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Thanks to GPS, we all know how to navigate outside, whether we're walking or driving.
Follow the blue dot, follow the on-screen directions, and get to your destination — anywhere
Google's been, we can get to.
But navigating indoors, especially in a confusing place like a hospital, is a whole other story.
It's your first time here. You're anxious about your medical exam or about visiting
your uncle after his surgery. You don't want to take a wrong turn and end up somewhere
scary. It's busy, it's intimidating, and it feels like a maze. And Google's really
no help at all.
Hi, I'm Leslie Wolke, founder of MapWell Studio in Austin, Texas. For the last 15 years
I've consulted with hospitals on wayfinding: the art and science of helping people find
their way in confusing environments.
For SXSW's new Healthcare track, I've put together a panel on this subject called
“Lost and Late: helping patients find their way.” We'll talk about the future of wayfinding
and wayfinding technology, along with the latest user research about how people navigate
and what tools we can provide to make their journey easier.
The four of us have different perspectives on wayfinding. Designer Laura Varacchi will
walk us though her experience working with traditional and innovative digital signage
at NYU Langone Medical Center. Amber Felts runs the Wayfinding and Graphics group at
MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, a clinical and research facility that's over 19 million
square feet of space that patients and visitors must navigate. And Robert Tabb of Phunware
specializes in indoor positioning and navigation using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
I hope you'll join us for a lively conversation and walk away from the session with ways you
can improve wayfinding and patient experience in your own world. Thank you.


迷失和迟到:帮助患者找到自己的方式 (SXSW 2017 Lost and Late: Helping Patients Find Their Way)

125 分類 收藏
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