A2 初級 英國腔 20 分類 收藏
(glasses clinking)
- Oh, do you know what?
It sounds like a seance is about to begin.
- Bong, yeah.
- Bong.
- Oh I love it.
- Enter.
(robotic scat tune)
- We're here.
Hi, I'm Joel.
- Hi I'm Lia.
- She's Lia.

- [Both] Um--
(mocking pronunciation)
- We're YouTubers.
I'm a libra.
- I'm a cancer and let me
just read my horoscopes

for January and see what my
predictions are for this year.

- So funny.
We're doing another questions thing.
What is it?
Ask yourself.
- Ask yourself, Joel.
(mouse clicking)

- I love it.
I love this series.
- We love it when people go
(lips smacking)
- Yourselves, yeah.

- So we should call this question
- [Both] Ask yourselves.
- Yeah, ask your--
- It's just ask yourse--

- Did a Prosecco burp, I'm so sorry.
- Darling.
- One must never do that
when drinking Prosecco.

- No, you literally must
never burp during Prosecco.

- I know, only after.
- Only after.
- Right, where did we get to?
- Right.

- Did we do a teaser?
We didn't, did we?
- No, but that's fine
- That's fine.

- 'cause this is gonna start on a high.
So as Joel said, welcome
back to the series

where you ask yourselves a question.
This is where we ask ourselves stuff,
discover more about our
morals, moral compass.

- Yeah.
- You know, our opinions on things
and it's also where you can sort of
ask yourself the same question
and think about your answer.

- Yeah, and we can all chat
with each other down below

in the comments and exchange
ideas and thoughts and beliefs.

It's just a really cool place.
- Just something to do really.

- Yeah it is.
- Just something to do.

- Something to do.
- We like to our drinks, just relax a bit
whilst we're doing it.
Right, this one's juicy.
- Okay, go on.

- Would you rather be, I
love a would you rather,

- Yeah.
- extremely successful
professionally and have a tolerable

yet unexciting private life,
- Okay.
- or have an extremely happy private life
and only a tolerable and
uninspiring professional life?

- I know immediately my answer.
- I know what your answer is.
- You know what my answer is.
I know what your answer is.
- Yeah.
- Mine is to have a very--
- Wait what's mine?

- I think yours is the opposite of mine.
- Same.
- Oh, I want have a tolerable and
unexciting personal life
but a very successful professional life.
Because I think you spend
most of your life at work

- Yeah, you do!
- and I feel like just because you're,
it's not saying you have
a bad personal life,

it's saying it's tolerable
and unexciting and actually

our professional life is very exciting.
- Yeah.
- So I quite like the unexciting parts
of my private life,
because we do have our--

- 'Cause we just indulge in the
every day--
- Um hmm.

- I think it's the sort
of magic of the ordinary.

Like, yeah, I'm just gonna
go home and cook dinner now.

- Yeah.
- Like, we've just been at
an amazing thing all day

and we're really lucky
and grateful to be around

the people that we get
to be around and stuff,

but then we just go and we do
something just really ordinary

- Yeah.
- or have very--

- And the ordinary then becomes really fun
'cause once we've been
to events and in a row

if it's like a premier and then
a press launch for something

and then this, they're amazing things that
we're so grateful for, but
then you just are like,

I just wanna have a night in
that's literally do nothing.

- Get takeaway and do nothing.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, definitely.
- So I thought you were gonna
say the other way around.

- I don't know, Joel.
I would love to have an
extremely happy private life

but I don't want an
uninspiring professional life.

- Yeah, no one does.
- No one does, 'cause I
know what you said is true

that you spend a lot of your time at work.
- Yeah.
- So if the majority of your
time is spent at work unhappy,

and it's sort of like uninspiring
(lips vibrating)
job, but then your private life,
you end up living for the weekends
- Yeah.
- and living for those happy times when--
I don't know, it's a
really hard one but I think

- It is.
- overall I'd prefer a really
exciting professional life.

- I think so 'cause I
know we don't do these,

yeah but I would then do this,
we don't pick it apart.
- Please excuse me.
- You haven't sneezed all night
and you do it when we're in a rush.
- [Lia] So sorry darling.
- It's okay.
- [Lia] I have to just,
I had to take a moment.
- At least it wasn't on the live stream.
- [Lia] Do you know what, that's so true.
- Yeah.
I know we weren't gonna
pick it apart and say,

yeah but what if I do this.
- Yeah.

- But like you would then
naturally probably involve--

Your personal life would
become your professional life.

- Yeah I get that, I feel that
and one of the books
I'm reading, it's like,

don't make your life so compartmentalized.
- Oh yeah.
- It's like,

that's your work life,
this is your home life,

when it's all just your life, really.
- Yeah. That's a good way to think of it.
- It's like us going on a work trip
but then we've done our work
and we extend our holiday

- Yeah.
- And have like a personal life holiday.
- Yeah.
- So we're in L.A. but just like,
alright cool, our work's
done, an extra week.

- Yeah yeah.
- It can be fun, can't it?
- It like melds together, yeah.
- Yeah.
That's what you get for
sneezing out your live.

- Okay.
- Okay?
Oh, what should I wish?
- Blow, make a wish.
- Um...
I have to be more specific.
- We're in a rush.
So we take forever.
- It's not working.
- Oh its stuck.

It's stuck, it's not gonna come true.
Joel, if it doesn't blow
off its not coming true.

Oh it's never gonna happen!

- Come on!
Yes, it's gone.
- It's gonna happen.

- Right, it's ready to be
hoovered up by the maid.

Not our maid.
- She calls her cleaner
"the maid", its so funny.

- But not "the maid", "my maid".
- "My maid's not coming 'til Tuesday."
- She's not your maid, she's
probably lots of people's maid.

- Yeah.
- I know, let me ask you one.

Right, so, this is a juicy one.
- Mmm.
- If at birth you could
select the profession

your child would eventually
pursue, would you do so?

- If I had the choice to say that
my child could be a
- Yeah.
- a successful

- Yeah.
music artist or a--
Do you know what, morally
it's wrong isn't it?

Because you need to let the child grow up,
decide what they're into and then do it.
- Yeah.
- But on the other hand,
most people don't really know

what they want out of life anyway.
- Yeah.
- So imagine if you said,
I know decisions are hard,
I struggle with decisions
so you're probably gonna have my genetics
so I've decided you're
gonna be the next Adele.

- There you go.
- Congratulations on
your number one album!

- Yeah 'cause how could
they complain about that?

If you were like,
you're gonna be the most
successful sporting person

in the world, you'd be
like, or whatever it is--

- You're gonna be an
olympian gold medalist.

- Yeah, how could they
complain about that?

- You're gonna be amazing at swimming.
They might just be like I hate water.
But we wouldn't know that
until they're older, would we?

- No, you would just still
push them in the swimming pool, swim!
- It's like pushy parents,
what would you do?

- I don't think I would.
I would like to because I
think part of the joy for me

was that I chose my profession
of what I wanted to pursue

and it was so different
to anyone in my family

had done before and I really love that.
- Yeah.
- But the fear, I guess
for all parents, is that

your child will just be
uninspired and unambitious

and will just settle for the bare minimum
and I wouldn't want that.
So if my child was gonna be like that,
I would want to choose their profession.
- Yeah.
- But I would hold out for the fact
that my child would be like me
and they'd be a bit ambitious.
- Really?
- Um hmm.

- For instance, I
personally would never let

my child be a YouTuber.
- Oh, I wouldn't not let them.
If they wanted to I'd let them do it.
I wouldn't say you can not be it.
But I wouldn't be like,
yeah, be a YouTuber--
- Joel, would you struggle if they were
more successful than your platform?
- Absolutely, my child can not
be more successful than me.

- So they can't be a YouTuber then?
- But you know how every parent
wants their child to be more successful
than them and they're rooting for them?
I don't think I'd be that parent.
I'd be like, you can not
be more successful than me!

Thank you!
- I'd just be a bit like,
can't you just go and be
a doctor or something?

- But I would never once be
one of those parents though

that bothers about their career.
I love that my parents
don't really care what job

I wanted to do, they would just support me
in whatever it was.
- Yeah, same.
I'm literally just the
opposite of what my parents--

My parents are like,
"do whatever you want, we
believe in you, go and do it!"

And I'm going like, nah.
My kid needs some security.
My kid needs a job and a mortgage one day.
- It probably repeats generations
'cause our grandparents
were probably like that

- Yes exactly.
- with our parents
which is why our parents

weren't like that and
then it just repeats.

It's like on again, off
again, on again, off again,

through the generations.
- Yeah that's so true.

Would you be willing to become
extremely ugly, physically,

if it meant you would live for 1000 years
- No!
- at any physical age you choose?
- No, no, no. I don't care
about living long, do you?

I care about quality
of life, not quantity.

Imagine living for a thousand years.
I'd be dead, all your
friends would be dead,

your partner would be dead,
everyone would be dead.

- Oh, okay yeah.
Everyone would be dead but you may--
- And you've lived.
- You right, but, it says
living for a thousand
years at any physical age,

does that mean you stay an age?
- No I think it just means your body.
- Right.
- As in you'll be--
Yeah so you choose an age like,
ah 21 was a good age,
and physically like that.

- [Both] I'll be 21 for a thousand years.
- But probably everyone
else around you would die.

- That would be horrific.
- I don't want to live
for a thousand years.

- I can't think of anything worse.
Would anyone actually go with that?
- Yeah.
- I'd be really intrigued just to know
if anyone would live for a
thousand years like that.

- But, see you have the body
of whatever age you want,

but you'll be extremely ugly physically.
Who would want to live
for a thousand years

- [Both] Extremely ugly?
- I'm sorry, that's not shallow.
That's just common sense.
- That's unfortunate, isn't it?
- Oh this is interesting,
it's gonna take a bit of thinking.
- Alright.
- Yeah, alright.

- Mm, I'll try.
- If you can wake up
tomorrow having gained

any one ability or
quality, what would it be?

- Oof.
- That's too broad a question.
- [Both] Any ability or quality.
- Okay quality,
I would love to be more patient.
I'd like to just be the
most patient person.

- You're really patient.
- No, I'm not.

- You pretend to be really well.
- Yeah probably pretend to be.
I'm so impatient and so intolerant of
and I wish I could be the most zen,
patient person on the planet.
- Okay.

- But ability, I don't
know what I would want.

- I wish I had the ability to give
no beeps about what anybody thinks
- Mm.
and just continue to live my life
but with a who cares what
anyone else thinks attitude.

- Yeah.
- And then ability--

- So can it be like
super powers and stuff?

- Ah, maybe.
I'd love to just stop time and catch up
on all the box sets that I need to watch.
- Oh yeah, to have Bernard's Watch.
- Bernard's Watch, Bernard's Watch.
I think that's better than
invisibility or flying.

To be able to fly or something.
- Yeah.
- Bernard's Watch is amazing 'cause
you stop time, get stuff done.
- Yeah.
I do like that but do you know what--
- And you could travel, time travel.
Time travel!
- Yeah but think how much
time you might waste if you--

- Right!
not time travel, but
if you could stop time.

I'd like to be invisible so
that no one would bother me.

- That's amazing, yeah, just go invisible.
- But if I was super
patient then I wouldn't

need to be invisible because
people wouldn't bother with me.

- No, you'd just be
like tolerable of them.

- Yeah.
Or I'd like the ability to
turn water into Prosecco.

- Yeah that's amazing.
- Yeah.

- Cheers for that, hunn.
- Cheers to that.

(mouse clicking)
(glasses clinking)

- Right, should we do
a teaser for next week?

- Yeah!
- What's coming, okay.
Love this game so much!
Come back next week to find out
if we would rather be around men or women.
Do your closest friends
tend to be men or women?

- Oh, come back next week
and we'll reveal all.

Let us know your thoughts on
these questions that we've had

down below, we'd be really intrigued.
We were just discussing
off camera actually

how much we can't wait
to read all the comments

and what you guys think
of these questions.

- 'Cause I genuinely think people
start to get engaged with these videos.
- Yeah.
- So, really looking forward to that.
- Yeah.
- If you're new here, we're Joel and Lia.
- Hello.
- We post videos thrice weekly.
- [Both] Hello.
(mocking pronunciation)
- We do this.
- So subscribe, and post
videos thrice weekly,

which means
- [Both] Three times a week.
- On Tuesday's,
- [Both] Thursday's, Sunday's.
- 3pm UK time usually.
- We'll see you soon, bye.
- Bye darling, going to bed darling.
- Going to bed darling.
(glasses clinking)
From now.



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