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- Hi, we are Joel and lia.
- And welcome back to an
unnamed thing on our series

which we're kind of calling ask yourself,
but we don't know really
what to call it yet.

- Yeah, so if you have any ideas
what we can call this series,
obviously like some series
speak for themselves,

but the questions for series or you know--
- Yeah, brits react to.
- Or slang, but what's this?
- But this is kind of a thing where we
ask ourselves questions that prompt us to
think more about our morals,
think about our opinions
about stuff and voice them

and often the best story
or the best thing that
comes up in the video

is used as the title.
So maybe you guys can
help title this series.

- Life questions, ask yourself
like what could it be?
- Would you rather,
but not really would rather, would it?
- Yes, or would you rather?
We'll find things.
- We'll find a title.
But yeah, we're still testing this format.
So we hope you're enjoying it so far.
On to the first question.
- So if you watched the second episode,
you'll have seen that we
ended with this question,

but we didn't answer it.
So remind us what it was.
- Which sex do you think had
it easier in our culture?

Have you ever wished you
were of the opposite sex?

I'm interested to see what
you were thinking of Joel.

'Cause I would be interested
to see if you think

females have had it easier.
Depends what you're going for, doesn't it.
- But what's it mean in this?
Because it's changed a
lot even in my lifetime.

I think women are now being a lot more
respected than they were back in the day.
Like even when I was born
or when I was younger.

- It's still not quite equal, or is it?
- No, it's not.
I don't really think men have been treated
more fairer throughout the centuries.
I still think they probably
are treated better now

than women are.
But I still think men
are treated really badly

like, it is getting worse
for men at the same time.

- In other ways.
- In other ways, so like before it used to
women just used to be the ones
that felt bad about their bodies
because they'd see
Photoshop models in bikinis.

But now guys have that all the time.
The amount of guys that
are like with six packs

and they're ripped and like,
I feel the pressure that
I need to be hairless,

I need to have a hairless torso,
really muscular, really strong.
Like in the exact same
way that you feel the need

to have like a perfect
hourglass body, hairless as well

and like, do you know what I mean?
- Yeah, when it comes to like body
or like the way you know,
the way that the media wants you to look
or tells you that you should look.
And then there's also just
like in the world of jobs

you've got like men
being favored for certain jobs, you know.
Are women less employable because
one day they're gonna have a child
and that they might cost that company
X amount of money because
they're like, you know,

some might see that as
like a weaker gender almost

because they take time out of their--
- Yeah, it's bad.
- Even though you know,
you shouldn't really see
pregnancy as an illness.

But like, there's so many things.
- And women are even paid less.
- Have we got it easier?
Yeah of course, that's the biggest one.
The pay gap, and the gender pay gap.
but I don't know.
Have I ever wished I
was of the opposite sex?

I think when it comes to
like my menstrual cycle,

I wished I was a man,
so I wouldn't have to deal with this.
And also because emotionally,
females like you know,
different hormones isn't it?

And it's like my sort of month is like oh.
Whereas perhaps like males just
sort of have like one level

I know that's not for everyone,
but just in my own personal
experience of like,

emotionally, yeah, I have
wished that I was a man.

Lia wishes she was a man.
- That's the title of this video?
- Why I wish I was a man?
- Yeah.
- I just think life could be
a bit simpler, a bit easier.

But you know what?
Embrace being a woman.
- Yeah, exactly.
The only times I've wished being a woman
is just in the way that you would be--
I'd like to experience it,
to know what it's like.

- Oh yeah, just be like,
what's it like to be a woman today?
- To like be oh, I've got boobs.
- Oh, what's that?
- But no, but also I
think another bad thing,

I do think women have it
worse than men by the way but,

another thing that's
bad for men is that like

you can't really show emotion.
Like women can display any emotion.
Yeah they might get called out on it
be like, you're dramatic or you're this
which is not right either.
But equally men,
like the amount of suicide
in young men is so high.

- Yeah, it's huge.
- Because we're taught
we're not allowed to cry

we've got to be big strong men.
And even on this channel,
like the amount of people that like,
"Joel's not a real man.
"He said like this or that."
And I'm like, you're stupid.
- Yeah, like the definitions
of what it means to be a man

and not being able to
be emotional.
No wonder male suicide is so much higher
than female suicide because
there's all that pressure to be a man.
- Yeah, exactly.
- Really hard.
- Just those phrases I hate,
like man up or like
oh, you're being such a girl
about it and things like that.

That's not good for men or women to hear.
- It's not is it.
There was a company
that did a campaign like

like a girl.
And there was like
showing girls doing stuff.

But it was like why should we be saying
oh you kick that, like a ball.
- Like a girl, yeah.
- But then all the girls
are doing it really well.

- Yeah, they're doing it well.
And I think that's what lots
of people might view that

as being like oh, it's so liberal like PC.
But I think I'm not offended
if people say, "Man up."

But I just think it
perpetuates not a good--

- Of what a man is.
- Well, what a man is or
what a women is as well.

'Cause women are far stronger than men
in so many different ways.
- Like pregnancy.
- Yeah, exactly.
- And in other ways, yeah.
- But anyway, yeah so that's that.
- We always get really deep in these.
- I know, I love it.
You want me to read one too?
- Yeah, go on then.
'Cause it's too long
anyway for me to read.

'Cause I'm a woman.
Joke, that's far to long.
- Man up.
- Man up Lia.

- Oh my gosh, this is so good.
It's so dark, this is like Black Mirror.
So you're given the power to kill people
simply by thinking of that deaths
and twice repeating the word goodbye.
So basically like going,
"Goodbye, goodbye."

People would die a natural death--
- I love the example.
- And no one would suspect you.
Are there any situations in
which you would use this power?

So basically I could walk down the street,
see someone I don't like,
think about them dying and
go, "Goodbye, goodbye."

They'll die a natural death.
No, I won't be implicated at all.
They've have a natural
death, would I do it?

Would you do it?
- I'm about to break the rules of this.
Well if you're saying
bye to each other like,

goodbye, goodbye.
- Goodbye, goodbye.

But you're not thinking of them dying.
- You have to be going, I want you to die.
Goodbye, goodbye.
- I don't think that's the point
about accidentally killing people.
- I think the point is.
- I think it's mostly the moral
of whether you would kill someone
and get away with it.
- The point is, basically
the question is, yeah.

Would I kill people if I could
get away with killing them?

No, I wouldn't.
There's no one I wanna kill that much.
Well, there's a few.
There's a few people on the not nice list,
but I'm gonna kill them.
It's like when you say to people like,
would you rather this
person died immediately

or be in jail?
If someone did something
horrible to you and your family,

would you not want them to like--
- Suffer.
- Suffer,

but then it's like the tax man is,
we're all paying for
that person to suffer?

- I know, I don't know.
- I don't know what the answer is to that.
- But you know what
the answer to this one,

I think I'd probably would.
I'd like to think I wouldn't.
But the amount of times where
if you just get really angry

or see someone on TV,
not necessarily someone you know.
But like someone like a
politician or a celebrity

or someone that you really don't like.
You don't like what they stand for,
you don't know what they say.
I definitely wish politicians dead before,
which is terrible.
But I reckon I would use
that power if I could.

I think I would.
I don't think I'd use it regularly.
I wouldn't go around
going, goodbye, goodbye.

- Yeah.
Imagine how you'd feel after the first one
knowing you've killed them.
That's nuts.
- It's crazy.
- Someone's dead, and
you're like I did that.

- I did that.
- And everyone's like, "How did they die?"
- Yeah, but what if
they're a horrible person?

What if they're, like,
extremely like racist

and really mean and just
really just an evil person?

What if they're a murderer?
What if they're criminals that's in jail
that you do wish was dead?
- It's tough.
I still don't know if we should have the--
- I know.
- You or I should have
the power to take that.

It's tough, isn't it.
- I could see my mom
watching this be like,

"Joel no.
"We don't get to decide when people die."
- I don't know.
- I'm just being honest.
I feel like I would at some stage--
- Use that power.
- Be tempted to use it.

But I'd like to say no I wouldn't.
- Who would are you die?
- Okay example.
You know when you see on the news
where a CCTV, someone's
been caught on CCTV

kicking a dog in the face
or like literally cutting open an animal
when they're still alive
or something like that,

that's what it boils my blood.
And I would definitely,
definitely kill them

if I could.
- Yeah, you'd go, "Goodbye, goodbye."
And they need to die.
- Yeah, so I'm like, we
don't want you on this earth.

Goodbye, goodbye.
- That's good actually.
When you see people that going
around and they've shot it

and they've got a picture of it
and like, look at what animal I've killed.
- Like, look I've killed a giraffe.
- And that animal is like nearly extinct,
it's nuts.
- Like poachers shooting rhinos
to try and take their tusks
like, goodbye, goodbye

you're dead.
- Goodbye, goodbye.
- Goodbye, goodbye.

I definitely--
- Thank you, next.

- Yeah, I'd definitely use it.
But I'd use it responsibly.
- Yeah, you'd kill responsibly.
- Kill, murder responsibly.
- Murder responsibly, okay.
Is it my turn to read it out?
- Yeah.
- Okay, if you were able
to live to the age of 90

and retain either the body
or the mind of a 30 year old

for the last 60 years of your life,
which would you want?
So would you choose,
so you're gonna get to 90 doll?
I'm the genie, I've got the lamp.
Do you want the body of a 30 year old
or the mind of a 30 year old?
- I think the body but not
because of superficial reasons.

Like I want to have a nice body forever.
- Mine's superficial.
- Because of the health.

Is yours superficial?
- And health.
- And health.
- I'm still stroking my genie.
- Is that a cat or a lamp.
- It's a cat lamp.
- A cat lamp.
I think health is so important.
And you see like 80 or 90 year olds
like hobbling down the
street and I'm like,

it must be feeling really weird.
Because their mind probably
hasn't deteriorated that much.

- Oh it has.
- Do you think?
- Oh yeah,

they do laddy while they age.
- Maybe, but I just think
that would feel just horrible

and I would like to like be do lally
but be like healthy and happy.
Like if you want to go for a run.
- Yeah, body for image
reasons and health reasons.

I don't want to be in pain.
But at the same time,
I'd like to still be able
to look at myself at 90

and be like, yeah.
I'm feeling myself.
But not feeling myself, I hate that.
- I'm feeling myself.
- I'm feeling myself.

Not feeling myself.
Hopefully no one's feeling me at that age.
No, everyone deserves to be loved.
- Oh, Lia.
- I just constantly throw my foot in.
- But I think it's quite
nice about your mind

not deteriorating,
that's not the right word

but like becoming a bit simpler
and just enjoying the
simpler things in life.

Imagine not worrying about what
the other people think of you.
Or not worrying about--
- That will happen by like 40 for us.
- But I'd rather be fit and
just enjoy doing a crossword

on the sofa every day.
Then like just still have
the mind of a 30 year old

but being an old and lolly.
- Yeah, that would be so weird, next.
- Okay so the next one is
what would you constitute
a perfect evening for you?

- So difficult when
your life's so perfect.

- It's so difficult
when you're Lia Hatzaki.

- It's so tough.
Obviously that's a joke.
The perfect evening for me,
would be come back from work,
just kidding my works at home.
I can't, I can't.
- You're so bad.
- Right, so finished work for the day,
just finished editing a video
or doing whatever.
We're filming one film set, LOL.
We're on film set, we
just finished filming

and then what's the perfect evening?
- You've literally said about 100 words
without saying anything.
See the pressure to say
what the perfect evening is

is too much.
- Yes I don't know what
the perfect evening is.

- What's the perfect evening?
- Basically I was like oh,
thinking I'll come home

husband cooked a lovely meal,
the children will be in bed.
I'm thinking far ahead.
- You're thinking very far ahead.
What about the perfect evening now?
- Right now.
A massage after work.
You know, basically just feel
really relaxed and pampered

and maybe a little pedicure or manicure.
That's taking too much of the evening up.
Basically just me on the sofa.
- Just being pampered.
- With cucumber on my eyes.
With Prosecco both hands.
- Yeah, Prosecco.
- Basically just sitting here, not here.
That was so snobish.
Basically sitting in
a really comfy Airbnb.

Link in description.
- Prosecco and cheese.
- Prosecco, cheese board, grapes.
Cucumbers on my eyes.
And the sound of the sea.
Maybe a holiday actually.
Why would I be in England?
- Maybe like friends as well,
but no friends that I currently have.
Just like the perfect friends
that one day I'll have.
People that don't annoy me.
- So being surrounded by people
that are not yet in my life.
- They are my friends in my imagination
but they're not my actual friends
'cause they don't exist.
- And they don't speak.
- Or they do speak but
they laugh at my jokes.

They just shut up when I want
them to shut up, shut up.

- You have like conversations with them
and like they don't say anything.
- Yeah, until I want
them to say something.

- But you respond as if
they have said something.

So you're like, "Do I look fat in this?"
And they don't say
anything and you're like,

"Yeah I do, yeah, you're right change it."
- Or they can say a compliment.
So when I allow them to speak,
they're just like, "You look great."
And I'm like, "Thanks,
shut up, what about you?"

- Guys take everything
with a pinch of salt.

- This is all joke.
It's gonna trigger so many people.
- This is what we do.
We just make stuff up and joke about it.
But as you can see,
we don't know what the perfect evening is.
- No, I'd struggle with that because
I get bored if I have too many
of the same evening in a row.
Some evenings I love
working into the night.

I just love like editing, work,
writing, doing whatever.
And then some evenings I love
just doing absolutely nothing.

Some evenings I'm locking
myself away in my room.

And there's evenings
I like to be sociable.

- Yeah, sit on the sofa
and watch Love Island.

- Yeah, a dog.
- Sometimes I love filming
Joel and Lia videos

all evening.
- Yeah, which is currently--
- Where's your FitBit Joel?
- It's on the table.
It's six PM, so this is
currently our evening.

- This is what we're doing all night.
We're changing our clothes,
we're staying in the same place.
- That's us.
- Perfect evening.

- Perfect evening.
Let us know your perfect
evenings down below.

- We've not had any Proseccos,
so we're gonna go and pour some.
- Yeah, and thanks for tuning in.
If you haven't subscribed, subscribe.
We post videos thrice weekly.
- Click the notification bar.
But also, click back
there's two other episodes of this series
that you might want to watch.
Some juicy things in there.
Joel says about the time that
was in a really haunted hotel.

I talked about how I would
something with a baby.

- Do something with a baby.
- That's really gross.
- Dodge.
It's not dodgy,
but yeah, go back and have a look.
This is becoming one
of my favorite series.

- It's because it's throwback
to the OG Joel and Lia.
- OG Joel and Lia.
- But with a bit of guidance.
- Yeah, 'cause we just
used to go off on one--

- And chat.
- And chat

whereas least that we have a bit of a--
- Direction.
Cool, that's it guys.
- That's it, see you soon.
Go watch another YouTuber or us.
Stay on our channel.
- On our channel.

January times tough.
Thank you.
- Shut up
- Thank you.
- [Joel And Lia] Next.
- [Lia] Thank you.
- Next.

♪ I'm so grateful for my ex ♪
♪ Thank you, next ♪
♪ Thank you, next ♪
♪ Thank you, next ♪
♪ I'm so bleeping grateful for my ex ♪


我希望我是個男人 (I WISH I WAS A MAN!)

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