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Hi and welcome back to Joel & Lia
this week we've got ten questions that

Brits have for Americans or America in
general so let's kick it off with the

first question
cheese this is a big thing because in

the UK cheese is massive we love cheese
and so do Americans but Americans seem

to have what we would call fake cheese
orange plasticy stuff in a can, cheese in

a can, cheese in plastic wrappers
that you just like put on a burger and

hope that it melts somehow but when we
look at cheese it's like an actual block

of cheese and you get your knife into it
and it's cheese or you get

a slice and you like slice the cheese up
into bits, oh I love that! So nice we love

cheese but I'm just like why don't you
have it because you would like it more

than that plastic fake stuff you would! yeah
it's only really fake cheese you ever

see in America yeah contactless
contactless is huge over here everywhere

you go just use your debit card and it's
like *beep beep beep* and you've paid for stuff and it's

like a thirty pound limit on what you
can purchase yeah contactless everywhere

Why haven't you got that? it's crazy
when I last went to America you only

just had chip and pin isn't that insane
when you put your card into the Machine

and type in your PIN number you were
still having to sign for things that's

us like ten years ago
and then when chip and pin came it's

like okay this is a little bit more
convenient but still irritating like you

have to put your card in, you have to wait
yeah and you got to put your number in

then you have to wait, whereas now
it's just it's amazing and Apple pay on

your phone so America must have it
because Apple is an American brand yeah

but now I've registered my card with my
phone so I could just hold my phone over

the like, card machine, and it gets my fingerprint
and goes you paid like keep up with the

times America you invented lots of this
technology anyway so... yeah so why don't you

implement it I find it so bizarre I was
doing some shopping

yesterday and a girl was paying at like
a self-service checkout next to me and

she like swiped her card and
I was like what on earth and then the

shop assistant was like oh no is that an
American card she was like yeah and

there's a massive queue and everyone was
just like eye rolling like you're just

wasting everyones time, bloody hell! So yeah contactless
life change life-changing so this is a

hard one guns come on guys we still
don't understand why guns are a thing

like why is it so easy to buy a gun
in America? It is ridiculous we have a law

against guns in the UK and we have a lot
less gun crime

well they've worked out proportionally
so it's not even like oh you're a

smaller country than us that's why you
have no gun crime because they've done

it as in proportionally to our
population yeah we just have virtually

no gun crime whatsoever. this gun
control works in the UK it works in

Australia it works in loads of other
countries so you can see that it works

so why wouldn't you do it
well I know it's to do with like

laws and constitutions and all these
things but I'm just like come on people's

lives are more important yeah we
love America but that's just one thing

that's just like...that would
be one thing that would be the reason

why I couldn't live there yeah not that
I'm allowed in if I was to move there

for any reason I wouldn't, that would
really like I'd live in fear

yeah oh it's scary! It's insane. that's
mental it's so hard to get hold of a gun

in England yeah I've not tried I just
know that it's hard but I think you can but

yeah you have to have a licence and it
has to be for like farming purposes and

it has to be like locked away in a
cabinet in your house you cannot, you

absolutely cannot carry it with you no
way ridiculous

yeah so the next one is to do with
exercise and particularly walking so we

love walking over here everyone walks
you know I remember we used to walk to

school and then yeah okay we've got a
smaller country but there's always paths

paths everywhere or sidewalks sounds
weird in our accent 'sidewalk' why why doesn't...

why don't people walk that much in America I
think gas is really cheap over there for

them so in terms of expense you're like "well why wouldn't I? petrols really cheap" yeah
but again that's not taking into account
the effects on the environment but

again that probably more applies to
slightly more rural areas I'm sure if we

went to a big city there'd be more
people walking yeah okay this one

is something you've experienced yeah it's
the toilets in America public toilets or

public bathrooms or restrooms why is
there such big gaps in between the doors

and above and below the door as a short
woman this sort of

makes me uneasy but the gap oh I wouldn't be able to go to the loo. Well i couldn't, like, pfft. *lost for words*
well I have no words because there's no
privacy in public toilets you literally

all you want to do is just take a
peaceful poo and you can't because you're panicked because someone's waiting for the

toilet and they can see you through the
gap and you're sat there like oh my god

when are they gonna leave oh my gosh, surely that's like really embarrassing has anyone had any
embarrassing moments where they're just
on the loo and they're just making eye

contact with someone who's waiting yeah
let us know in the comments because I

know I've seen a video from an American
being like ah your public toilets like

private rooms and I'm like yeah because
you're doing something private in there

yeah let us know if that's a thing that
you've noticed or you know if you're

just used to it. If you're used to pooing infront of people
if you're used to the performance of it!
another heavy one is health care as

you may or may not know in England in
the UK we have the NHS and that means

free health care for everyone who is a
taxpayer here which is basically

everyone if you need medical attention
you'll get it yes you might have to wait

a little bit of a while unless your case
is urgent but you'll get seen to and

you'll be looked after for free because
it's included in the tax we pay to our

government in America if you get ill if
you're seriously ill that could cost you

and your family your house, all your
savings, thousands and thousands of dollars, I was about to say pounds, obviously dollars!

and that is just devastating yeah well we
made a video about it so if you're

really interested click the card in the
top right corner or in the description

below, we'll link it down there as well lots
of the comments from Americans there were

actually really sad like people were
saying how much money it's cost them

like if their child's been ill, that they've
got insurance but they still have to pay

like three thousand dollars up front
before they can get treatment or claim

any money back and it's like it's just
really sad so if you are interested in

hearing a bit more about the health care
system we have over here just click the

NHS video there. so the next one is
vegetarianism why aren't many of you

guys vegetarians? so veganism and
vegetarianism is really taking off in

England particularly in London and I
think one thing that prompted this was

Netflix documentaries such as What The
Health, Cowspiracy all of those kind

of things and these documentaries have
really sort of opened everybody's eyes

over here certainly to the dangers of
meat and not just what it's doing to the

planet but what it's doing to your body
yeah and the dairy industry that

agricultural industries what these
companies are doing and how they're

working with the government to sort of
fund their like to fund their ideas

and make us think that we need these
products well our government do it as

well like telling us that we need meat we
need dairy yeah and all of this is

actually false and
fair enough if you want to eat meat got

nothing against that we have meat
occasionally yeah but I do think that

everyone should be cutting down on the
amount of meat that they have yeah you

don't have to give it up but just
everyone should be aware of the impact

it's having if everyone ate less meat we
would definitely live in a healthier

world and it would be saving so many
people's lives I don't know maybe maybe

we're not seeing something let us know
in the comments. the next one is why is

your legal age for drinking alcohol 21
come on! Is it 21 for buying it as

well oh yeah think so yeah so here you
can drink alcohol with parental

supervision from age five so funny
I mean obviously I didn't get sort of

drunk until I was say 17, 18 yeah but
honestly all it meant was that I wasn't

sort of gonna break any rules or try and
go out or do anything silly to feel

those things just like in a controlled
environment a couple of drinks and some

food coz I think it makes it a thing if
your parents are like no you can't have

alcohol yeah cuz my parents we'd have... I'd
have like Shandy like beer with some

lemonade from like 12, 13 it just made it not a thing! Like yeah you can have some alcohol if you want...
but yeah I think my my dad caught me sort of
drinking sambuca when I was like 11 and

he's like you used to like dip your
finger in and just get the sambuca

so funny! obviously I wanted the booze, yeah, sambuca's great! Oh it's lovely! But anyway, give
eighteen-year-olds a bit of fun lower
the drinking age yeah that was nice it was

lovely and it just meant that like you
know we can sort of handle our alcohol a

bit more yeah I mean we can't, I mean yeah
after like 2 drinks we're like 'wasted'! We're a different breed,

we're a different breed, we're a joke but the majority of Brits... the other day you had like 3 drinks and you woke up the next
morning and you were like "I'm hungover" I
was like you've had three drinks. Oh gosh, that was bad, I was

mixing yeah I feel like when I've been
to America the people that greet you as

when you walk into a shop oh yeah I feel
like they're a bit over animated and a

little bit fake, oh the like "hey
how's your day how's it going?" and

sometimes you just don't want to be
spoken to like it makes me feel like I

should leave their shop it doesn't make
me want to go into their shop and look

around if someone's like "hey how's your day?"
I'm like oh my god leave me alone, like just

pretend I'm invisible don't look at me I
don't want to be looked at I don't wanna be

spoken to if I need your help
I'll come and find you and I'll say can you

help me with this. yeah, part of me doesn't
know if it's because they want to deter

shoplifters so they're like "I see you
like as soon as you walk in I know you're in

here" or if it's just like they think
that we want to be spoken to to me it

feels like autopilot like "Hi I'm
getting paid to say this" yeah

sorry if that's your job if you've been
told to

do that then you know you've gotta
rock that but maybe try and be a bit more

sincere "darling darling darling come on
in oh you've got some stripes you

love stripes, got the perfect thing for you" I know Americans don't
like that about us cuz they're used to

that other way around
and they think we're a bit rude, yeah the service is quite rude in the UK

but that's
just because we like a bit of space and

the final one is passports apparently
something like 14% of Americans have

passports so the rest of the country
doesn't own passports yeah so what are

the rest of you... I mean what the rest of
you.... what are the rest of you doing?! I think it's because and I'm gonna

answer this question anyway okay I feel
like it's because America is such a big

country that lots of people go on stay
vacations, what's it called? Staycation what's a staycation?

when you stay in the country. Aww sometimes
that's nice but if I was forced to do

all my holidays in the UK I'd just be
like oh what a peasant life what a

peasant life. Oh no that's so bad! But the UK is small and the weather is kind of the same
anywhere you go but in America if you're
from Arizona where it's really hot if

you go on holiday to Minnesota it might
be snowing and you feel like you're in a

different country and vice versa maybe
that's why! let us know in the comments I

know we've answered a lot of our own
questions here but we'd love to hear

from legit Americans exactly we only
know how much you guys tell us so do let

us know the answers to your questions
we're not trying to be you know

judgmental or arrogant we're just saying
these are literally questions that we

think most Brits have for America and if you
like our videos guys and you want to see

more please click subscribe to our
Channel and if you want to buy us a coffee

because you Americans love coffee
we've got a Ko-Fi page in the

description and yeah buy us a coffee if
you want why not, and we'll see you next time!



對美國人的問題 (Questions For Americans! What Do British People Think About America?)

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