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Anthony and Joey are two fun-loving enthusiastic actors from New Zealand who
love music and who loved to perform
Sharon is gonna show Anthony and chewy the musical side of Taiwan from the haka
singing to the modern saxophone to traditional moon guitar
this trip is going to be music to their ears it's been an amazing journey er and
we cannot swim ting better than this
space you understand everything is just unforgettable
Taiwan is a land full of diversity when you walk on the streets you hear all
sorts of accents intonation style X or even languages and why do I bring this
up because that nurtured the music here we have in Taiwan to set off on our
journey I brought to you in Anthony to me Ali to have a glimpse at how the heck
uh people use their mountaintops to communicate with each other it's like
Obama we're asking you have you eaten in Hakka language so you said soup our sis
all but a way to could I thank you he prepared some Hakka cuisine for us knew
we're gonna enjoy together this is a very Johnson ginger and intestines don't
be afraid we're good
now next one we move on to make a coil it is a pot with Yin time it's also a
pickled vegetable in the business - Mateo to Bhutan you can see how like how
people injured a lot of pickles
the voice that's been heard from light forth like many years now and how it's
been like the music itself it's been continued for generations like passed on
from father to son I was so powerful just hearing like his
voice you can still hear like a little like he's struggling but he's singing
from his heart you know you seem like he means at any telling us a story through
just maybe we didn't understand it but just from the tone and the tune and the
melody of it we could just feel it we just sit there quiet and just so in tune
like we're just like yes this is amazing I create a new hug a song but really
traditional hug asylum for my father yeah passes down yeah
yeah I should say it was a very social connection that we prematurely found
each other and that provides a ssin work and the way just play this guitar and
sang and stuff though it was not only beautiful but it was as real that was
served melodic I really really could feel a naturist sound of whispers and
birds and trees and says that they're for me they're really every hit me hard
and you know he really did bring a lot of energy just really keeping keeping
keeping that beat in their rhythm how I'll never forget ever until the day I
come back here and have more Burman I know they look full of energy right
now but this is actually how they looked after ten plus something hours a flight
from New Zealand
okay let's Anthony and I'm too weak yes finally arrived what arrived to you when
I first stood off the plane I just realized that we aren't a New Zealand
anymore we're in Taiwan the other grounding was
differently for weakens back at home its wharf the ground of the land of New
Zealand that we have it's the grasses of mountains and but only once we landed
there just like the only sort of walk you know it's just the lights especially
yeah everything was just amazing you know just enough to experience it when
we landed the artifact
Wow everywhere Italy this is actually something very special and this is wood
this is the adventurous place and you know this goes so many things so what
you haven't lost probably be here for you we're so so happy that this is your
first time ever outside of New Zealand and you choose Taiwan
absolutely yeah actually we're really embracing the nature here the people and
the culture especially oh really really excited to have you here and for this
trip in Taiwan we are giving you an allowance of a hundred thousand NT
mm-hmm this is for you to spend however you would like and for this trip Sharon
is gonna be accompanied you now if you're curious the theme of your trip is
are you ready yeah I'm ready hello Hannah hey would be bit shocked
you see like we just heard it I think we're just gonna join her we're gonna
join in
that was cool Bella Dawson we just joined in we recruiter and whether I
feel you I'm a bee box and I listen to so many music I'm very similar
I have no favorite genre of music I love everything even from different countries
I just love that's very something you can bring as well on this journey here
music performance take you around Taiwan or the different music and culture of
Taiwan I like that we only have one small mission for you and that is to go
to a city down south called time then it's a very traditional city we want you
to before as Street yes I suppose we can take this as the new premier sir yeah
musical journey for sure yeah I mean if it's like my passion making profession
beautiful our bodies uh you know stuff of that that's what we're gonna do
anyway we do we're gonna create something
moving on to the next city I personally like a lot you know how some places just
never sleeps Sleepless in Taichung Sleepless in Seattle anyone know the
film national title Theater is one of the most up to date performance venues
if you don't have any plans this weekend why don't you go take a look and enjoy
some art pieces also you know how some places just have the vibe to draw people
around hi John is the first city in Asia that held a Jazz Festival and you can
definitely count on me on this one I swung to the music's so bad you can feel
that anything so that's awesome this I'm gonna Deering it's a dairy thing I'm
gonna take you to this there was a Taiwanese move self-taught himself and
making a Western instrument okay let's take a look let's go all right snow
whatever guys
and he is the grandson of where the founders Johnny and tell us and he said
why should a saxophonist Illinois should I'll take you
like was she polio Jeremy I saxophone are you today there's a song long city
the way God gave you to be quick even
thought it is a slum girl good girl fake my holidays but under the long hey wow I
wonder how long this is being for I mean wow so actually dream making music since
then and up to now as as music soul still lives with us today and so my
first impression Allah sister so big ups knew John where he may be safe lots of
much I think I can eat your phone will you marry me it's just amazing and I got
to touch one which is a dream come true I want to see
you playing I want to try it buddy okay he will teach us Oh so to learn
something brush because my baby
tastes like fuck you Ian thank new money also cheese houses that often doesn't
renounce to see how does it sido with the one two three
oh the Stroh was real that's what I could say oh but it was with the
my first sounded like dogs crying sounded real terrible but it was
actually really hard like I thought you could go into it and just they actually
have to use like a good diaphragm and you know produce some wind from the
inside was actually difficult and I was actually hard but like I loved it like
every bit of it 1 2 3
but now that I've played it like a little bit missing I want to keep going
you know I don't want to stop want to keep going that was
does bring a bow for me but for many movies that I've watched you know I
actually really really loved it was beautiful I told my eyes at one point
during the performance and as I could feel like every bit of it even my
fingers were like acting as if I knew the song itself beautiful and I was just
like are so in tune and I felt connected in this song which I believe is like a
traditional song in Taiwan well you don't say no to beer do you and just
thinking of how much calories were burned spending time with my vocals and
we wanted a good night out you don't really need any reason for that
so this place where we can have really decent beers suited our needs and as for
what happened that night you wouldn't want a nerd when mother Vito goes with
how unsightly the teenager don't all your senses so like the beer here
they're all brewed and like in Taiwan and there are 32 of them so there's like
a challenge we can drink it all up and then we'll be
you're paving like oh I'm in it I'm in it
I'm in uh yeah hi guys we're not ready to drink unless you are watching yep and
I guess we'll cheers to the elevate elegant beginning and what happens to
the end we'll see good
I remember how we had to wake up at 5:00 the next morning it was definitely a
torture but one lay ahead of us kept our spirits high and are you ready for our 3
min expedition but just for reminders you might want to turn the volume down a
bit for now because really loud alright guys we are fighting here yet but not
quite Wow does it sound weird to you kind of okay so actually I have arranged
for you a very like a secret trip for you but that because you know I know
like in New Zealand you have like majestic landscapes for me if I think of
New Zealand and Taiwan we also have that too but it takes a little trip to see
that and but before that I have to show you a video cool it's from Janet
generally you yes hey Anthony hey Joey I know you Kiwis are famous for inventing
all sorts of crazy adventure sports so I think this next activity is right up
your alley when I first started filming fun Taiwan
it was just me and my trusty old Jeep traveling around the island and now I'm
about to pass over the keys - you guys have fun but please try to flip the car
yeah they are to use minivan IO mayhaw a tool candy been ho-hum by a power source
also Hong Kong docile and Samuel we're gonna go through a river like
river tracking with the with the Jeep y'all we staged a bucket road let's do
it yes of Britain in the Jeep before in the
coupe it's funny in the sound but I'm being serious I've read in the feet
while definitely they are different than mountains and just the hole in the trees
and the rocks and just the whole adventurous portrait atmosphere itself
that is really good in a girl bug for me myself wow this is something where I
could use it to learn to come down and you know hell away from this way and
then come over see us on the train you know it's difficult which makes it more
intensive it's not just flat where you can just simply run dude you'd see
struggle you'd see emotions you feel nature and you know it's like it's like
I can see the beauty of it all even just the smell and the freshness and how that
fog chased us pretty much the whole it was pretty scary
so we decide to give a helping hand and that was fun this is my first time
pushing a car out of the mud I have not done that in my life
sir I'm glad to say thumbs up I've made history I just have to leave it here
right now cookie I don't think he's gonna make it here on my boots here I'm
clean but yeah I gave up my best unfortunately but driving through the
tyres Tiger Tiger jumped out at me today looks
like a tree but I'm sure what the tiger cuz scratched me right here
now the truth the truth I just yep animal isn't that embracing I'm
and now we bring you to a link away to see a meticulous Taiwanese folk art that
glove puppetry and I can still remember when I was little I would sit in front
of temple and watch the show all night long but what surprised me more was
actually to weed because he saw a figure and pointed at it and he asked me it's
like like Blue Book is like real powerful for speed it was like whoa how
do you know about that so you can see how alluring this handicraft is I
haven't seen anything like it before similar to Shakespeare though as we have
theaters that are quite similar towards that type of theater in puppetry but I
say nothing like I've ever seen
I'd say I really really enjoyed how fast the transitions were in the puppetry I
loved how the characters were so in sync with their bodies and I love the detail
the design of their costumes for anyone who would comment to this I would
recommend it absolutely that's what I love the most about it is we may not
know the language we felt like you're connected to an audience and that's why
you want commercials for the interconnected episode and we laughed
and we never announce laughs we said yes and no one ever announced we could kind
of understand the story yet not at the same time but just through actions and
the voices we were all wondering so this is to make sure you have a task right
now for sure we'll give you ten minutes and two minutes I'll see you later so
exciting you know we had to poke a puppet we looked at them I observe them
kind of made up a story of it and then put it improvisation on the spot
I'm gonna need a pair of the back so the story was there was a homeless guy and
there's a pretty girl that came pass my name is it was like oh no it's kind
of hesitating you didn't want to be approached and stuff and so they kind of
negotiated and communicated well and stuff and they long story short I found
Santa I need help I don't know how I'm gonna deliver it before Christmas and
all kids just too much mmm and I mean that's all about that's Christmas in a
spirit of giving and receiving and you know loving one another where we all
come together and that's what you guys did to me and you guys helped me you
took Santa back to your house means you fit us Kiwi food New Zealand food and we
enjoyed it and then you help me spread the love you know spread the Aloha see
everyone and that's what it's Christmas is about burning
so we have a little present from Janet okay take a look let's have a look at it
hey guys I hope you're having a wonderful trip so far
tomorrow is your day off here in Yuling which is also really famous for things
like the chalten temple she low bridge historical old street and even guqin
coffee now have a great time spend your money meet some people and who knows
maybe you can even let your talents shine that sounds like like I'll play
with an opportunity man and that's how we do it that's how we get it done yeah
what do we do now it's all free days every day places that I have in mind I
think coming ready to explore was unexpected was something very special
just the fact there what we experienced today was something important to compare
to like a Tim Burton attempt occurs right here we are
I'd say like the people they just felt like you know we felt like welcome as
soon as I walked into the temple art say definitely saw a lot of people a lot of
colors and just walking in there I can see love dragons a lot of instruments
playing instruments that means we have no idea and we were they were going to
be a part of having the statues passed through and the smells of all the
different tendencies and you know around you do not know what's going on
obviously that means something but just by action
I was a little anxious at the start window when I was carrying the carriage
and now I thought you know I'll drop it but you know they were saying something
in Taiwanese no be strong strong you know keep cute sir and that was like it
pretty hard for us because we didn't understand but they're just using the
headlights you two even wait they're trying to speak to us and you know
we had to carry the carriage into the truck and then help them put away the
six and everything and that was nice to be able to give them a handbook for this
I think for me it was something I would say I'll take away with as as a special
treat all right guys are you ready for the next trip I'm ready I'm ready I'm
for to it but still we're going to tie nine and it's the oldest city in Taiwan
and architectures and the people and then you know you can sense that when
once we arrive actually hop in the car and okay
driving down south we arrived in China and went to the ten drum culture village
it is a place reformed from a sugar mill and with a lot of its apparatus is
preserved they're blending history and drum art all together
it's behind a gun gun well clearly haiku cylinder ah see that's a woman Theresa
so you see PI 1 & 2 is a cursor circle physical just wanna which is content and
then item table panic we fuzzy almond part was younger at Tsukuba 32 seeker
positive when they played the drums are like absorbs like energy from all those
directions they could be so calm of their movements but you know you can
feel that energy in tension and everything that they trying to create
like in a story just from drums so when we learn to play the drums the first
thing that they showed us is the center of the drum you said that the sound goes
right through it instead of hitting the sides where just bounces off the walls
not as powerful as a we just hit really get used to hitting into the center
let's see it was a part of because trying to get the center every single
time isn't as easy sometimes I would drum German and hit my own sticks and
applause I'm like but I'd still continue oh yeah this is pretty difficult and
I've ever been to Japan this is something simple for them but it
was difficult for me I don't know about that was definitely a challenge being
able to use my body in a different way that I would never have it expected so I
had to like balance like my stance
I saw you're slowing down otherwise change their arms a bit so those are
your sauce sweet or salty okay babe so how did I had to control the emphasis
and the balance on playing the drums was I had to really really know when my
right hand would come in and win my defender comment so I had to do like a
cool stunt so that would stick one
it was amazing just to be a part of them I mean yeah like you know a world-famous
group they've been nominated for awards and to even get the privilege to support
them you know great honor
was really looking like a really nice this is I think like the highest peak in
this area actually there is something happening later with Heights
that's right any of you scared of wise
guys you like you swallow me and make you speak
Oh JB oh my god let's do it
snowman's do all those about beers I
conquered my fears as my mason sounds he told me to say to say something cool so
it's like something cool help me conquer my fears when I said something and it's
made it more easier for me
I don't know why she landed like a spider but I'm gonna try my best
sounds good
followed by
so welcome to China and first of all thank you this is the original capital
of Taiwan lots of performances with really traditional instruments so we
just played a couple traditional songs we have another song that we'd like to
perform before we finish yes okay and I don't know if you would like to join
this audience we're gonna try to make some money so that we can eat some yummy
food Tainan is famous for okay ready
it sounds so uh so peaceful in it open string a bow to the funky with number
one of the song speculums and I still listen to a lot of English there's no
war dance like homies even go there we understand that you guys have haka
here too but it's a tribe performing the father but different audience was a
little a little bit civilian a little veteran knows they're breaking it it
felt cognizable each in some movements with another looking at little kids and
stuff and I was like oh like at the end of it I was thinking to myself I hope I
did a big boy by the end of the show but
there's something that you have to leave it all everything like the tiger that's
Chris my I get that leave nothing like you know lift and you have to walk out
like pretty much in pain you know challenge
the representing music in Hudson is sufficient and the music and melody is
just in me around that area the singers made a living traveling
around and sing singing about the smallest matters to what may be only
Socrates capsule they were just like balls in the West and this is Anthony
and two E's first encounter with our poetic singer a must
let's see how they react good morning
Sammy Sammy Khan a hunter Minya your chickadee of account which I made
imagine we meow come on here about okay 113 I see Tyler then change and for
Cincinnati detonator yeah ha ha ha
Maddie and she invited a party yeah am i insult variety glassy sea cherubim like
a TV I didn't even watch statistician Tracy yeah you told me
so the way that they sing the songs to express different through their past
life yeah it's just amazing bet it's pretty much or improvised a lot of it
can be improvised where you can just see about anything you can feel free and you
know just lay your motions run in the moon to tell you is your cheek all night
well the music was very different it was very unique I had different time
signatures and the boy would call it the tone angulating which means it is up and
down and certain predictable play it it was beautiful soft
you know it woman yo she knew ye time oh yeah oh sorry when you need me eg time
since I
you know that service is building itself which is my generation where is the
general vomit and then the new like little kids that are like you know being
for this traditional you know user poems and all of that that's good because it
keeps like the culture alive you know and I was actually like heart warming to
see all the kids from surrounding the room
just the new you guys I just strike me cuss to the last day of her journey just
the last year and it is I hope everything's so far so good
yeah it's been a real real journey here in Taiwan well you will you please tell
me like which part is more the most emotional to you like Anthony for me I
think the most emotional part would be the temple Vienna would have so much fun
there and just excitement I've never seen sooo many happy people like there
my life like so many people jumping around colours of such a great symbolism
of the word happiness and you just a landscape to scenery the people the
culture the food everything that with it you know kind of speechless when we're
talking about going home you're not really looking forward to going okay so
to me it's awesome I've never met someone from Tunga and I
don't I didn't know much about the culture but then we were talking we were
singing watching like videos of your culture and then I feel like I learned
so much there's like in exchange between us and I love that one absolutely that's
awesome so at last there's something more we
have to offer which is what should say it the song well the fans like do you
still remember the song we originally what they knew you well here it goes
so yeah way more money
Oh Doctor Who I am
kee-yai Cohutta Kyoto ha Moammar yeah oh
yah yah yah yah yah yah yah yah don't sing someday
I feel real at this point I'm not usually a an emotional person but when I
am I'm uh I'm gonna be described baby in the world
kissing cumbia talk the old girl laughs yeah I'd say a ver ver very humbling
people this trip has been personal it really has so welcoming so humbling pure
you know just loving people just unforgettable coming here feels like a
lot of emotion back home we can go home and tell stories you know saying we
tried this in there for the first time that's been one of the greatest and best
adventures that means all we could have asked for and I hope that there'll be a
second time to Taiwan sometime soon and I love Taiwan's words


TLC 旅遊生活 瘋台灣首遊 ( Tui & Anthony, The Hip-Hop Duo from New Zealand)

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