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  • "This bill is not about pro life or the right to life."


  • "This bill is about control."


  • The Alabama Senate on May 14th approved the nation's toughest anti-abortion ban.

    阿拉巴馬州參議院於 5 月14 日通過美國境內最嚴格的墮胎禁令。

  • Outlawing virtually all abortions in the state with no exceptions for rape or incest.


  • The bill, which passed 25 to 6, permits abortion only when necessary to save a mother's life.

    此法案以 25 票贊成,6 票反對的結果通過,胎兒必須對孕婦造成生命危險才得以實施人工流產手術。

  • Doctors who perform the procedure would face felony prison time of up to 99 years if convicted.

    凡操作墮胎手術的醫生將以重罪定讞,面臨高達 99 年的有期徒刑。

  • The law would take effect six months after being signed by Republican governor Kay Ivey, who has described herself as anti-abortion in the past.

    此法案會在共和黨州長 Kay Ivey 簽字批准後 6 個月生效,她曾表示自己也屬於反墮胎的一員。

  • Democrats and abortion-rights advocates say the Alabama measure would drive abortion procedures underground and endanger the lives of women.


  • "You are always going to have those women who are going to have abortions."


  • "Senator Figures gave some good examples."

    「我們剛剛已經看到 Figures 參議員舉了不少例子。」

  • "We all know about the back alleys, the basements."


  • "People are going to have abortion."


  • "The problem is, it's going to always be unsafe, inaccessible for those people who have lesser means."


  • "When God creates that life, that miracle of life inside the woman's womb, then it's not our place as humans to extinguish that life."


  • Lawmakers hope the legislation will help persuade the US Supreme Court to reconsider the landmark Roe v. Wade ruling.


"This bill is not about pro life or the right to life."


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【人權教育】全美最嚴苛!阿拉巴馬州通過墮胎禁令 (Alabama Senate passes nation's most restrictive abortion ban)

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