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  • I'm a long way from home

  • But even across the Atlantic Ocean, the city of Valencia makes you feel right at home with ease

  • It's a coastal city with a dream climate

  • So trading in my usually brisk Canadian Novembers for beach weather -- nothing to complain about

  • But the sunny Spanish coast has more to offer than just that

  • The country's third-largest city boasts rich cultural and architectural history

  • But also, sections of striking modern entertainment complexes

  • And with the addition of several beautiful beaches

  • It's a formula for a great tourist destination

  • And by no means as busy as Madrid or Barcelona

  • This time around though, I'm not a tourist

  • Valencia is my temporary home

  • for just a short little while, as I take on a contract as an English teacher at a private language school

  • So while I'm here trying to live like a local, I'll show you around

  • Here's a day in the life in Valencia -- through my eyes

  • -Hola, buenas

  • -Uno de esos

  • Bienvenidos a Monteolivete

  • It's my neighborhood -- in the Southeast region of the city

  • Just walking distance from one of the top must-see places in Valencia

  • La Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias

  • Or, the City of Arts and Sciences

  • An iconic series of buildings, including a planetarium, museum, aquarium and performing arts centre

  • Its stunning design and composition helping it claim the title as one of the 12 Treasures of Spain

  • The work of Valencian-born architect and engineer Santiago Calatrava

  • Easily able to take your breath away

  • That cultural and entertainment complex

  • it sets at the end of what used to be the riverbed of the Turia

  • A river that was drained and rerouted after a deadly, catastrophic flood in the late 1950s

  • Now, it's one of Spain's largest urban parks

  • Nine kilometres of gardens, cycling and footpaths

  • Connecting some of the city's most interesting spots

  • The green belt running like a vital vein through Valencia

  • Follow the Turia north and you'll eventually reach Valencia's historic centre

  • lined with restaurants and cafes

  • Where, by the way, you can actually sit and enjoy your coffee -- no caffeine to go here

  • But the area is rich with a twist of cultural influences injected over time

  • From the city's Roman roots all the way back in 138 BC

  • to its Muslim rule starting in 714 AD

  • and to the Christian siege and reconquest in the early 1200s

  • Some of the city's major monuments were built in this time

  • Including el Torre del Micalet

  • a 15th century gothic bell tower overlooking a cathedral

  • And for only two euros, you can climb it

  • All 207 steps -- each one worth the view

  • -Empiezo? Empiezo la canción? (Start? Start the song?)

  • -Vale (Okay)

  • Speaking of views, no photo or video can do this place justice

  • While you can find a handful of beaches in and around Valencia

  • Playa de la Malvarrosa is a must-see destination

  • Its long and vast beach bordered on one side by tranquil waters, and the other, by a busy boardwalk

  • Where you can grab some Valencian paella, a traditional rice dish woven into the city's identity

  • (Doorbell)

  • -Hola

  • Or if you're having a lazy day like me

  • plenty of restaurants in the city also do home delivery

  • All of it readily available at your fingertips

  • -...traditional Valenciana salad

  • Maybe I went a little overboard

  • But if you're planning a night out in Valencia you better fill up, cause you may be in for the long haul

  • Unlike in North America...

  • ...nights are a little longer in Spain

  • And in a bar hopping haven like Valencia

  • there's plenty of time and room for all different flavors of fun

  • Or even some bad and memorable decisions

  • Kind of like this one: A late-night snack from a streetside hamburger vending machine

  • -That's like the best one! Or should I get the waffle? No, that's cheating if I get the waffle, right?

  • -You're going to taste it

  • I'll spoil the moment and just tell you:

  • Zero out of ten, do not recommend

  • But, what I do recommend is enjoying a taste of what this city has to offer

  • Its wealth of history

  • Its prime cafe culture

  • Its easygoing atmosphere

  • And its friendly folk

  • Many of whom, if you ask, wouldn't live anywhere else in the world

I'm a long way from home


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在西班牙瓦倫西亞的一天生活(+偉大的旅遊景點!)。 (A DAY IN THE LIFE IN VALENCIA, SPAIN (+ great tourist spots!))

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