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  • Ok, so here we are on this day and we are discussing:

    好的, 今天在這裏我們在討論:

  • the future of mankind - what is to come

    人類的未來 - 將要出現的

  • and why an equal money system is certain and cannot be stopped

    和為什麼一個公平金錢系統 鐵定會出現 和没人可以阻止它

  • and

  • that

  • it's foundations will be in place- within the next ten years, and

    未來的十年 - 將會鞏固設立基礎, 而

  • will be this system of support in the world in 20 years time

    這系統將會是未來 20年裏我們的主力支援

  • it is simplistic


  • those this is listening to this interview


  • you are the elite of the world

    你是這世界上的 精英派

  • you are the minority


  • and you have gained power

    而你透過一個叫- 錢的系統

  • and control over others- through a system


  • of money


  • utilizing the illusion of free choice, under the banner of democracy

    運用 我有我自由的幻覺下, 在民主的掩護下

  • the principle of democracy as it exist


  • is the principle of one vote for one man


  • the way that has been utilized to control is to give people "hope"

    這被利用 為了奪得權力的方式 是給大眾 "盼望"

  • whoever gives the best, message of hope

    誰能夠發放最漂亮 最好, 有盼望的 宣言

  • will be the next president


  • or the next leader

    或是下一屈 統領

  • equal money is not a message of hope

    公平金錢 不是一個叫你盼望的宣言

  • it's a message of fact

    這是一個 事實

  • what do you think the messages is going to vote for?

    你估這些 宣言會投票給誰?

  • worldwide


  • so, I invite you to investigate-

    所以, 我邀請你來研究一下-

  • the principles of an equal money and labor system because

    一個公平金錢 和公平勞動系統 背後的原則是什麼 因為

  • by hook or by crook, that means:

    會用盡一切手段, 這是指:

  • you are either going to be there


  • participating in establishing the system which means you join

    參與建立這系統 即是你加入

  • and enjoy the journey of this


  • or


  • you'll be voted out and obviously who's in government does what?

    你會被剔除名單外 而很顯包括 誰負責 在政府擔任什麼職位?

  • makes the rules


  • what rules are we talking about?

    我們說的是什麼 法規?

  • what type of education is given to children?

    會供給小孩子 什麼樣的教育?

  • what type of economic system is used?

    會用那一種 經纃系統?

  • what type of labor system is used?

    會用那一種 勞動系統?

  • what type of government is used?

    會用那一種 政府架構?

  • what is the morality of the group?


  • what is the-


  • ways the group will apply in keeping good, stable social structures?

    團體會怎應用運作 為維繫良好, 和穏定的社會(結栟)

  • and obviously with the-


  • a principle


  • that is based on valuing Life equally

    就是基礎在 平等尊重所有生命的價值

  • through an actual system that produce what is says it does -

    透過一個真正會兌現 的系統 真正選前和選後一致的 -

  • which supports everyone


  • is best of all and obviously those that currently is disempowered-

    是為全體的最大得益 那些現時被搶奪毫無反擊力的人-

  • will see it so


  • those that's got "more" than their fair-share

    那些奪得比 他們公平應得分配 "更多"的人

  • obviously will not (laughs)

    明顯的他們不會 (笑)

  • I mean you got more than your fair share - that's unfair

    我指你奪得比你 公平應得的更多 - 這是不公平

  • that will thus be corrected


  • and again, you will be the minority and

    而再次, 你會再成為少數派 而

  • your vote under democracy goes according to

    你在民主下的一票 溶入跟據

  • what the majority decides

    總體大部份人 裏面決定

  • this is inevitable to happen


  • and

  • understand that Desteni in terms of its existence has been-

    要明白 Desteni 它的存在一直都是-

  • a process of research


  • we started off with the spiritual

    我們開始時從 靈界上研究

  • because- like all I was also

    因為- 像很多人我也一樣

  • blissfully-


  • meditating myself into an extreme level of fuckness


  • until I started looking at the reality of this blissful existence

    一直到我開始 察看這個幸褔的存在現實裏

  • and noticing a curious thing:


  • if I have a roof over my head and I have some money and I have food

    如果我有屋有住處 而我有些錢在手上 而我還有食物的話

  • then I am blissfully unaware of anybody else's troubles

    那麼我是 幸福無知 眼中完全看不見 任何其他人的苦況

  • and therefore I will defend my position

    而因此我會 捍衛我的身份地位

  • and I will all kinds of stories


  • to make sure that my position of comfortability and superiority is not touched

    確保我舒服 和超人一等的地位會鞏固

  • but what I then noticed is if I then do not "have" these things

    但我跟著發覺的是 如果我 "失去"這些東西

  • I am disempowered to the effect


  • that I have virtually no-say in what happens to my reality

    我的現實環境 是毫無影響力的 我完全無權過問

  • because I do not have the tools to support myself


  • and I cannot get them unless I adhere to the system

    而我拿不到這些工具 除非我附和在系統裏面

  • that is controlled by those that has more than their fair share

    這系統操縱在那班 奪取比他們公平應得更多的人手裏

  • so if you are one of those that has got more than your fair share

    所以如果你是他們其中一人 你奪得比你公平應得 更多的人

  • an act of compassion would be to realize that -

    一種同情的舉動會是 察覺出 -

  • that is not acceptable


  • and that is required adjustment


  • now in the process of the Desteni discussions

    現在 在 Desteni的討論過程中

  • we obviously also investigated heaven

    我們很明顯 同樣研究了天界

  • and part of the Desteni message will be:

    而 Desteni其中一部份的訊息就是:

  • to prepare you in every way possible if you would dare to hear

    為你全方位準備你 如果你夠膽聽

  • to prepare you to be effective when you die- in crossing over

    準備當你死時你有效的- 在過渡時

  • to a new environment


  • obviously you are currently in an environment which is impulsing you

    很明顯你現時身處的一個環境 它不斷的脈沖著你

  • to accept it the way it is


Ok, so here we are on this day and we are discussing:

好的, 今天在這裏我們在討論:


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