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Yo, I want to share some tips with you, on how to really really really carve
The reason I can do some pretty rad buttering stuff is because I have awesome edge control
And that's a direct result from being able to Carve
By learning to carve great you'll truly be riding your board to its potential, and it'll make everything you do on your board better
Almost every trick on jumps involves carving off of the take-off and in the pipe, it'll help tremendously, too
So assuming you're already more skilled than the average nerd on the hill
Who's just side slipping down you can already link your turns pretty good then these tips will help?
Get you carving better and take you riding to the next level
If you've seen snowboarding in Warren Miller films of the 80s and 90s you might think this is how you should carve
Riding a bowl or cracking a whip that's dogshit
Look, how much fun I'm having
Same thing here. I'm swinging my arms and head around to try the turn that's dog shit
Right here. I'm keeping my shoulders at my sides with my torso straight up and down like a corpse or zombie that's dog shit
So first tip have a silent upper body
Do this by twisting the shoulders and torso to face down the hill along with bending the knees and torso a bit.
This allows your lower body and board to be quick dynamic and responsive underneath you
Practice making quick little turns like this while keeping the upper body silent these aren't carves yet
But a little get the upper body ready for them
Next with pointing the board straight down the Hill
point and Flex your feet
To get your board on its sides which will cause the sidecut of the board to do these miniature carves underneath you
Again focus on keeping the upper body in position and simply having the board Rock back and forth with letting the board side cut do
all the work
once you got a good feel for how your side cut responds then gently start to push and maintain pushing against the side cut to
Get the board making nice Carves across the Hill
You really want to keep driving pressure into the edge of the board and if you're doing it right,
You should feel it in your legs
Next I want you to try to combine the previous two things by making small
mini Carves in the middle of Big carves while cutting across the Hill
so it'll be a big toe side carve and
Add a quick little flex in it and finish the toe side car heel side carve coming across the Hill
Quick Little point back to the Flexing heel side carve toe side carve
quick Little Flex and back to the toe side
Stay in your comfort zone, but once you feel confident with your carves try them at higher and higher speeds
So give these tips a try in that order, and I'm sure you'll be making better turns and carves in no time. Good luck


滑雪單板如何割雪轉彎 (How to really really really carve a snowboard. Pt #1.)

396 分類 收藏
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