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  • It's AumSum Time.

  • What causes heartburn?

  • Jealousy.

  • No.

  • When we eat food, it passes through esophagus and enters the stomach.

  • Here, the stomach acid begins to digest the food.

  • Now, the inner lining of the stomach is protected from stomach acid.

  • With the help of mucus which is produced by special cells.

  • However, the stomach acid can sometimes flow back into esophagus.

  • Causing irritation, as there are no special cells to protect it.

  • Hence, at the junction of esophagus and stomach.

  • A band of muscles called lower esophageal sphincter or LES.

  • Prevents this acid as well as chunks of food from flowing back.

  • However, when the LES abnormally relaxes or weakens.

  • The stomach acid is able to flow back into the esophagus.

  • Creating a burning sensation called heartburn.

  • Heartburn may also be caused.

  • Due to consumption of alcohol, caffeine, chocolates, etc., as they relax LES.

  • Remember that spicy foods and citrus fruits irritate esophageal lining.

  • And increase the production of stomach acid.

  • Thus, worsening heartburn.

  • Why do your eyes turn red in the pool?

  • It is because of chlorine.

  • Chlorine is not the main reason for this.

  • Chlorine is added to water of swimming pools because it is disinfectant.

  • It helps kill germs, thus keeping water germ free.

  • In fact, the main reason.

  • For our eyes to turn red is the presence of our bodily fluids.

  • Like urine and sweat in the pool.

  • Urine and sweat contain nitrogenous compounds like urea.

  • Urea reacts with chlorine present in water, forming chloramines.

  • Now, if we regularly clean the swimming pools.

  • Then we can prevent the production of chloramines.

  • But if the pools are not cleaned.

  • Then the chloramines formed can irritate our eyes.

  • Thus, making them red.

  • In addition to this, chloramines can evaporate from water.

  • Inhaling these chloramines for a long period.

  • Can result in coughing, asthma and other health problems.

  • Why do we get angry when we are hungry?

  • Due to hunger, when people get grumpy and angry.

  • Then they are said to be hangry.

  • Hunger induced anger is believed to be caused due to various reasons.

  • Tell me fast.

  • I am feeling hungry.

  • Alright.

  • When we eat food, it is mostly converted to glucose.

  • This glucose is absorbed by blood and then transported to our cells.

  • Especially those present in our brain.

  • However, when glucose level drops.

  • Our brain perceives it as a life threatening situation.

  • It gets stressed, thus making us impatient and irritated.

  • Which eventually leads to anger.

  • In addition to this, when our energy levels are low.

  • A brain chemical called Neuropeptide Y is produced.

  • That makes us hungry and encourages us to eat.

  • But as the same chemical regulates aggression.

  • Its production makes us angry as well, thus making us hangry.

  • How does blood clot?

  • With the help of glue.

  • Not at all.

  • Our blood consists red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, clotting factors, etc.

  • Suspended in a liquid plasma.

  • I too have a plasma, look.

  • Please listen.

  • Usually, when a blood vessel gets ruptured and we bleed.

  • Our blood begins to form a clot.

  • First, the platelets start sticking to the broken vessel and each other.

  • Thus, forming a loose plug.

  • But this plug is not enough to stop bleeding.

  • Hence, clotting factors take part in complex chain of chemical reactions.

  • And create fibrin strands.

  • These strands criss cross one another.

  • And create a mesh that tightly holds the loose plug together.

  • And makes it strong.

  • Red blood cells and white blood cells also get trapped in the mesh.

  • Thus, creating a blood clot that completely stops bleeding.

It's AumSum Time.


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