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Hi guys, it's only your favourite skinny legends, yep here we
are we are just leaving our apartment in

New Jersey where are we going?
White... Castle yes White Castle, I always say White

City and Joel's like it's Castle because
White City is a place in London that we

go to all the time yeah for like 'Laptop Club' let's go there
and see if it's the worst food in

America yeah we'll see lots of you've
been saying they're called sliders

because they slide in and slide straight
back out again, I feel physically sick, like I'm not actually feeling that good today stomach-wise

and I'm not gunna know if my tummy is gonna hurt
because of this or because I'm already not

feeling great well we'll see this is the
perfect day to do White Castle then

it'll flush it out of you probably! If anyone's gonna get food poisoning it's gonna be me, it's gunna be Lia.
I'm unlucky, everything's
broken this whole holiday, yesterday I said to

Lia about her always being the ill
person and then five minutes later she

was like hang on now you say it, I do think I'm starting to feel ill, like no you're
oh no I am actually feeling a bit unwell, yeah today you are. But yeah it's true, classic Lia, what were we lying about?

we were like- no let's not say, no
we're not saying that okay bye!

So, this is where we live we've just come out of our
building these skinny legends are on the

way to White Castle bear in mind yeah
we walk past this every single day since we've arrived yeah so we

walk to the gym this way and every single
day we walk past White Castle yeah and

we see three dollars for
a slider fries and a drink and we're

like that looks delicious yeah we
genuinely think it looks quite nice, and good value. And the queue is round the whole thing

there's always a queue for drive-through what I find
weird about this place is lots of

American restaurants look like this but
there's usually like five or six of them

this is literally just one White Castle
no other restaurants nearby. Joel? This is the first time we've ever left the house with a

bit more - yeah it's cold today, it's been so hot, today is
cold I'm wearing a hoodie Lia's wearing

a jacket, I didn't get any use out
of this.

Well here we are. I'm thrilled, I'm over the moon. Here we are,
White Castle how do we get in? Oh are those
steps there? Shall we just cut through? Shall we just go on the grass

let's be rebels/ballers
sorry White Castle would you guys rather
wear a white White Castle hat? or a triggered hat? Or a Skinny

Legend hat? right so we've ordered we're
waiting for them to shout Lia but they

spelt it wrong. Lea. For anyone who knows me will know that's actually close to my
legal name. Half of your legal name. Half of it, I saw it

comes with a coffee I said can I switch
that out for tea?

and I was pleasantly surprised she said
hot tea? and I said yeah! yeah bang on the

money babe, not iced tea! I wonder what
the tea will be? Everywhere we go I've

been getting the tea we just can't get at home. So we'll see. Are you triggered? Yeah. I'd say so far, service
out of 10 is a 3. yeah I ordered I
didn't realise you order by number so I

said can I have chicken and waffles does it come with a drink? and she was like no.
and I was like but the picture there, number 12, shows that and she was like oh you mean
number 12 and I was like sorry sorry
bitch. Joking,

I didn't say that I was like oh sorry I
didn't realise you have to order by

numbers! He was extremely polite, very very polite. But i was triggered. Anyway
yeah just waiting for our name's to be called out
I'm so excited for my food it looks so

nice. Is that my name?
Just go and ask!
Lia's just left her hat and her bag but
doesn't that look so arty skinny legend

cap at Targus bag. They do have Wi-Fi
which automatically earns them like two

or three extra points. It's all kicking off at the counter, coz there's no drinks in the machine, what am I gunna do about my DC? Everyone's saying "is there no coke in the machine?" there's nothing going on and she mumbled
something under her breath, I couldn't

no ones got proper drinks I need my DC. So service so far, on drinks, zero out of ten. But I have given them a few extra points because
they have got Wi-Fi, congratulations White City - Castle. Did it again. Course she did.
they are currently hiring so it's
something I am considering I would love

to flip burgers like honestly I just
think it'd be so fun just like making

you know those video games that you

have in your phone where you own a fast
food chain and you're like making all

these orders I think it'd be so much fun
obviously I can't I'm not in this

country and I've got a job making
videos on the internet but if I didn't

I do think making food for other people
would just be the dream.

I thought to myself could I be
imagining this and on the menu it says

amazing plant based,
so they've got a vegan option, thought

that's incredible that White Castle are doing vegan options and then it says with smoked
cheese and there's melted cheese all
over it.

well they do do vegetarian options so it's
probably referring to that. Someone online said the

vegetarian option is vile so ... well I'm so glad I didn't go for that. it's taking
a long time and we've got a train to catch in exactly

30 minutes if we miss that it's game

yeah they need to hurry up. Also this place was empty when we arrived
now it's full of people. Influencers! They've forgotten about us, someone just asked me for the receipt and everyone behind me in the queue has been served and the other employee behind her was like "what's her order?"
and she kept saying 2 number 12's but that's wrong, and I was like "I think it's-" and she was like "gimme the receipt". It's literally empty
there's a few people but it's like it's
not like they're busy no don't accept no

for an answer, it's because we're British they hate Brits. We've noticed since we've been
here that people have one of two
reactions some Americans love Brits

and they're like oh my gosh they melt
when they hear our accent and they just

want to talk and they want to help and
there's the others that hate us and

they're like who are you why do you speak
funny like they think - I dunno what they think

but they just don't really
like us so I think this is one of those

places. Lia's got ketchup on her
leg. I just stood on ketchup. Look!
on my lovely trainers. She thinks you've got a coffee.
I didn't order coffee! Well it's too late now, she said coffee and I said it's a Diet Coke and she went it's a coffee.
is it on the receipt, they took the receipt away
from me now all I've got is the card receipt. I said Diet Coke and there's no napkins. Gunna have to use this one.
this is awful, well I mean
this is turning out well for the video

because... omg this is disgusting. Okay this is awful so far, we ordered at 1.20pm
and it is now 1.41pm so it's been 21 minutes for
fast food we're gonna miss our train our

train is in 20 minutes
what now? gimme that triggered hat I should wearing it. That is the most disgusting thing I've tasted in my life
What is it? Just a tea? is that the tea bag there? That shouldn't be called tea.
what is it? dirt water? that's literally

drinking puddle that's a hot puddle. we
came here we thought the title could be

something like "is this the worst fast
food in America?" thinking it's not going

to be it's going to be fine, no now it's called "you've ruined our plans, we've missed our train, waited 25 minutes still don't have food"
so that's the title of this video. "When we missed our train because we tried to get FAST FOOD!"
this is the slowest, we got served quicker in Olive Garden, the slowest fast food in America! Wait did they shout my name? Probably not. No probably not. everyone else's name.
I think I want my money back. It was only seven dollars I've just said about the time we ordered
at 1.20pm... right I'm gunna go tell them. Yeah go on, go tell her.
So apparently this is taking ages because
they're favouring the drive-thru

not people in here and now everyone's
kicking off its great, at least it's not just us

kicking off I thought it's
because they hated us posh Brits but

it's not it's because they hate
everyone who sits in, we should've just

walked through the drive-thru
no ice thank you what luxury Lia

waiting on me hand and foot
Unavailable! Great.
what other diet ones? zeros fine yeah

Unavailable! Great
Flavoured water? no, nothing with sugar

Congratulations, what time
is it now? it's 1.49pm we ordered at 1.20pm you

made all of them laugh when you were like
"I'll come back in 10 hours"

so no Diet Coke for me just puddle water for both of us. Right what have you got? what is that?
okay they favour the drive-thru this is
why- this has taken 40 minutes no about 30.

about a half an hour to make that.
God forbid any of us want ketchup it's not gunna happen. Another

woman was really sweetly sticking up for
White Castle, I was like "this is the worst place

I've been to in America" she's like
you've gotta try another one I was like

no this is the first and last White Castle. Unless White Castle see this and want to make it up to us. Is this
a joke? oh that's mine no they're both
the same

really? I ordered a waffle! so did I, I
think. That's tiny, one of them's bacon

I thought American portions were supposed to be
massive. It stinks. It does stink. It stinks.

What's that? so yours has just got an egg and
nothing in it I ordered a chicken oh my

gosh just an egg oh that's bacon that's
mine then. Where's my chicken? that's your

chicken apparently. There's no chicken in that!
I ordered chicken and waffles oh my gosh I don't even want - I just want to to chuck it in their faces.
and walk out. I don't think we should touch it
personally. We have to have a bite, otherwise what's the point in the video! I'm not wasting calories on this!
they're actually alright.
Next! This is not what I ordered! Are they dumb, are they thick? It's stone cold. Ready?
it'd be better with a diet coke to wash it
down with. Okay it's not as bad as I

thought. It taste quite honey-ish! It's covered in sweet stuff!
But that shouldn't have taken forty minutes okay hang on.
it's not bad, it's just not what I ordered!
yeah it's not what we ordered, well that

is apparently what I ordered isn't it.
I thought you wanted an actual burger, not the waffles.

Burger. Bacon. well congrats White Castle
for getting everything wrong, I hope we don't end

up on the loo! Do you want a bite of mine? Do you want a bite of mine?
what is that? beef? sausage. sausage
yeah whatever that is.

Well we've missed the train for a crappy waffle
I mean the reason I wanted a waffle as well was because
I've never heard this where you

replace a bread roll with a waffle she just kept saying your
breakfast menu - that we're ordering
from the breakfast menu. Incorrect.

That's triggering. I don't wanna touch my Skinny Legend hat now with my greasy fingers. So greasy!
Trouble is I'm hungry, so that's why I'm eating this rubbish! Let's see what time it is.
it's in seven minutes. We could run it. well we
could be there in seven minutes couldn't we?

I feel sick already I just did one of those burps that feels like you're gunna be sick
Awful. Awful. This is just ruining my body. I know this is just self-sabotage what we're doing
ooo a burnt one! No, no.
just pure batter. Why am I doing... why
am I doing that? I think it's coz they pump it

full of addictive substances so you
can't stop but slide it into your mouth

Here's my empty because there's no diet coke, no coke zero, no nothing. Machines not working
one thing they did say is that we
can go up to the counter and ask for them

to fill it up manually so I said I'll
come back in ten hours

I'm gonna go back and ask.
Puddle water, cheers everyone! I feel so sorry for myself.
just waiting patiently for someone to
give him a diet coke, give the boy a diet coke

absolutely outrageous come on
look he's losing it he's lost his mind

he's so polite we made friends with
that family over there

so finally got my coke, diet coke before
you all preach at me! took about yeah

like you said ten hours we've missed
our train so I'm finding out when the next one

is. We arrived here about 40 minutes ago
Why is it it's like every time we
try to go to Hoboken to go to Carlos

Bakery, something stops us like the
weather stopped us the first time

It was like throwing it down. That's what I keep thinking now I'm like should we go? Maybe it's a sign, I don't think we should go. Maybe we should go to South Orange
well guys um it's been an absolute
pleasure to come to White Castle

based on your recommendations OR your
warnings RIP Joel and Lia

I don't think we'll be
coming back ever again it wasn't worth

the 780 calories I've just eaten. How on earth have they pumped 780 calories into that tiny little waffle burger and the hash browns
so you might think I'm gonna be really
healthy today that's literally like more

than half of your allowance gone if you're a
woman, or a man! Instant regret.

yeah it's nearly half of my allowance for the day. Yeah it's just over a third of my allowance for the day.
so cool great anyway Wow
we're miserable now, so let's just cheer it back up a little

bit by saying um....what is there left to say.... we've still got each other we've got
our lives. Joel's looking lovely in his new Adidas. Absolutely lovely. Can't believe I didn't compliment you
earlier no it's okay darling. Lia's looking lovely in her
pajamas. Yeah someone went "nice PJs" I was thinking it's a cool print
guys I'm just trying to introduce some like

style and get called pajamas, I'm triggering too many people clearly.
every time I put it on I think
pajamas! No you're doing something

right. Zoella wears that as well so
I wore it first, and then we saw it in her vlog

and we were like Zoe's copying Lia. Alright, thanks for watching guys, we hope you enjoyed,
don't forget to subscribe we post videos
thrice weekly and yeah we'll see you soon! Bye!

that was the worst food we've had in our life
yeah that was not worth the calories

It wasn't worth the time energy effort
the walk here the calories oh my gosh

the seven dollars seven dollars to be fair
it was only five pounds in English money

that's true yeah okay okay


這是美國最差的快餐嗎 (is this THE WORST fast food in AMERICA?!)

42 分類 收藏
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