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- Hi, we're Joel and Lia.
- And welcome back to our channel.
This video is a little
bit of story time for you.

We got this book from a viewer
and it's called the Meaning of Life.
Oh, no, it's called--
- No, the Book of Questions.

- The Book of Questions.
She also sent a book
called the Meaning of Life.

- It's actually The Meaning of Liff.
That's the thing.
- Ah, The Meaning of Liff.

- 'Cause when we first
opened these as a vlog,

our last John and Lia vlog of vlogmas,
we opened these and as soon as I saw it,
The Meaning of Life and
The Book of Questions

I thought it was a religious book
and I was like oh no, it's a viewer trying
to convert us to their religion.
- Yeah.
- But, it's not, they're just books.
So this one has, what is it, the words?
- This is a book all about words that
can't be explained in
the English language,

is that right?
- Yeah.

So like this one hu-nah or hue-nah
is the result of coming
to the wrong decision.

But this book, The Book of Questions,
has loads of questions in, that
aren't designed like trivia,

they're designed to get
to know yourself better.

So they're like prompts
- Oh my gosh.--

- About life, money, sex,
all these other things--
- All the things.

- To try and know what
your beliefs are on things.

So we thought it was a really cool idea
to incorporate into our video.
So Loraine if you're watching
thank you for these books.

- Thank you Loraine.
- It's gonna help with our channel.
- Starting now.
- Okay so, question number one.
- Oh, we're starting at the beginning?
- Yeah.
- I thought we would just,

see that's already, we already
differ on that, don't we?

I'd be like this.
- Ah, no.

No, 'cause then you know,
no it has to be from the beginning.
- Are you kidding?
- Yeah.
- Okay, so we have to
start at the beginning,

that's so boring.
- It's mainly for our channel,
as in, because then we'll
know where we've got up to.

- Oh okay, fine, okay, well
done, nice and organized.

(both laughing)
I'm like one, two, three, that one.
- Well, we can but then--
- No, no, no, no we'll lose--

- Okay, we'll lose track.
- Track, you're right.

- You're right we'll lose track.
- Okay, so the first question is
for a person that you loved deeply
would you be willing to
move to a distant country

knowing that there would be little chance
of seeing your friends or family again?
- Oh.
Well if I love--
- So would you

basically move to a foreign country
for the love of your life knowing that you
probably wouldn't see your
friends and family ever again?

- Ever again?
- Yeah, that's what it says.
- We need to iron out
some creases right now.

(Joel laughing)
If we're gonna play this
game we can't do the,

oh, but I'll go home at Christmas.
You can't do that--
- No, no.

- Oh, but I would fly home.
- No we have to say this--
- Literally.
- Question literally.

So the question is saying
there's little chance

of you seeing your
friends and family again.

- No I wouldn't do it,
would you?
- No, no I wouldn't, no.

'Cause I don't think
you're ever that in love,

that quickly, that you would sacrifice
family and friends for.
- Yeah, I don't think I'd do that.
I want to be close to,
because if I'm gonna

start a family with someone,
what's the use in being (laughs)...
This sounds serious.
What's the use in being
in a different country?

Who's gonna babysit.
- Yeah, exactly
- [Both] Who's gonna look after the kids?
- It's true
- That's so mean.

- No, I know what you mean.
You want a community vibe.
- It helps to be near...

I like community vibes.
I like loads of people.
So if there is gonna be
just me and the person

and the family we create
in a foreign country

no where near anyone, that's just gonna
send me into--
(child screaming)

I'm sorry.
- Excuse me.

- But we're trying to talk to the legends.
- Not in Chelsea.
- Ridiculous.

Not in Chelsea.
- Anyway.
- Link to Airbnb credit
in the description,

promise the screaming
children won't be here.

(Joel laughing)
If you were to book this Airbnb.
Guys, if you are enjoying
this video so far

don't forget to click subscribe.
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We only post thrice weekly anyway,
so it's not gonna interrupt your,
whatever you do.
- Yeah, whatever you do.

(both laughing)
Back to the video.
- To link on from this, do you believe,
it's not a question in the book,
do you believe--
- Alright.

- In love at first?
No, not love at first sight.
Do you believe that
there's only one person

that you can fall in love with
that you're meant to be with?

Like the one,
do you believe in the one?
- No.

I don't believe in the one.
- No, me neither, so then I'm just like,
just find someone else
'cause you'll fall in
love with someone else.

- In your country.
- Yeah.

- In your neighborhood.
- Yeah.

- Find someone closer.
- Find someone.

- But do you guys--
- Make it happen.

- Believe in the one?
Let us know in the comments below,
I'd like to know whether we're common
in thinking that you can fall in love
multiple times in your life.
- Yeah, I think so.
- I think you can.
- I don't think there's

the one and then that's it.
- No.
- And then if you lose
them it's game over.

- No.
- I think it's a bit
different if you're widowed.

And you've had the love of your life,
and then that person dies,
and you don't want to find anyone else,
and you're not interested in that.
- Oh yeah, that's different.
- 'Cause that's literally
like you've built

your life with them.
- Yeah.

- I think that I kind
of believe in the one

after you've spent all
of that time with them.

Do you know what I mean?
- Okay.

But do you believe that
there is one person

that you are set out to be with
that someone, somewhere,
whatever God you believe in,

or whatever, even if you don't,
do you believe that they have gone,
this is the person for you
and you're gonna meet.
- No, I don't think so.

No, I think that person
becomes that person.

- Yeah.
- But I don't think that God, or whoever,
was like you're, Joel
was meant to be with Lia.

- Yeah.
- I don't believe in that.

- Well because I think if that did happen
all the people that we
know that are in love

so like for me, like my parents, I know,
I'm like what are the chances
that they were both
born in the same country

and they're both--
- What are the chances?

- You know, lived like an
hour away from each other.

If it was truly the one
then surely everyone

would have their one, would
be in another country.

- Yeah, that's so true.
There's a really good
episode of Black Mirror

where, the dating one--
- Yeah, the dating.

- Where they find out their expiring day.
- Yeah!
- That's so good.

- That was really good
- Don't know which one,

don't know what it's called
but I'll find it.
- I can't remember.

- And I can maybe leave
it in the comments.

- Yeah, it's really--
- It's really good.

- Black mirror is a great TV series.
- So alright what's
the next question Joel?

- Right, you go into the next.
- Okay, number two is
do you believe in ghosts or evil spirits?
Would you be willing
to spend a night alone

in a remote house that
is supposedly haunted?

- So I have a story about this.
- Okay.
- I do believe in ghosts and evil spirits.
- Same.
- I believe they're more evil
spirits rather than ghosts.

- Same.
- And, so anyway, I got an acting job,
my first acting job after we were at Rada,
was for the National Geographic channel,
it was like a, you know
like the, reenacting things?

- Yeah, yeah, I remember it.
- So basically it was

a story about these American boys
that went hiking in Alaska
and they got attacked

by a grizzly bear and it
was about their survival.

And so they were recounting their story,
and we were acting it out.
So anyway, I was very excited,
went to Wales, the Brecon Beacons,
that apparently looks like Alaska.
- Apparently.
- Apparently.

- On a budget.
- On a budget.

- [Both] On a budget.
- I'm on a budge.
- That's gotta stick.
Guys, we can't eat here we're on a budge.
- We're on a budge.
Sorry I'm on a budge.
- Budge.

- Anyway so we went there and we turned up
at this massive castle, the taxi arrived.
And it turns out it's the
most haunted hotel in Wales.

And we arrived there and in the reception
it had about the most haunted bedroom,
I think it was bedroom 18 or something
and it was the most haunted
bedroom in the hotel.

The people from Most Haunted,
which is a TV program here in the UK,
I don't know if you have it elsewhere.
Refused to stay in that bedroom.
They tried staying there for the night
and they left halfway through
because it was so
haunted and so terrifying

they couldn't stay there.
So anyway, we then get allocated our rooms
and of course what number room am I in?
- 18.
- 18.

The most haunted hotel in the country
'cause it's most haunted.
- Did you know this after?

- No this was during.
- Right, you knew that
whilst you got there,

you were like oh, 18,
that's the haunted room.

- Yeah.
- And then you got--
- And so I arrived--

- Given your number, 18.
- Yeah, 18.

And the other people in the
castle were like 17, 16,

they were down the hall
and I was like of course

I'm in the most haunted
room on my first acting job,

away from my family for
the first time ever.

I'm already nervous about this acting job,
let alone sleeping--
- Oh my gosh.

- In this room.
But anyway, turns out
there's no really good story.

It wasn't haunted and I
didn't believe it, but.

- Were you knocked out?
Did you sleep well that night?
- I did, I had two nights
there and I did sleep well.

When I read the book in the hotel room,
there were stories from it so
they were capitalizing on it

'cause I think the only
people that sleep in this room

are the ones who love ghosts and stuff,
and it was like the shower turned on
in the middle of the night.
I saw a figure at the bottom of my bed.
I had sleep paralysis.
Like I couldn't wake.
- No stop.

- And someone was over me.
- I can't.

So I was just like oh my gosh,
how am I gonna sleep here?

But because I believe that evil spirits
and because I believe in God,
I thought, you know, if I pray about it
and get God to deal
with it then it's fine.

Bad spirits will just go
and I didn't have any issues at all.
- Yeah.
- But, yeah, crazy to think that people
have those experiences in that room.
- Yeah, that is nuts.
- And I was terrified.

- That's nuts, I believe in spirits too.
- Do you?
- I believe that there are people
who are connected more so than others.
So I believe that mediums
can access the spirit world

but normal people that
don't have that gift,

I think it is a gift, isn't it?
Or it's just like, I think
that they obviously can't.

Why do I think this?
I don't know if I want
to share this story.

I think I might save it for another video.
- Okay.
- Because it's basically about a time
where I truly believed
that I was possessed

by my friend's ex boyfriend.
- Possessed by the boyfriend? (laughs)
- No, like. (laughs)
I think he...
- Oh, he spoke to you.
- Yeah.

- Sorry, I thought you meant
you became the boyfriend.

(Lia laughing)
(mimicking possession)
- Like, oh hello.

- No, it's a really sad story actually.
So a friend, her ex boyfriend
had committed suicide

and their spirit, I think,
came through me to talk to her.

But I'll save that for another video
because I think I need
permission to tell that story.

- Okay, well, let us know
if you want to hear it.

- If you want to hear
that story, let us know.

I was just in complete disbelief,
I didn't know what the
hell was happening to me.

But this was at Takita Wolf actually.
- Yeah.
Well 'cause obviously I'm psychic as well.
- Yeah, so Joel's psychic.
- If you want us to tell the
story about me being psychic

then let us know in the comments below.
We've got so many stories.
- So many stories.
- We've never really spoken about stories
in our lives before.
- Oh, no?

- There's so much.
So the next question is if
you could spend one year

in perfect happiness but
afterwards would remember nothing

of the experience would you do so?
If not, why not?
- If I could have a year of
being really happy all the time.

- Yeah but then the next
year you wouldn't remember

any of it, would you still do it?
- Yeah, definitely.
- Really?

- I think I would.
I would have no memory of it
so even if someone was like,

you had the best year of your life,
I have have no memory of it.
- You couldn't remember.

- But I'd love that because
then maybe other people

or whoever was involved in that year
would be like constantly
reminding me of these times

and maybe I'd be like
yeah whatever, whatever.

But I'd be like really we did what?
(both laughing)
I'd love that.
- Do you think?

I think I'd hate it 'cause I think, life,
the only thing you take
with you is memories,

experiences are great to have
and you only get memories

by having experiences.
But, you carry your
experiences, your memories

with you much longer than experiences.
So to have a year of no
memory of this pure happiness.

- Yeah.
- I would rather have some
memories of really bad times

but some of really good,
than just no memories of anything good.
- You are allowed to
have good memories after

or does it say you have to--
- Yeah.

- Live the rest of your life in...
- No, no, you can have good memories after
but I wouldn't want a
whole year of no memories.

That's like to me, a whole
year of my life gone.

- To me, I've got that anyway
'cause my memory's really
horrible, that's fine.

If someone is like what did you do 2014?
I'm like, can't tell you.
- Don't know.

- I can not tell you what I did.
Like, that's fine.
- Yeah.
- I was like genuinely,

I'm just like, no memories.
- No idea.

- Someone was like, oh,
you guys should show us

around your hometowns
and where you grew up

and I'm like my memory is so bad.
Well I left at like 15, 16
to go to boarding school

and I'm like but I didn't
get my independence

until I left home so my memories at home
are just wake up and go to school
and come back and eat dinner.
- Do your homework.
- And go Greek school
on Saturday, that's it.

What am I gonna show them?
- Yeah.
- So, I'll be fine
- You'll be fine.

- To have a year wiped.
You wouldn't, but I'd be fine.
- A year of happiness.

- But yeah I'd be like cool.
- That's good.

- Yeah, well that's good.
That's good, we've got
a differing opinion.

- Yeah, right.
- Yeah, I just think it would be,
I think that's part of the joy of life
is having really dark, horrible times,
especially as like creative though.
- Yeah.
- I think 'cause I'm getting

more into writing and obviously
both with being actors and stuff,
I think we need to use
those terrible experiences

in what we do.
- Yeah.

- And it does make us who we are,
so I would rather have bad experiences.
- A year of normal.
- Normal experiences, yeah.
- Yeah, yeah, okay, cool.

So join us next week or
next time we do this series

'cause we're going to
discuss this question.

You discover your wonderful
one-year-old child

is because of a mix up at
the hospital not yours.

(Joel gasping)
Would you want to exchange the
child to correct the mistake?

- Okay.
- Well that is a juicy question.
- That's really good.
I can't wait to get on to that.
- We'll save that for the next story time.
- Yep, so come back.
- About that time I had child

and it got mixed up, guys.
- Guys, let us know if
you enjoyed this video.

We really love this.
It gives us a chance to put
a bit more of ourselves out there
and discuss deeper things with you guys.
Let us know if you enjoyed it,
if you want to see more of it.
If you don't, too bad, we're doing it.
- Yeah, please, please
come back if you enjoyed it

and tell a friend.
- Yeah.

Tell someone who doesn't
watch Joel and Lia

that they might want to
watch this video first.

If you want to get an Airbnb,
we're in an Airbnb right now,

then you can use our code,
it's in our description.

- You'll get 25 pounds off
you first Airbnb visit.

So might as well use it.
Come back, we post.
Come back,
We post videos thrice weekly.
- Thrice weekly.

- And we'll see you next time.
- Bye.
- Bye.

- Notifications, subscribe.
- Notifications, on click.

- Click.
- Click.
- Click.

(both laughing)


我住過的最鬧鬼的酒店 (I stayed in the MOST HAUNTED HOTEL in the UK! | Storytime)

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