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  • Beautiful clothes here.


  • So can you tell me a little bit about some of these?


  • This is Ankiti Bose.

    這是 Ankiti Bose。

  • She's 27, a fashion junkie and on course to become the first Indian woman to co-found a billion dollar start-up.

    她 27歲,是一位時尚迷,並將成為第一位共同創立一個十億美元新創事業的印度女性。

  • I think to be an entrepreneur, or to do anything, you have to be a pathological optimist.


  • Bose is CEO of online fashion marketplace Zilingo.

    Bose 是線上流行市場 Zilingo 的執行長。

  • She started the business with her neighbour, Dhruv Kapoor, back in 2015, when she was just 23.

    她和鄰居 Dhruv Kapoor 在 2015 年時共同開創事業,那年她只有 23 歲。

  • We were neighbours. Literally, it was unit 302 and 303, and we had never met.

    我們是鄰居。我們分別住在 302 和 303 室,而我們從未見過面。

  • But my flatmate invited his flatmate over for a beer, and neither of us was actually supposed to be there.


  • That casual get together in Bangalore gave birth to what would eventually become Zilingo.

    因為那個邦加羅爾的聚會,最終創造出 Zilingo。

  • And in four short years has grown it into a global platform with more than seven million active users.

    短短 4 年內它發展成為一個全球性的平臺,並擁有超過 7 百萬名活躍使用者。

  • I've come to Zilingo's HQ in Singapore to find out more.

    我來到 Zilingo 位於新加坡的總部來瞭解更多訊息。

  • Ankiti, tell me, how did this all start?


  • It was 2014, and I was on a holiday with some friends in Bangkok.

    在 2014 年,我和幾個朋友在曼谷度假。

  • And we were in this market called Chatuchak, which has over 8,000 small stores, designers.

    我們在一個叫做 Chatuchak 的市場裡,哪裡有超過 8 千間小店舖和設計師品牌。

  • And I was like, "Wow, this stuff should be online."


  • But they just couldn't sell online, they didn't know how to.


  • And that was the inception.


  • At the time, Bose was working in India as an investment analyst for venture capital firm Sequoia Capital.

    那時候,Bose 在印度風險投資公司 Sequoia Capital 裡擔任投資分析師。

  • The fact that I was working in venture capital and consulting before that definitely played an important role in shaping our opinions on what would work and what would not work.


  • But as she closely followed the tech's pace, she was keen to do something of her own.


  • We started spending a lot of time with merchants and we realized that there were some gaps, right.


  • So, everybody was solving for access to the internet.


  • But what about everything else that goes on before you actually sell the product?


  • So when she met Kapoor and found their skill sets well-matched, she decided to go all in.

    因此,當她和 Kapoor 見面並發現他們的技能十分匹配時,她決定全力以赴。

  • We knew what we wanted to do together was the same.


  • It was really quite serendipitous.


  • The business initially started by listing products from merchants across Southeast Asia.


  • But now works with businesses in 15 regions globally.

    不過現在則是和全球 15 個地區的企業一起合作。

  • The business also has around 500 employees in eight countries.

    公司在 8 個國家擁有約 500 名員工。

  • We have 25-year-olds, we have 50-year-olds.

    我們有 25 歲的員工,也有 50 歲的。

  • Everybody's leading initiatives that they're really passionate about, and I really like to get behind that and that makes all the difference.


  • Zilingo, which is a play on the word "zillions", has fueled that growth with $308 million worth of investment.

    Zilingo,變化自「zillions」這個字目前投資額高達 3.08 億美元。

  • Plus $30,000 each from both Bose and Kapoor.

    加上 Bose 和 Kapoor 各 3 萬美元。

  • At the close of its series D funding round in February 2019, that valued the company at $970 million.

    在 2019 年的 D 輪融資結束時,公司的資產估計為 9.7 億美元。

  • With revenues having grown four times in the past year, investors suggest that could put the company on for a $1 billion valuation in the coming months.

    隨著收入在去年成長了 4 倍,投資人認為在未來的幾個月內,公司便能夠達到 10 億美元的價值。

  • We don't put as much emphasis and importance on some of the more glamorous labels.


  • But I still think it's a huge achievement and just helps us think more about how big and audacious this whole thing can be.


  • That would be all the more impressive given that India recently ranked as one of the least accommodating countries for women entrepreneurs.


  • Ankiti's success is an important milestone.

    Ankiti 的成功是一個很重要的里程碑。

  • This is Leanne Robers, founder of She Loves Tech, a global platform for women tech entrepreneurs.

    這是 Leanne Robers,她是 She Loves Tech 的創立者,一個提供給女性科技企業家的全球性平臺。

  • I spoke to her about what Bose's achievement could mean for others.

    我和她談到有關於 Bose 的成就能夠帶給其他人的意義。

  • Leanne, why do you think Ankiti's achievement is important?

    Leanne,為什麼你認為 Ankiti 的成就是重要的?

  • Well, today there's such an under representation of women in technology and women in entrepreneurship.


  • And it's really important to have female role models like Ankiti, because you can't be what you can't see.

    因此擁有一個像 Ankiti 的女性典範是很重要的,因為你不能夠成為你無法預見的自己。

  • Look at the example of running a mile in four minutes.

    就拿 4 分鐘內跑一英哩來說。

  • Back in the day, people thought that it was physically impossible for a human to break the barrier of running a mile in less than four minutes.

    在過去,人們認為要在 4 分鐘內跑一英哩這件事是人類身體上無法打破的藩籬。

  • Until, Roger Bannister did it in 1954.

    直到 1954 年 Roger Bannister 成功地做到了。

  • And after he did it, he broke this perceived barrier, and the floodgates just opened up.


  • In the same way that Bannister broke barriers for runners, I hope Ankiti will do the same for women and encourage more women to enter into entrepreneurship, especially in Asia.

    就像 Bannister 為跑者打破了限制,我希望 Ankiti 也能夠為女性做一樣的事,可以鼓勵更多女性創業,特別在亞洲。

  • And for Bose, that would be the real success story.

    對於 Bose 而言,這將是個真正的成功故事。

  • One of the things that we didn't have as much growing up was role models in tech and new, innovative industries.


  • And we want to make sure that maybe the next generation doesn't have that problem.


Beautiful clothes here.


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