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Hi we're Joel & Lia and today we're
joined with our friend Hayley and we're

talking about British superstitions
before we get cracking Hayley, why don't you tell us a bit about

yourself? Thanks so much! That was like a dating show!
I never know what to say on this! I do comedy videos on YouTube, usually quite taboo! I love the way you say
taboo. I'd say taBOO, you say TAboo. I say "New Look"
It's New Look, yeah but everyone goes, when I say it I go New Loook
What else do you say? River Island?
so should we crack up with some
traditions yeah superstitions! Traditions, celebrations!

having a good time okay so I'll start us off with
one if your ears are burning

it means someone's talking about you
yeah completely agree if it's your left

ear it's someone who loves you! Oh i didn't know this! Left for love and right for spite so
So if your ears are burning, if it's your right one you're like "someone HATES me!". But mine burn at the same time! They love and hate you! It's a love hate relationship! It's even, balances it out.
It's so funny when it happens to like my dad or
someone he's like "I know who it is"

You're like "no you don't". Is he driving as well? Yeah he's driving the car "I know who it is!"
and that's where they get the phrase
from "oh my ears are burning" so if you

hear someone - if you walk into a room and
you've heard your name you might just go

ooo my ears are burning I mean I probably wouldn't coz it's cringe! "Oh my ears are burning". Or someone might say it to you,
"oh, your ears are burning" so if you're a cringe, middle aged, mum, you might say that phrase. I love that we've created a back story like who would say that! Some cringey mum!
If you put on clothes inside out and you realise the labels
are out, it's bad luck to take

it off and then turn it the right way
around so you have to keep it on that

way I know! I've not heard that! maybe it's just my family. I think some of these things
like that they just want you to look stupid!
it's like oh you made a mistake and now you're gunna have to

deal with it. You'll have to stay that way otherwise it'll be bad luck! When you get shat on by a bird
people go, it's absolutely fine that you've been pooed on, it's really good for you! Something great is gunna happen now!
Fun fact about Miley Cyrus, the day she
got pooed on by a bird, was the day she

found out she booked Hannah Montana so it does work! That's amazing! And she spilled a coke over herself
so now she's like "oh spilling
drinks on me is good luck" oh so every

time she like "Oh I wanna sign that film" she's like SPLOOSH. Wait for it to come in!
one of the ones I find really weird and I don't know if you guys ever heard of this like
packets of crisps so if you open it
upside down it's bad luck but to reverse

the bad luck you have to share them with
all your friends

oh really? So it's essentially like Oh it's upside down so you guys have to now eat them all.
You can't have one until, someones taken them. What if you haven't got any friends? Have you heard of it before?
No. So maybe, what happened was when I was at school
everyone was like oh I really want one of her

crisps, she won't share them with me so it was like
oh that's a shame, make up a rule!

Now everyone has to eat them! She's blonde she's obviously stupid clearly!
before we started filming we're speaking
about umbrellas and we were wondering

whether opening up an umbrella indoors
is bad luck anywhere else but here

yeah so let us know because that's another
one where we're like we would never dream of

opening up an umbrella inside! I do it all
the time, coz I don't believe

in any of these superstitions so at school
just in the same way in our British

lunch box video I ate a
cheese string without peeling it and I bite into KitKats without snapping it
I will put my umbrella up inside and
everyone goes *gasp* and I'm like "I don't care"

you will never ever sign with Hannah
Montana! I have made my peace with that

that I'm never gonna be Hannah Montana yeah
because you might be just like pushing

away all the good luck oh my god don't plant those seeds in his head! If you like break a mirror, how do you feel? Well I never have, coz have you seen my face? I'm joking, no I've never broken a mirror.
But if you did, like I genuinely would feel awful. 7 years bad luck. Like the mirror in my bathrom
I don't know if you noticed, but if you pull too hard, it just whacks the side, I did it the other day and just
cringed, I was like ooooh my god! and then it was fine. It's like when you buy new shoes, you can't put them on the table
Yeah that's true. Do you do that? I bet you break that as well Joel.
Yeah I put everything on the table.

But what about things that remedy
bad luck so like throwing salt over your

shoulder I can't remember which shoulder it is
yeah see that throws me off coz if I

do I dunno which one it is! Just do both. Yeah my mum goes "done". You know what that'd be my worst nightmare!
because then I'd have to clean up the
salt on the floor that would just wind me up and then you're gunna get

foot crumbs. What about touching wood? Touch wood, Joel Wood. Coz I would always make that joke like "oh you can touch me" coz Joel Wood. People do hit their heads don't they. For wood? Why is your head wood?
I don't know but I think they're
trying to be funny when they do it, they go touch wood! Nothing going on in there!

No one laughs at my jokes, I mean I've
been trying to do it for years, everyones like quick touch wood and I'm like

quick touch me touch me and they're like "what?". No but speaking of that,
you know the walking over three
drains yeah so growing up at school if

you walked over three drains, I still to
this day do not walk over three drains I

will not I will literally leap across
make sure I don't go on it if you do

all you have to do is say mushroom spit
on the floor and spin in a circle. What? That's so weird! At school it was like no you have to say

mushroom spit and spin and I was like
oh my god yeah that's a quite intense

remedy. Again, that's island life! Hayley's from an island. Live life to the fullest over there!
But I think there is a logic to some of them, especially the crossing on the

both our families never cross on the stairs no
they'll make you go down and then go back up just

no way it's not a thing but I think at
some point there can't have been railings

on the stairs so if you were going to

someone might fall off yeah so back in
the day it was like a safety thing, health and safety

they always said it that people just
didn't do it yeah like if you do it

because you know otherwise you might die. It's like, my mum told me, if you
don't put the toilet seat down it's bad
luck so I was always like toilet seat is down. That's a really good

thing to say to your kids isn't it if you
want them to do stuff if you don't tidy up

your stuff Santa Claus won't come wow that would get Hayley doing something! I walked under a ladder the other day just for fun!
because it was on my way to the gym
on scaffolding I could walk outside the ladder or

under the ladder and then the
rebellious part of me as always is like

what would most people do they'd go outside
right I'm going to go under it

so I walked under it and the builders were like. No I'd never walk under a ladder.
No way. I wouldn't even walk under a
you know like a signpost yeah I can't
walk under those coz I was told if you do

you have to swear so sometimes you'll hear me like muttering a swear word
you'll see Hayley out in London if she's cursing walking under signs or leaping over drains
Now you know why! It's all about the good luck!
and what things are good luck no one ever
tells you that do they, no what's good

Like a horseshoe and a 4 leaf clover

a rabbit's foot
yeah just stuff you're never gunna get

bear with me just gonna grab a rabbits foot! But people have like a dead rabbit foot around their neck!
That's horrible, like that's gross! That's so grim! Like the what do you call it? Stuffed animals? Taxidermy
taxidermied rabbit foot round your neck! Vegan! Stick with a 4 leaf clover! Plants only!
Here's one that speaks to me finding a penny on
the floor find a penny pick it up all

the day you'll have good luck
something's give to a friend. Give your penny

to a friend and your luck will
never end. then it's throw your penny on

the floor and your luck will last
forevermore that was a bit of a mouthful

though so you're supposed to pick it up, then throw it on the floor. No pick it up give it to your mate, and then your mate throws it on the
floor it's ridiculous this whole video
is ridiculous! That's the bad luck, I can't speak properly

yeah spin around mushroom, spit on the floor! it'd be
so great if everyone still lived by these

Would just be really funny. I definitely still do! Lowkey!
let us know if any of you guys have
these same superstitions wherever you're

from or if you've got any specific ones
to the area where you are yeah I was

about to say something really stupid but
it's not a superstition it's just hygiene

Brush your teeth everyday and you'll have really good teeth! How did you know that? I was literally gunna say, if you use an electric toothbrush you should change the head of it like every 6
weeks, that's just a hygiene tip! SO incase anyone was wondering that's that! Random fact of the day! Just to give Joel something coz he thinks the videos pointless!
thanks for coming on our channel and being in the sandwich. I'm mustard! I'm the ketchup!
and I'm gone off mayonnaise. Don't forget to head over to Hayley's channel! We are about to embark on a
challenge. Oh it's gunna be good! I'm not a baker by the way!
neither am I, Joel is! I am quite a baker! SO basically it's you two
against me so I feel like this is gonna
be even harder than I once thought!

No Im not that good Hayley showed us what we're
making and it looks insane so im a bit scared!

yeah make sure you go check out that
video and leave us a comment with your

superstitions wherever you're
from let us know if you identify with any of

these. Don't leave me on my own in that! SOmeone say you do the mushroom spit and spin! See you soon, bye!


英國的迷信 好運和厄運 (British Superstitions! | Bad Luck vs Good Luck in the UK!)

84 分類 收藏
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