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Hey kings and queens, I'm sure most of you have dreams
But in order to make them come true dreaming is usually not enough.
There is a great method called smart which helps you set goals wiser and transform your dreams into concrete goals instead of being far away.
Your dreams become achievable.
Smart Criteria means specific measurable attainable relevant and time-bound.
Specific. You should know exactly what you want not kind of not almost but exactly
The goals are much harder to achieve
so you need to define them as clearly as you can.
This way you will know what you need to do in order to get what you want.
But if your goal is vague, you will be confused. I want to be rich that's not well defined.
Instead say I want to earn a thousand dollars per month with my online business
and own a house which I will rent$4,000 a month
You can be even more specific than that and write down more details
Measurable. How would you know if you achieve your goal? Think of ways to measure your progress
Break your larger goals in the smaller one, so you can know whenever you accomplish something.
I want to be a singer That's not measurable.
What a sign is a singer? Who decides would make someone a singer and how can you know if you become one?
Some ways to measure your progress towards this dream can be writing a song releasing an album
performing in front of an audience or getting paid to perform.
One side note the fact that you make music and do what you love is already a huge success
Attainable. I've got to say something about this one.
I'm in favor of dream being an aiming high my dreams are far beyond the sky.
After all, everything is impossible before it happens.
People used to think that everything that can be invented has been invented.
But new things are still being invented day after day
And yet, you need to feel the progress you need to see that you accomplish things along the way.
Your dreams can be as crazy as you want, but sets up goals that will push you to keep going.
Focus more on watching your control and less on the final result.
For example, instead of I want there to be no more poverty in the world,
focus on people you want to help to, events you want to organize,
donation you can collect, a charity organization you can establish and so on.
Why do you do what you do? Does it help you move towards you go?
Make sure that the actions you take relevant.
I want 150 thousand dollars a year. Ok, but for what? So I can have a financial freedom.
So I can save up enough money for retirement.
So I can donate and help people.
Know the answer for why you want what you want, and think of the steps you take are relevant and really push you forward.
Time-bound. If you don't set deadlines you have unlimited time to achieve your goals and you lose focus
Once you set a schedule or a deadline you become committed.
That's why many people become super productive or finish their tasks at the last minute.
I want to have 10,000 subscribers. Ok I can have them 20 years from now.
So one of my goals is I want to have 10,000 subscribers before November.
Now that I have a deadline. I can see what actions I can take in order to achieve that.
Upload more frequently.
Collaborate with other YouTubers, advertise my channel and many other options
So like I said before don't use it the wrong way of dreaming small or only desires things that seem achievable.
On the contrary, think outside of the box and don't be afraid to dream big.
The Smart Criteria is a great tool that can help you focus and be practical.
Thank you for watching. I invite you to join Freedom Kingdom
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如何訂定目標 (How to Set SMART Goals)

679 分類 收藏
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