions.

  • Although he was homeschooled as a child, Alexander attended high school in Edinburgh. He didn't

  • do very well in school, and left before he finished it. Afterward, he went to live with

  • his grandfather in London. His grandfather encouraged him and helped him gain an appreciation

  • for learning, and soon after, Bell began teaching elocution like his father, and helping deaf

  • people to learn to speak.

  • By 1870, when Bell was 23, both of his brothers had died from a disease called tuberculosis.

  • Alexander was sick, too, and his parents were very worried that he would also die. They

  • moved to Canada. They thought the air there was healthier than the air in London.

  • During his time in Canada, Bell got well again, and in 1871, he moved to Boston, Massachusetts.

  • He began spending less of his time teaching and more time inventing. He experimented with

  • a telegraph that could send more than one message at once by using different sound frequencies,

  • and while he was working on that, he started to believe that he could invent a way to send

  • the human voice over wires.

  • Bell did not have much success with this invention until 1874, when he met Thomas Watson, an

  • electrical designer and mechanic, who helped him with his work.

  • On March 10, 1876, Alexander Graham Bell got his telephone to work. He said, "Mr. Watson,

  • come here -- I want to see you." Thomas Watson, who was in another room, heard Bell's voice

  • and came to see. The telephone had worked!

  • Less than six months later, telephone demonstrations were being given while curious people stood

  • by, amazed to hear voices from people a few miles away come out of Bell's invention. Soon,

  • thousands and thousands of people owned telephones.

  • After the success of his invention, Alexander Graham Bell got married and had a family.

  • Although he is best known for the invention of the telephone, he invented many other things

  • throughout his life, including the metal detector, a wireless telephone that transmitted a signal

  • with light, a device to detect icebergs, an invention to detect problems with someone's

  • hearing, and more.

  • In 1915, Bell made the first transcontinental phone call. While he was in New York, he talked

  • to his old assistant Thomas Watson, who was in San Fransico, and they heard each other

  • much more clearly than they did during the first phone call in 1876.

  • On August 2, 1922, at the age of 75, Alexander Graham Bell died at his home in Nova Scotia,

  • Canada. When he died, every phone in North America was turned off and silent in his honor.

  • I hope you enjoyed learning about Alexander Graham Bell today. Goodbye till next time!

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