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  • (bright instrumental music)

  • - [Narrator] These ruins lie deep

  • in the jungle; and if you look closely,

  • you'll see thousands of hieroglyphics,

  • which tell the ancient story of the Mayan empire.

  • (bright instrumental music)

  • Tikal National Park can be found

  • in Northern Guatemala's Petén Basin.

  • The park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site due

  • to its extraordinary wildlife and cultural significance.

  • Situated on over 142,000 acres of jungle

  • it is the home to amazing biodiversity.

  • The ancient site includes palaces,

  • temples, and even courts for games.

  • All the remnants of a civilization that thrived

  • from 600 BCE

  • to 900 CE.

  • The complex at Tikal was formerly a center of Mayan culture.

  • At its height, Tikal traded with cities

  • in Mexico, Honduras, and Belize.

  • The structures here are some

  • of the most important archeological sites left

  • by the Mayans and a trip to Tikal

  • is not only a journey of extraordinary beauty

  • but a window into the past.

  • (bright instrumental music)

(bright instrumental music)


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探索瓜地馬拉的瑪雅遺址 (Exploring Guatemala's Mayan Ruins)

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